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  1. I've got an official Sony component cable, will swap for an official RGB start cable? Birmingham based.
  2. Right. I'm going to set up a retro room and need a TV, main aim is PS1 games and SNES games, especially light gun games for the PS1. I have a brand new PS2 slim I've hoarded for 10 years who's time it is now. What's a good TV to get? I appear to have an official Sony component cable but need an RGB scart instead so will post that elsewhere. In terms of TV, it needs to be 50z and ideally 28", thinking Wega? Can anyone recommend a PS2 modder in the west midlands area? I don't want to send my PS2 off in case the person keeps it and sends me some old duffer back.
  3. Really comes down to the manager and what bonus he is after and how hard he pushes his staff
  4. Ordered my tickets for the 17th. There was an option for 3D at 0005 on the 16th as IMAX was sold out. Truthfully, I'd rather see it in 2D
  5. Call of duty games more or less play themselves I remember playing cod4 and shooting and missing everyone yet still moving to the nezr
  6. She gets shagged doggy style in the first ep from what i've heard...
  7. Now that kojima is gone, will we get the MGS theme back? The series really lost a lot when they backed away from the theme...
  8. You bought the insurance? What the hell is wrong with you
  9. That's a decent price for PC gamers to experience a premium AAA top tier console game.
  10. A flat out 60fps remake of SNES strafed would be golden. I learned to love SF64, but my first play of it was nothing but disappointment. It's not cool to say, but the SNES version was the best. SF64 on expert mode came close though.
  11. They need to flat out cancel this turkey before it finally sinks the series. 4 months? They need another 2 years.
  12. I didn't enjoy it and switched off before the end. Might give it another go in a few weeks and do a mini marathon. So far....didnt seem to be going anywhere and the whole zombie stuff has been done before so not sure if how interesting it'll be. Walking Dead was always more about the struggle between humans.
  13. This is the ultimate slap in the face from Nintendo. They have one of the largest Armies of developers in the world and have released fuck all in the last 5 years that's note worthy. Whoever the new CEO is, I hope he turns it around. Right now, Nintendo deserve to fail. They're worse than Sega.
  14. My PSN is Quattroporte Not online as much as I used to be and still need to get PS+ on my PS4
  15. Worthington worked as a generic good looking action hero. Jai can't act and has curly hair.
  16. Jai Courtney totally ruins this flick, even more than Danyrys. This guy is playing the same character as Kyle Reese...fuck me!
  17. I gave in and bought ultra on PS4. The DL speed is ridicilous! 11hrs left! Digital downloads are everything I stand against in gaming. Shame we weren't given a choice!
  18. Miller went on record a few years ago regarding the setting. MM1 - bear future, society on edge MM2 - worldwide economic collapse MM3 - post nuclear apocalypse MM2 makes it clear its post economic/oil collapse though and never mentions nuclear and the film never mentions radiation and there are no mutants. MM3 does mention radiactivity eg a salesman tries to sell max food/water but his gigar reader or whatever goes off and there are lots of mutants and odd people rather than just road punks
  19. I've been lurking since 2003. For some reason my original account got deleted? Probably cos I hadn't logged in for about 5 years, went through a difficult time and just stopped video games. Shame videogames are still by and large shit. But this place is great for everything else!
  20. Fuck me I feel old. I've just seen a couple of the fatalities and they just turned me off the game 100%. This shit is just sadistic and disgusting Apart from the Cassie one of course...
  21. I want to buy a WiiU again to play 3D world again as well as smash, kart and Zelda but I hate that gamepad too much. The 3 hr battery life, shit screen, large size and separate charger just turn me off. Its just not...very good? The OS is even worse though. Fuck me is that console an abortion. I'll deffo get the next Nintendo home console because WiiU was clearly the sign to show them that people dont want gimmicks. We want games. The Pro pad is godly but they need to give up all the accessories and go with one standard pad next time.
  22. Phone your bank and get it cancelled...but I'm pretty sure there may be a no refund clause. Never understood why people buy those download codes...more convienient to buy from the console!
  23. My friends and I have been playing this for days now. It's amazing and so competitive comparing cards and trash talking! It's like we're back in the early 90s with WWF! This is my most played game since Super Mario World 3D. So deep yet so simple!
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