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  1. merrychan

    Nintendo eShop

    Interested in RE Revelations 2 as well, heard good things about the Raid mode and unlockables...also always been tempted for the Barry Burton minigame Ghosts 'n Humunculi because I have a Ghouls 'n Ghosts problem (I'm shit at it but I love it so very much). Guess I'll need to buy an SD card though since it's.....25gb?!
  2. merrychan

    Amazon Prime Video

    Watched The Death Of Stalin and thought it was completely and utterly brilliant.
  3. merrychan


    @Stanshall that is some good going, I've never been able to focus on the chaining, just trying to build up to finishing it on 3 credits like I 'almost' could back in the DC days. The quality of the bosses still is something else.
  4. merrychan

    Binary Domain

    I don't think a game has got 'shooting bits off robots to bits' as well as Binary Domain, played about 4 hours on PS3, will have to revisit this on PC
  5. merrychan

    Nintendo Switch

    Shock Troopers, Garou, KOF98, Last Blade or a bit of Samurai Showdown 2? I hear Money Puzzle Exchanger is good too.
  6. merrychan

    A Lumines Thread

    Haha no, playing with headphones, my noisy buttons were commented on Yeah I can imagine, will be able to use the SFC30 pad though, should really try the pro controller dpad but I don't have that with me.
  7. merrychan

    A Lumines Thread

    Lumines is still Awesome, will be very happy when I can use the stick to control in switch portable mode, makes a racket clicking those dpad buttons.
  8. merrychan

    A Lumines Thread

    This is the PSP one I'm hoping, right? That was Ace, I didn't really enjoy the Vita one at all.
  9. merrychan

    Nintendo eShop

    Neo Turf Masters
  10. merrychan

    Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

    Whenever I see this thread updated I hear the Captain Toad music from when you meet in Odyssey. Should probably get that checked out
  11. merrychan

    Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection - May 2018

    I'm getting on ok with the 8bitdo SFC30, but it's obviously nowhere near as good as a Saturn pad, which has also always been my favourite.
  12. merrychan

    Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection - May 2018

    Think I'll be getting this on Switch for portable Alpha 2 alone, the rest is a bonus
  13. merrychan


    I only ever managed to see the end on infinite continues, I think on the DC I could get to the start of level 5 on 3 credits. Sticking to one credit will do me for a while, I am no master at shooters
  14. merrychan


    Like Radiant Silvergun, I'm aware of the chains but always enjoyed playing that and Ikaruga just focusing how far is can get on a credit. (Saving your weapons on RS Saturn mode being a favourite). Getting through the levels and bosses using the opposite polarity against enemies (does more damage but leaves you exposed), that's enough for me, I can't take the chaining approach but I love it that it's an option for those who enjoy the score focused approach.
  15. merrychan

    EDGE #320

    Really enjoyed the Nier : Automata Time Extend article, very spoilery if you haven't endings A - E'd the game though.

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