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  1. Oh wow, not just in the GnG spinoff minigame in that then? I will have to finally play that
  2. Still waiting for that standalone Barry Burton game
  3. Look up the Cleric Knight build and start again, it's so so good
  4. You're on the right track and I'd keep heading in that direction than go for the other bell, it's worth making that run from half way along the bridge to the area under the dragon, load up on your best flame resistant stuff and drink your way through it
  5. Love this, takes it's time in the first 2 episodes to build up to the events in 3, can't wait to see how it keeps ramping up now and I agree it's between Mando and way ahead of Obi Wan.
  6. White PC Engine with RGB and an Everdrive is minimalist gaming heaven
  7. Makes me think in hindsight there was a secret club made up of devs and companies that used to sell pads with autofire sliders
  8. Yep. The quality of this and Outer Wilds absolutely haunts me.
  9. I think it's fine on a Switch Lite, I'm playing on Lo Res 1. There's some issue with the music restarting that is being fixed, I've played the Saturn version on and off since 1999
  10. I think I'm just going to end up playing this on a loop, I'm loving the multiple playthroughs unlocking the infinite weapons and I think doing that in 3rd person will feel all the better and keep me going until RE4 Remake easily
  11. Absolutely, this and Battle Garegga are my personal favourites and I get my enjoyment from progression not scores, which I know is not the same for everyone. Same with Ikaruga, didn't bother with the chaining either, just made the most of the risk / reward mechanic of being more powerful against enemies of the opposing colour, getting through the stages and boss fights
  12. Yep, my understanding is they're only mapped to all 6 buttons on the Saturn pad and the sword on a shoulder button since it has that many buttons available, otherwise you have your 3 core shot types and the other 3 are a mix. I absolutely love this game, playing on the mode where you can save your weapons for the next go is brilliant. And let's not forget the searcher weapon that also detects the merrychans / dogs
  13. Wind Waker Radiant Silvergun FZero SX All announced in the same direct, with the first 2 immediately available, it's going to be incredible!
  14. I was the same and only just got a bit further than the bits your're talking about, I need to start this again really but it's definitely something I want to get back in to since when things start to click it's incredible and I adore the setting.
  15. Fucking A Brilliant and beautiful film
  16. The original C&C is completely brilliant, even if my tactics never evolved from "as many grenade troops as possible" and "engineers in an APC to try and take their base and sell all the buildings"
  17. Looks absolutely amazing, Team In Bruges too
  18. Not those, something even more Kojima along the lines of the second one though
  19. @Jamie John are you aware of the alternative approach to The End boss fight? I found it inadvertantly back in the day on PS2...I don't want to say too much to spoil it but it's all part of what makes this game so special
  20. It's this year's Titled Cat Game
  21. Started watching Blackbird too yesterday, really really good so far. Your comment about Matthew Kelly is hauntingly accurate
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