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  1. Who said this ep was filler? A lot happened including a lot of character development. I think the show is an improvement on the comic. I haven’t read the comic but I read the plot outline and it’s pretty bleak. This is a bit more light hearted but still kinda mean.
  2. ngl I want to see Hadenson Force Ghost Anakin. Overall, the vadar arch, from kid to hero to menace to ultimate redemption is pretty good. Would be interesting to see him as a ghost guiding Ashoka probably with a lot of regrets.
  3. In hindsight…I think I would have preferred a movie version. The extended run time only gave us a load of filler that took the budget away from the main course. Imagine Starwars take on hard boiled or Leon or even Taken!
  4. Anthony Star is ripped though or used to be. Seems like he’s been taking it easy since his days as Sheriff Hood in Banshee
  5. Do we really need to complicate things for a few sensitive souls?
  6. Not really. Objectively, this series was piss poor. My opinion is that I enjoyed it anyway. It's also not as poor as the prequels which objectively were piss poor.
  7. https://www.shopto.net/en/swpo05-pocky-rocky-reshrined-p1166661/
  8. I just ordered Rocky and Pocky. Not bad for £20
  9. Soldier Boy does seem like a Captain America / Winter Soldier with a bit of John Wayne thrown in. They haven't really explained why Payback turned on him...he seems less evil than Homelander...pretty much a generic 1960s patriot?
  10. Super Star Wars was sick though. From when Starwars was still a premium property.
  11. Re-watching the current Ep...holy shit at the Bill Cosby stuff!
  12. Black Noir legging it should tell you all you need to know lol
  13. Yeah but everyone agrees the prequel trilogy was the first time everyone started to get a bad feeling about it all
  14. People who hate his accent are dead inside. Its the best accent ever!
  15. The supes are clearly shook this episode. Anthony Star is such an amazing actor. Still can’t believe I’m watching Sheriff Lucas Hood!
  16. Jon Snow in the real north? Sounds kinda shit but we get more ghost?
  17. I’m going to watch Rogue One tonight
  18. That was a great episode from start to finish. No filler.
  19. Rey was decent in the force awakens. Reva was always bad. Tweeting to their fans not to be racist is a bad look. Only cure is to full woke and chase off the toxic man babies.
  20. I'm looking forward to this, as others said, it looks like a premium show!
  21. Objectively, there is more bad Starwars than good.
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