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  1. I've been lurking since 2003. For some reason my original account got deleted? Probably cos I hadn't logged in for about 5 years, went through a difficult time and just stopped video games. Shame videogames are still by and large shit. But this place is great for everything else!
  2. Fuck me I feel old. I've just seen a couple of the fatalities and they just turned me off the game 100%. This shit is just sadistic and disgusting Apart from the Cassie one of course...
  3. I want to buy a WiiU again to play 3D world again as well as smash, kart and Zelda but I hate that gamepad too much. The 3 hr battery life, shit screen, large size and separate charger just turn me off. Its just not...very good? The OS is even worse though. Fuck me is that console an abortion. I'll deffo get the next Nintendo home console because WiiU was clearly the sign to show them that people dont want gimmicks. We want games. The Pro pad is godly but they need to give up all the accessories and go with one standard pad next time.
  4. Phone your bank and get it cancelled...but I'm pretty sure there may be a no refund clause. Never understood why people buy those download codes...more convienient to buy from the console!
  5. My friends and I have been playing this for days now. It's amazing and so competitive comparing cards and trash talking! It's like we're back in the early 90s with WWF! This is my most played game since Super Mario World 3D. So deep yet so simple!
  6. I'm sorry but Second Son isn't going to sell very well at all. Infamous just isn't a very good franchise. Sony should have cut their loses with it last gen. They have so many that would sell better such as Siphon Filter. Or even something new. But SS is going to bomb just like all the others!
  7. You do know they sent that dude over to Nokia to fuck em over? It's a common practice from what I hear
  8. People want a DmC sequel?
  9. Ginger Beer Vs Cherry Coke? That's like the Devil's arm pit sweat Vs Cherry Coke!
  10. The only thing that comes close is bottled chilled Dr Pepper. Cherry Coke is simply the greatest drink known to man. Discuss.
  11. probotector


    1. Rest until room temp 2. Season as you want. 3. Heat pan 4. add some oil and cook for 2 min first side 5. Flip over and cook for 1 min 6. Add butter to the mix 7. Bast with the butter/juice/oil mix and cook for another 1 min. 8. Leave to rest on plate 9. Eat.
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