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  1. Revolutions is the worst film I’ve ever seen. Reloaded is a nice hate watch. I enjoyed this but the action scenes were very pedestrian and clearly on a budget.0
  2. Nah. I hated last Jedi because it was clear that my boi Finn wasn’t going to get to bang Rey. Instead they introduced the worst character ever to be his distraction.
  3. This was really good. Didnt seem ropey like moon knight and Hawkeye.
  4. I was watching the Starwars theory YouTube channel where the guy was moaning how the sequel trilogy was shit and how the original trilogy was amazing and how great it was and it was his childhood etc. I was agreeing with him till he started praising how amazing and jun t jar jar was and I was like “what the fuck is this shit”.
  5. tbh I kinda like her voice and accent. She was really good in the Leia interrogation and gave away a bit of background too when she said they took everything away from her. Shes clearly going to have a redemption and then her own TV show… The escape bit was fun. People forget Starwars is aimed at kids not man babies.
  6. Mushroom head is comically bad. ”third sister must pay” lmao
  7. After all the hype…where is Hayden…
  8. It’s 2022 we can watching whenever we want and with out ads…
  9. I’d say that objectively, this is worse than the prequels. This was supposed to be their redemption. The director has properly fucked it up. I’m enjoying it purely for the curiosity factor but everything negative that people have mentioned, I noticed too while watching it. The people defending this shit are in denial. Edit - I just finished watching ep 4. Oh dear...that was really good!
  10. I’m actually baffled by this statement. She isn’t Jar Jar bad but she’s Jake Lloyd bad.
  11. Nah, most of them are nothing without Marvel. All the Chris’s know this.
  12. The Andor series looks a million times better and looks like a film. This all looks wobbly and low budget. No doubt McGregor is amazing in this which makes everything look even worse and jarring. Obi and Vader running around the quarry just looked bad for a setting. It just seems like a bunch of dudes playing Star Wars in their back garden and Obi popped by with a “hello there”
  13. Jimmy is a really good actor. He really came across as a nice dad.
  14. You guys should know by now that in 3-4yrs, all the characters you want will be added. Capcom always start with a good mix of classic and new characters with every numbered update!
  15. Looks and sounds bland. Sonic is supposed to be fun. Looks like a random fan made open world game with a bootleg Sonic inserted into it.
  16. Rogue One is a great film not just a great Starwars film. It just has ordinary people fighting the war. It’s not dour, it’s a film about a desperate suicide mission, not Mary Poppins
  17. Really enjoyed this ep. The production values seemed higher, apart from Vadars throne room…couldn’t they just use the rogue one assets? Music was still crap apart from a few scenes. Also, it’s kinda weird seeing Vadar being so evil after spending so much time with Anakin and knowing how it all ends.
  18. If you hate Rogue One, you hate Starwars because it’s the only legit decent stand alone movie in the series.
  19. To make matters worse, when Cruise launches his missiles, there is a quick cut that looks more or less like the shot from Starwars when the torpedoes go into the deathstar’s exhaust port…they even call it the same thing? Plus the second set of pilots use the force to blind target the port!
  20. Yeah I liked how the handled Iran I think it was? No making them out to be Hollywood terrorists. When the rival pilots were introduced they were treated as threats. How the US would be the techno underdog in a modern dog fight was kinda silly and waved away with “fifth generation fighters”…that were then taken down by a 1980s era Tomcat because “Tom Cruise” :lol
  21. She’s too clean cut and her acting is bad. She simply isn’t believable as a bad guy and she isn’t very menacing at all. Its obvious she will turn to the light side. After Rose, you would think they made extra effort not to make sure character played by a woman of colour was done properly.
  22. The comical chase is made worse due to the overly dramatic music
  23. Tbh it’s not very starwarsy as those troopers got some shots in eventually
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