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  1. WTF. I really enjoyed it. I guess the ending is a nice cliffhanger. Hopefully we get a sequel in another 30yrs
  2. It was all pretty much explained every time Starbuck was on screen. Mando was confused and thought they were fakes while Starbuck clocked straight away he was from the watch. It was an interesting twist. Clearly it was building to him removing the helmet. Finding the mines will probably complete his story arc I’d say.
  3. Nando’s can’t remove their helmet in front of other people. They can when they are alone. Also, it was confirmed last season that these guys are part of a nutter cult and it isn’t actually a mando thing. Hence Starbuck carries her’s around and called Mando a cultist extremist. A lot of the real Mandos we killed on planet and only remnants remain, mainly zealots who were not on the planet when it got nuked
  4. I like the irony the mid credit scene reveals in relation to Endor’s overall character arc
  5. Tempted to watch. Is this a drama or a game show?
  6. There is a major issue right now of western nations using “woke” issues to keep competition from the east down. Y’all not bothered about boycotting Nintendo and Sony for allegedly benefiting from Chinese slavery of the ughur people but big bad brown Saudi owning a few shares suddenly causes a massive moral dilemma.
  7. I would take good art style over cutting edge graphics. games with cutting edge graphics tend to age much faster as that’s all they have going for them.
  8. Y’all citizens of maybe the bloodiest and cruelest empire the world has ever known. No corner of the world has been spared being plundered and raped in the name of freedom. Saudi Arabia owning a few shares in a toy company originating from another blood thirsty and cruel empire should be the least of your concerns!
  9. I’ve pre ordered this and advance wars. ”killing it” is hardly how I would describe it. These are basically all filler. I’ll happily munch on them but I’m ready for more some AAA mega hits.
  10. Pre ordered Zelda and advance wars. Shame Zelda only has a steel book in the collectors edition, I don’t really want or need any more tat.
  11. Wakandans are clearly the bad guys yet again. Basically a facist state, I was on the UN side.
  12. Before I pass judgement… can anyone confirm if he’s a no-Corbyn sensible? I’m pretty sure he is and I’m gonna side with The Sun on this one…
  13. Just in response to comments about it not being in tone with Starwars
  14. It’s grown up Starwars so I’m not surprised the fandom menace don’t like it
  15. Let the past die. Kill it if you have to.
  16. Some of the people moaning about this being miserable make me confused. This is war!
  17. Hopefully no joker, like mentioned above, he looked awful. Too try hard
  18. Even Disney have distanced themselves from this car crash. This thread is toxic. Let the past die. Kill it if you have to. Edit - sorry I thought I was in the last Jedi thread!
  19. Their biggest mistake was calling it Andor when really it was the prequel we all deserved
  20. Yeah but each unit would have clearly been producing one small part very fast and continuously. Andor is maybe the best Starwars product ever. Very adult and high quality instead of the usual childish shit that hints at greater things
  21. Rogue one is amazing. Glad to see it finally get the love it deserves. Ill watch it tonight me thinks
  22. I think that’s always been Vaders thing. In the OG Trilogy he did very little but be menacing.
  23. I think their biggest mistake was calling this Andor. Rebellion year one or something would have been better
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