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  1. T150 Pro or G29? T150 is apparently better due to being belt driven, but I keep reading about reliability issues. Anyone had any?
  2. Best races in ages but feels like a new low for the sport.
  3. Leclerc was clearly taking a line to defend with acceleration out of the corner as per previous lap. That Damon Hill doesn’t understand this or the rules is quite worrying. Quite clearly a penalty.
  4. What are the rules on track limits? Hamilton was outside both times he challenged Vettel in that corner but it hasn’t been mentioned
  5. Pressure at Ferrrari is so great, would love to see how Lewis would do there. Amazing how quickly this see sawed from Ferrari having the best car to Mercedes looking to have a few tenths over everyone else.
  6. Picked this up at the weekend - I've done all the driving school and making my way through the missions to try and unlock some gift cars. I've done two Sport races - pole twice - won one and disconnected the other so not too bad. I've only been racing people with SR of C, its probably the cleanest online racing vs. randoms I've had. There's still a lot of potentially unintentional 'bad practices' I'm seeing vs. others, hopefully they're picking up penalties so that they at least know they're being unsporting. A few questions What does BoP do in practice? Even with it o
  7. Thinking of buying one. Anyone with a pretty poor history of travel sickness (cars, boats etc) get on alright with this?
  8. Just pack suicided, best player I got was IF Lozano. Just realised this is basically an endless grind / time sink. Did get a draft token though, mode seems really fun, shame it’s 15k a go.
  9. For Serie A teams: Perisic at LF with Hunter is insane. What strikers are you guys with Brazilian teams using?
  10. Prices seem mental today. Managed to buy Koulibaly + Manolas both with shadow chem for <20k. A lot of people dumping players from their squads?
  11. 4411 has really nice play between the CMs, CF and ST - and you can usually find the wide players in space as an outlet if you run into trouble. Danger I’ve found is that the CMs get too far forward and your back four is completely exposed. Thinking of 4321with Perisic - Belotti / Eder - Anderson. Two high/high midfielders around a low/high CM.
  12. First year playing FUT and anyone just get no luck from the packs. Despite doing well in the squad battles every week, the best player I've got from one is Paulinho, who whilst good is only a 5k player. Did the Nations SBC earlier which everyone online was raving about and the best player I got was Jorginho. Got a pretty standard Serie A team - Viviano, Lukaku, Jesus, Benatia, Abate, Perisic, Jorginho, Strootman, F. Anderson, Eder, Belotti. Got the coin to get Manolas + Florenzi in defence and have enough left over to trade with. Toying with the idea of getting Donnaru
  13. Thank god someone is saying this. As if a title winning team suddenly became shit after SAF left, and every player signed after that has performed poorly. All credit to SAF for being a wonderful manager but he's not that good. There is something in the club, other than players and manager (maybe it is the manager but we've been through three now), that is causing these poor performances.
  14. Willow

    Euro 2016 thread

    Kicking off in Lille according to Twitter
  15. Stan Collymore saying they found a phone attached to a pipe in the toilets Honestly a controlled evacuation is always going to be the best course of action at OT. Can you imagine a stampede trying to get down the North stand stairs from the upper tiers. It's also bad because pretty much everyone comes and leaves from one direction into the ground, so people can't really disperse out in all directions.
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