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  1. I'm looking forward to this, as others said, it looks like a premium show!
  2. Objectively, there is more bad Starwars than good.
  3. Yeah pretty much. Also Count Doku was in the same position and Anakin finished him off.
  4. I went wtf as well because the fighter did it so smoothly and elegantly. I was in the peaks last year and heard thunder but it was a sunny day, a fighter jet fly past me literally at eye level by lady bower dam. It banked to the side I could see the pilot and it was moving just like that fifth gen fighter as in, you would think these things are fast but it was moving unnaturally slowly! Really hard to explain.
  5. Fuck me. When are Nintendo going to release a game. Filler doesn’t count.
  6. Reva’s story made fuck all sense. Vader has her killed so she returns to kill Luke…does she know his significance? How come Luke doesn’t remmeber being chased by someone with a red light saber when he meets old man kenobi? Then she starts crying about not being able to save the younglings and whether she is like Vader. Made no sense at all. Worst Starwars character since Rose.
  7. The plan was always to do what happened. The had to pull up above the canyon to get away or go into the mountain. They didn’t train for what happens after as that was down to their existing abilities.
  8. I think we need to be realistic. All the side shit was crap and irrelevant. It was just a vehicle for the real story which was obi’s recovery from depression and confrontation with Anakin. Let’s just forget about everything else.
  9. Darth had the high ground and still lost!
  10. Overall I think it was trash but it was worth it for the final Obi Vs Darth fight and the shirt exchange between Anakin and Obi.
  11. The people ruining this thread aren’t the ones pointing out the shit in this. Its the ones shitting on other peoples opinions. Objectively, this series is piss poor but I like it. Others will be less tolerant and that’s a good thing. Season 2 might be better if there is one.
  12. I think the main problem is probably that this is a film that was repurposed into a tv series. Which means the 2nd half will be all stakes and action…?
  13. Herogasm has been mentioned billions of times in every Boys article. I doubt it’s a massive plot point, just a massive gang bang or something, I’m not even a comic reader and I heard about it last year! Althouht I also actually know the end f the comic as I decided to just wiki it…
  14. When you put it like that, I can see why this is so crap. Im enjoying it, but I know it’s crap. I’ve noticed the same flaws everyone else has but it kinda adds to The charm. It does feel like one of those fan made 10 min clips where it looks amazing because you know they did it for little to nothing in terms of budget but this cost millions!
  15. Sounds like you both need to some mother’s milk!
  16. That’s a pretty good take on it. I think The Batman really did catch the zietgiest of the issues we are dealing with. The world is more chaotic than ever. Let’s forget that Gotham is now underwater too
  17. Guys, treat these like live action cartoons. They’re dumb, just turn off your brains!
  18. I think this show went downhill after season 4. It probably had the least exciting or interesting final season ever. Too much Naomi and her boring family politics. Marco was good but everything around him was trash.
  19. Damn why did I read the spoilers. Can’t wait to watch this later!
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