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  1. We’re not going to see the Games Animal on it then? I want to see a rematch lmao
  2. You are right, it was all kinda predictable but so enjoyable. Plus to a lot of normies who only watch eastenders, it is new and original. Some of the predicable notes like the Pakistani guy, the husband and wife or the old man would blow away someone’s gran
  3. It’s sad that the prequel trilogy was 3 soft reboots and no satisfying pay off.
  4. Nah. He walked it back with the usual PR shit. He knows it’s trash. Some of his comments, they’re very guarded and no one would say such things about their film during a PR drive.
  5. That was my main conclusion. The fact that during the “pursuit”, people were coming and going and having adventures was just dumb. There was little of no sense of urgency while 33 is an amazingly tense experience.
  6. Meaningful character development? 1. They turned Finn into a no body joke character and undid his character development from the first film and turned him into a coward again. 2. They turned the pilot dude into an idiot. He fucked up every plan, got countless rebels killed, lost the fleet and actively spent the whole film being being annoying. Why he didn’t get executed for this idiocy, I’ll never know. 3. Leia Poppins 4. Turned Luke into I don’t know what. 5. “Everyone can be force users” - luckily broom boy was quietly forgotten. Film is just awful. Not to mention it’s just a more boring episode of Battlestar Galactica stretched out for 2.5hrs with a joke side story in a casino.
  7. Sorry but even Mark Hamill has pretty much said The Last Jedi was trash. Rian fucked up Starwars so hard we never got to the see the real 3rd part from Trevorrow that genuinely sounded like a great Star Wars movie. Instead we got the Rise of Skywalker which was trash but not as bad as TLJ. I started getting Matrix Reloaded vibes as soon as we saw Bombers in space and Huxley getting a space crank call.
  8. I think in some ways, the 90s was more progressive. You have some guys in a dress on prime time TV. Trying doing that now. Also, I like how I get a warning for accusing someone of watching bland tv in response to them calling me a twat 🥺
  9. I bet you love watching My Family and other bland BBC shite!
  10. Personally I’d rather be back in the 90s again. It was the best decade and the last decade where there was a perfect balance between being Politically Correct and entertaining on TV. Some of you snowflakes wouldn’t be able to handle Bottom now.
  11. I wanted to hate on this and so much to hate but the characters are likeable and the jokes decent. The story had heart. Downsides? Absolutely horrible art design, garish colours but flat and boring at the same time. The CGI and lighting was horrible. Like low budget shit. The Mandarin stole the show again.
  12. Unbounded is just an existing burnout clone series that had the ridge racer name slapped on it. It has nothing to do with Namco or Ridge.
  13. why would you troll this thread
  14. I have a launch Japanese phat PS3 boxed up for when I retire.
  15. I don't identify as a gamer. I enjoy playing video games. I know they're not art. But I love them. I don't like bro games. I don't hate on women and I don't want to be racist or homophobic. So I don't identify as a gamer.
  16. I bought a 360 just for Ridge Racer 6...I'm tempted by an S if it means I can play 6 in 4k and 60fps? Would prefer 7 TBH..or even 8
  17. It’s weird how you can’t play ridge 6 or 7 on current gen platforms. Almost like there is a business opportunity here
  18. Yeah it came with a hi-spec disk. High definition (for PS1) and 60fps cut down version of the original
  19. There is a gladiator extended cut? Hopefully there is a 4hr dune cut
  20. Imagine playing it in the late 90s. Gran Turismo was taking all the hype but Namco quietly took hyper realism to a new level. Ace Combat 3 is another game you should take a look at if you want to see peak PS1 Namco. Both games look like the latest Ridge Racer at a lower resolution. Arguably, both are the peaks in both their respective series. If you haven't played Rage Racer, try and give that a go.
  21. I think type 4 is pretty much the current Ridge Racer in it's purest form. It'll never age. The music especially is peak Videogames. I just finished the video above. Well worth watching the whole hour.
  22. I think I’ll wait for the Disney plus release. The current phase seem even more made for TV than the first phase…
  23. I think it’s time to admit that Jodorowskys Dune would have been a car crash on the level of Nic Cage’s Superman. He comes across as an idiot and even admits to having lot even read the book.
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