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  1. Super excited that my Mega Sg could be leaving the FedEx abyss that is Kidderminster and maybe actually get delivered, also I reckon in buying it I've taken one for the team and they'll announce a revised model this week with 2.4ghz internal support and all
  2. Yep, I've got it on PC and played it a bit...but in all honesty I'll be getting and finishing it on Switch at some stage
  3. That's Ace, thanks for that! I'll be putting the smokemonster custom firmware jailbreak on it immediately
  4. Good thinking! Also while I'm here, regarding the video side of things I just want it to look like the 'framemeister with mild scanlines' ( no jokes about 'just plug your MD in'! ) / trinitron style so if anyone knows a close setting for that and if I should keep it in 720p or 1080p for the best look with my LG55C9 oled? Or if folk think it looks fine with vanilla settings etc?
  5. A thousand times this! I've had the tough case version for OG and Lite and it is brilliant as storage or packed in a rucksack
  6. Finally got round to ordering one of these, I've got a Japanese MD with an Everdrive that I can hook up to my old B & O Beovision 1 in my 'office' and despite having the option to connect it to the Main TV with a framemeister I kind of never do. Very excited to have this easy setup and got 2 8bitdo 2.4 ghz pads with receivers. Heartbraking thing is the FedEx delivery had the correct address but the postcode of my billing address so I've hopefully got it rerouted correctly but up to that point it was in the Kidderminster nexus of error parcels
  7. I really like the look of this, setup will be base PS4, PSVR and Pad and mostly interested in Campaign but maybe a try of coop fleet battles Vs AI. Should I?
  8. ABCDE then it's the best game ever, with one of the best choreographed boss battles I have ever played:
  9. I was thinking the same thing, Pikmin 3 and 3D World
  10. Reading this I immediately had the tie fighter 'spin out then explode' sound in my head
  11. The first time I ever went through the DLC back in the day was on NG+ and I pretty much ended up resenting that entire area. Wasn't as bad going through it first time on Switch, special shout out to the Fight Club style area that folk seem to congregate at just after Artorias
  12. Really enjoyed playing through this again, bizarrely on the Vita
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