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  1. I've been playing Souky on the Saturn for years and never ever noticed this! This is proper brilliant! Also I can hear the music just by looking at that screenshot
  2. Last 2 games I worked on were EDGE 6's, you can't imagine my glee knowing that something I've worked on is up there with Gunstar Heroes!
  3. If noone's recommended minit yet, I'd recommend that...brilliant game with a cracking soundtrack
  4. I've had the same experience, mostly disregarding the camera and playing Wind Waker/Twilight Princess style with just using lock on to recenter the camera. I think it's a really special game
  5. Exposure to the Alien : Isolation thread meant I read this as Alan's Fireteam
  6. Hey, just what you see pal.
  7. I have nothing to contribute other than: GET ON THE COSMIC BUS (quoted from memory so not sure it says exactly that on the loading/intro screen). I love Cosmic Smash and the box for it is mighty lovely, I very much regret selling mine back in the student part exchange chain days
  8. Agreed, 7 was absolutely magic in VR...shame there wasn't more of it. Up there with Rez Infinite and Tetris Effect as my favourite VR experiences.
  9. 100% this. I've got a SuperNt and MegaSg and done with both, absolutely brilliant kit.
  10. I wanted to love Gun Valkyrie, but my god yes you're right...those controls.
  11. Clickable analogue sticks is something I wish we could get rid of, I haven't had any pain as a result of it with games but if there was a game that required it frequently I reckon I'd have issues.
  12. Ethan eats that just before a boss battle and keeps rolling. 'tis but a flesh wound!'
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