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  1. It’s really immersive. I found myself rocking left and right a few times! The opening made me giggle at how ridiculous it was and also that it had nothing to do with the story at all apart from having jets flying and landing with Dangerzone playing and dudes high fiving each other
  2. someone else mentioned it here so I watched it again. Its very subtle but one of the younglings is a tall black female. It then cuts to her as an adult and it’s the first time we see her.
  3. I don’t think he was boring. He’s also the first good guy to kill another good guy. He had more depth than most Starwars characters, rogue one gets Shitted on unfairly. Its by the far the best Starwars movie and that included Empire. The ending is sublime.
  4. I just loved how fast paced and tight it all was. There was little to no filler. I’d also go as far to say that it’s probably cruises best acting gig. He really did seem like an older maverick. The sudden final shifts were handled amazingly. Scenes would go from romantic to comedy to serious within minutes. I also liked how the mission wasn’t over as soon as the objective was complete. Getting away was really down to the team.
  5. Yeah, they wouldn’t show her as a youngling otherwise. Plus the dark side is supposed to natural disfigure you. The other two inquisitors look fucked up. You would also think they all became inquisitors at the same time…
  6. I think the worst part about Reva is that she will give more ammo for the Starwars incel fraternity. She’s awful.
  7. Having played all of the ace combats multiple times, I can confirm that inverting and flying upside down like that is necessary a lot of the time in those same circumstances, it’s also easier to make out the ground targets. What I found impressive was how much the film looked like Ace Combat. The final mission is pretty much a staple Ace Combat mission in every game
  8. Damn need to watch it! There was a scene in MI2 where Cruise goes into MGS snake mode!
  9. TBH, They came across like clowns on the TV show and I’ve not seen the cartoon. But it makes sense, they’re just Padawans with incomplete training?
  10. I really enjoyed Chip N Dale. It’s aimed at oldies like us, who grew up watching 90s Disney cartoons and watching Lethal Weapon. Chip was hilarious and it was really cute how they told an adult story line but cartoonified it. If this was a serious film, the plot would be 2 washed up actors looking for their old buddy who has been kidnapped by drug dealers and forced to work in a brothel.
  11. Anyone notice the contradiction through? Obi wants Luke to be trained. But he tells his Jedi buddy to hide and live a normal life. Whats going to happen to Luke? The Empire would come for him never mind Vader!
  12. Why though? Order 66 means he probably killed a fair few Jedi?
  13. No one has mentioned how lacklustre and unstarwars the music is.
  14. ngl, I was watching I’m the chase and assumed they made it that bad on purpose. The alien that falls over must have done it like that on purpose…?
  15. I’ve tried watching the first episode several times but couldn’t get into it. Is it really that good? Im getting serious FOMO at the start of every new season…
  16. How come no one has mentioned that…obi wan is using a blaster…
  17. Just watched both episodes. This was pretty bad but in a good way. Home alone chase was fun in its crapness. Baby Leia is maybe the most annoying kid since kid Anakin. Starwars man babies have a new hate figure...maybe two as the female inquisitor is bad and just lazy.
  18. $200m and seems like a direct to DVD Nick Cage special? Ill check it out and hope to be wrong…
  19. Force Awakens was great for its Lost approach to story telling but the biggest cock up was the knights of ren. They ended up being bigger jobbers than Bobba Fett
  20. I’m hearing good things about this. The main one being that this will not be set on tatooine as they recognise the setting is over used, especially with mando etc!
  21. Like others have said, keep going. Season 2 put me off for a few years but I’m glad I finished it. Simply amazing
  22. You may find that a lot of the jokes etc will fly over the kids heads. I know they did when I was a kid. Also, even in the 80s and 90s, I’m pretty sure we all knew we couldn’t treat women like Bond did? The Roger Moore ones might be your best bet I think? They were the most camp and harmless as far as bond goes?
  23. This will do gang busters but I have to agree with others. The first was awful bar the human elements. I actually found the alien species to be kinda cringe.
  24. Casino Royale was genuinely good, probably would have been better with Brosnan as Craig is woeful as Bond. Last film I watched What Dreams May Come. Slated when it came out but it’s a beautiful film. Robin Williams best. 5/5
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