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  1. On 02/12/2022 at 15:25, K said:

    It's worth going back to the first few pages of this thread, and having a good chuckle at the endless negativity people were projecting onto this before a single frame of footage had been shown.

    Even Disney have distanced themselves from

    this car crash.


    This thread is toxic. Let the past die. Kill it if you have to.

    Edit - sorry I thought I was in the last Jedi thread!


  2. On 27/11/2022 at 14:57, Padster said:

    Regarding the post-credits scene... 


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    No wonder the bloody thing blew up when it was literally held together with widgets built by unskilled prisoners at breakneck speed. 


    Yeah but each unit would have clearly been producing one small part very fast and continuously.


    Andor is maybe the best Starwars product ever. Very adult and high quality instead of the usual childish shit that hints at greater things 

  3. 11 hours ago, Unofficial Who said:


    Along with Obi Wan I think they've retconned Darth Vader pretty well now. He's like a crocodile, deadly within a few metres but runs out of energy really quickly. In that suit he's just an injured man in incredible pain. It reminds me a lot of trying to run suffering chronic asthma, sure you might be golden for 100 metres but if you try to hold that pace any longer you're just fucked.

    I think that’s always been Vaders thing. In the OG Trilogy he did very little but be menacing. 

  4. Mmmm….so I guess the 2nd prison is more heavily monitored?


    As when they arrive, they know they’re fucked for good so will be more militant?


    I guess it’s a good set up for a plot point so I’ll let it go, but it stood out as a bit of a silly reason.


    The whole set up really reminded me of the Van Damme film “fortress”. 


  5. 6 hours ago, scottcr said:


    and and and...


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    given how utterly ruthlessly evil the Empire are in this - what do they do to the other structures to prevent another out break...


    I suspect 'improving life for the prisoners and releasing them when they've served their time' isn't on the list.





    What didn't make sense for me was, the mistake was apparantly, they were sent to another floor and not another prison.


    What's stopping people transferred to one of the other prisons also blabbing they've simply been moved from one prison to the other when they arrive at the new place?


  6. 9 hours ago, Stanley said:

    This is so true, a friend of mine was saying how terrible Andor is on Facebook, and how it’s boring. He’s a long time fan since the first trilogy, like me, and doesn’t think much of anything else. So you have to ask, what is it you want?


    I think they fucked up in making the first episode...maybe a bit tooo boring.


    They should have started with a big blaster shoot out, some headshots etc.

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