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  1. It was in repsonse to Cool Ben's comment about missing games being niche, not to Hello Games in particular. The way folk negatively act regarding games these days is a bit of a shame.
  2. And supportive...how did we all sleep walk into Outrage Culture?
  3. Yep the music at the start completely got me and was the highlight of the direct for me, I'd completely forgotten about the announced remakes.
  4. Played through all of the Imagine Dragons songs on Hard and now I need all the food. Seems more challenging than the other songs but maybe that's just practice.
  5. I only found out about those bands in recent years from a friend's recommendation, it's electronic / synthwave so if you like that it's worth a go!
  6. I'd never heard of Imagine Dragons, but checking Spotify it looks like the top song has been listened to a billion times so makes good business sense for BeatGames, I'm not too fussed by the music but that's the same of some of the other tracks, I still enjoy those since the patterns match the music in such a satisfying way. Will probably get it, dream music pack would be Magic Sword, Carpenter Brut, Makeup And Vanity Set etc
  7. I too was a bit shocked when I played HOTD on Saturn, it's still got the gameplay but I must admit I had higher expectations since Virtua Cop 1 & 2 were very strong conversions for me. It does still play well though.
  8. Yep I'm still playing it on PSVR and still think it's ace, I get the same with the leaderboards. These days I just play it in Solo mode and run through as many songs as I can, even though I can A to SS rank all the songs on Hard I still don't feel comfortable making the jump to Expert
  9. Until I played Rez on PS4 (despite owning the DC version since launch) I always thought you had to wiggle the cursor over the targets to get it up to MAX. However I was round at a friend's recently and he didn't know you can just hold the x /a button down and get more locks ons. Played it tapping away, again like I did initially on the DC version. Just thinking about this makes me want to play Rez in PSVR, best game
  10. Just had a look on the Occulus site and noticed it has AA batteries included, what's this for since I would have thought everything like the controller's would have rechargeable cores etc?
  11. I was very surprised with the leap from Hard to Expert, I just play through on Hard these days....Expert would destroy me
  12. merrychan

    Quake II RTX

    Uneducated guess - Maybe the default colour for unloaded textures? I've seen other stand out colours used for geometry with no textures assigned to make it easier for folk to flag
  13. "Kept you waiting, huh? - it's out NOW! And just to keep the legal team busy we included English versions of Snatcher and Policenauts"
  14. I forgot how completely brilliant Unirally is
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