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  1. I think any Respawn single player game is worth attention, I thought Titanfall 2 campaign was completely brilliant, great mechanics too.
  2. merrychan

    The first one is still the best one

    Special points for the announcer sounding really quite angry after you press start on the title screen (at least on the Saturn version) when saying 'this is X-Men Vs. Street fighter!'
  3. merrychan

    The first one is still the best one

    Halo was the first game that came to mind for me too. I also loved ODST and Reach, they came close but didn't have the impact.
  4. merrychan

    Sega Saturn for Beginners

    Honestly it feels fine, I hope to get time this weekend to connect up the Saturn and play some SF and compare it with the memories of the grey pad and the dpad on the 3d controller (which I've always really liked too)
  5. merrychan

    Sega Saturn for Beginners

    Got the retrobit slate grey pad in the post today, from memory I'd say it feels the same as a jp grey pad and as stated the shoulder buttons don't click like the original ones but they feel fine. Build quality feels the same in all honesty and the lead is much longer.
  6. merrychan

    The Expanse - officially saved by Amazon

    Recently finished Season 3, it's just brilliant. Highly recommended and can't wait for Season 4.
  7. merrychan

    PlayStation VR

    That was a great announcement by Beat Games, "This is not an April Fool, Crab Rave will be available later today!". Monster Cat Vol.1 pack is slowly growing on me.
  8. It's strange, I had no interest in the snes mini, I've already got a US SNES and a framemeister setup, nor have I been drawn to the Analogue Super Nt / Mega Sg despite them being very pleasing and Awesome. I've got a Japanese MD which I'm very happy with and run both old consoles with Everdrives. But my word I am super excited about this, hoping to pick up the model with 2 6 button pads.
  9. merrychan

    Forget Sekiro. GODS just received a Remaster!

    Don't do it, keep your fond memories!
  10. merrychan

    PlayStation VR

    Ace impressions, something I never thought I'd say but PSVR has been the most social games platform in our house, had friends round who aren't in to games at all and they've really enjoyed Beat Saber, Tetris Effect and playing I Expect You To Die as a group.
  11. merrychan

    PlayStation VR

    Default on Wipeout VR made me a bit queasy, I think for me it's the head staying upright disassociation of the ship turning, Pilot mode (the one with the warning) was fine and how I play now, like above I put the cockpit sides on too and relaxed it from there.
  12. merrychan

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    Overworld music bug that was initially in the PS4 version: http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2019/03/looks_like_final_fantasy_vii_on_switch_has_reintroduced_a_bug_that_was_patched_out_years_ago
  13. Ah, have not seen Spider-Verse yet, I have a special weakness for the one in Captain Marvel since I'm a huge fan of the reference material.
  14. merrychan

    No Man's Sky - VR Mode Announced

    I haven't played this since launch, did all the Atlas stuff, frolicking around upgrading my spaceships. Very interested in this on PSVR too, I guess I might as well start from scratch to immerse myself in all the new stuff yeah?
  15. merrychan

    8BitDo Controllers

    Mine turned up yesterday and I can second this, it's Awesome, played some Streetfighter Zero/Alpha 2 on SF30th and it's great, much much better than the SN30 (non pro) I was previously using.

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