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  1. Love The Carpenter Brut, music in that sounds a lot better than Leather Teeth and more along the lines of the Awesome Trilogy stuff
  2. Glad it clicked, I think it's one of my favourite games for precisely the reasons mentioned, I love it because it's exactly the game it wants to be.
  3. I played with the Japanese voices and thought it was really well done
  4. What a great line up of games, just downloaded them from the shop, still can't quite decide between Pixel Perfect and CRT Filter....I liked Pixel Perfect on the NES one since it looked a bit too RF like, but CRT on the SNES one seems to be closer to RGB style CRT TV.
  5. It's £24.99....I was hoping it would be a tenner less but hey if it help swery out who am I to judge (I will wait til I'm done with Resi4 mind)
  6. Just catching up on the Direct news now, some absolute Gold, can't wait for portable SNES and finally making progress in Deadly Premonition ( have bought many times in the past ) Edit : Forgot to say about Jedi Knight 2 : Jedi Outcast..absolutely fucking yes!!!!
  7. Are system transfers still a thing? Wondering if I can transfer my Dark Souls save to the Lite
  8. Really liking these posts, I've had this since launch but only did up to the first boss of the thief story, I think I'll return to it to do it justice once RE4 is done so it can be my main switch game for a while
  9. I haven't played this in ages, despite also initially really enjoying it in Classic Mode and also wondered about the ledge recovery...I just thought all characters have a one jump recovery aside from special characters like Kirby?
  10. Yeah I'm all over the place when I play this too, still great, mind
  11. I have to say I loved the end credits that run on the Switch version after finishing the first episode, if you've finished DOOM 2016 you should know what I mean
  12. So I really enjoyed this when it came out, focused on doing the Atlas stuff and getting new ships, didn't make it to the centre, I haven't played any of the updates (which all sound ace) and this in PSVR seems too good to miss. What are the recommendations for getting back into it, resume the save game or start again? I will miss my god knows how big ship with all its inventory slots, mind
  13. I think I remember noticing a huge difference with Duke Nukem 3D too
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