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  1. Hopefully the kill her off. Holy shit is she the weak link
  2. I think cinema just needed a few amazing films to kick start it. Marvel played it well, throw out a few risky phase films. Get people warmed up and deliver the knock out blow with this. With Iron Man out the way, hopefully Spider-Man finally gets to take centre stage. Going with a young Spider-Man was a good move. Tom was looking older and more hench in this one. Also
  3. Yeah I love the slow burn story telling on this. Its clearly got a few things they had planned long term.
  4. Morpheous apparently died in one of the web comics or something and they're canon. Honestly, after his pre-rave speech in reloaded, I don't want him back.
  5. Honestly, it was probably the super hero film I've seen. It had so much heart. Everyone got closure.
  6. Damn, they made Hawkeye interesting? I need to finish this then.
  7. Filters always look artificial. Tbh, it didn’t look to me like it was shot on film but at the time time, it looked amazing lol
  8. Never got round to ever playing this since spending 30p on it as kid, which is a lot when street fighter 2 was only 10p. Its on my buy list…0
  9. How hard is it to make a 3D sonic with the asthetics of the mega drive games
  10. Not only that but that matrix city is available to developers for free to do whatever they want with it. Great marketing!
  11. I prefer 30fps for all but racing and fighting games
  12. I paid to watch season 2 on YouTube. £.1.50 per ep or something. Didnt mind as I watched the first season free as part of signing up for the trial of YouTube red
  13. Love it! The funniest aspect is that the trailer is edited to be epic, like a battle to end all battles. The world depends on the outcome of the 51st Annual All Valley Under 18s Karate Tournament. Whoever wins. We lose
  14. its a tale as old as time but it works for kids who will be seeing this trope for the first time. They’re clearly letting rip with this one. Less reality and more OTT sonic action
  15. Seem to be a lot of GRRM hater in here. We’ll probably have a Dune situation where someone else will finish the books for him. But I would agree that I kinda felt there were many more seasons to come,
  16. We’re not going to see the Games Animal on it then? I want to see a rematch lmao
  17. You are right, it was all kinda predictable but so enjoyable. Plus to a lot of normies who only watch eastenders, it is new and original. Some of the predicable notes like the Pakistani guy, the husband and wife or the old man would blow away someone’s gran
  18. It’s sad that the prequel trilogy was 3 soft reboots and no satisfying pay off.
  19. Nah. He walked it back with the usual PR shit. He knows it’s trash. Some of his comments, they’re very guarded and no one would say such things about their film during a PR drive.
  20. That was my main conclusion. The fact that during the “pursuit”, people were coming and going and having adventures was just dumb. There was little of no sense of urgency while 33 is an amazingly tense experience.
  21. Meaningful character development? 1. They turned Finn into a no body joke character and undid his character development from the first film and turned him into a coward again. 2. They turned the pilot dude into an idiot. He fucked up every plan, got countless rebels killed, lost the fleet and actively spent the whole film being being annoying. Why he didn’t get executed for this idiocy, I’ll never know. 3. Leia Poppins 4. Turned Luke into I don’t know what. 5. “Everyone can be force users” - luckily broom boy was quietly forgotten. Film is just awful. Not to mention it’s just a more boring episode of Battlestar Galactica stretched out for 2.5hrs with a joke side story in a casino.
  22. Sorry but even Mark Hamill has pretty much said The Last Jedi was trash. Rian fucked up Starwars so hard we never got to the see the real 3rd part from Trevorrow that genuinely sounded like a great Star Wars movie. Instead we got the Rise of Skywalker which was trash but not as bad as TLJ. I started getting Matrix Reloaded vibes as soon as we saw Bombers in space and Huxley getting a space crank call.
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