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  1. Nintendo Switch

    That's Ace, ordered, thanks for that.
  2. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    I was thinking of picking up 3 in the sale as well. The main reason I stopped playing 2 was the combat, I didn't really click with it....was hoping 3 would be a step up so I'm also interested to hear about this.
  3. Neo Geo Appreciation Thread

    From memory I think it does one load per fighter change in a bout.
  4. ARMS - Version 5.0 Dr. Coyle

    This should be turning up today, I've heard great things about the motion controls so will try and stick with that before gong Pro pad.
  5. Retro Gamer Issue 169

    That's a mighty cover indeed. I love me some Saturn Virtua Fighter.
  6. Nintendo Switch

    I think Garou MOTW is the next ACA Neo Geo game to hit. I mean the joy cons aren't great but I'm more likely to be able to play 2 player local this way as opposed to lugging my neo geo around
  7. I played this for the very first time yesterday. It is completely Fucking Majestic! Been playing on 150cc and doing ok, haven't really investigated much of the vehicle options yet, only unlocked the Slick tyres.
  8. Nintendo Switch

    Fightcon would be Awesome, I'm surprised how KOF isn't that bad using the joycons and I've got the game on AES (infinitely more likely to get 2 player games in switch tabletop mode than at home)
  9. NieR: Automata

    I had some of these feelings from the demo, so I'm hoping I missed something or that just wasn't representative of the Awesome I've been hearing about in reviews.
  10. Edge #303

    I got my subs copy on the day of release...seems like the digital one really trails behind, is there an official date when that becomes available? EDIT : Digital one is available today for me
  11. Nintendo Switch

    In that Extended cut the person in the Laundrette looks like he's playing Ultra SF2 with both analogue sticks. Clearly it is the End Times. EDIT : I am completely wrong
  12. Who's buying a Switch at launch?

    I shouldn't, but I will. Very excited for new Nintendo console and Zelda day one.
  13. Bloodborne

    Just for reference I didn't really bother with the parrying, I felt (raises flame shield) that personally it isn't a very well communicated or consistent mechanic, it's Awesome when it works but just how I found it throughout the game. The rear stuns and breakers though, with heavy attacks from behind linked to visceral attacks, I did get on with . Unlike me, if you can 'get' the parrying it will most likely make an Awesome game all the more Awesome. For a big part of the game I went with threaded cane and like you I played it in a DS way until you realise it's more about spacing and crowd control, rallies. Just talking about it makes me want to get back on it...and that's having started DS3 too recently.
  14. Bloodborne

    Ah I forgot about that, I was last on the 4th gravestone getting my arse handed to me in the dungeons that reduce your health. Will go back to that though, thanks.
  15. Super Nintendo Appreciation Thread

    It's all kinds of Awesome, isn't it. I've got everdrives for my MD, SNES and PCE...too much choice is the killer, but I guess you just take it one day at a time

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