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  1. Wakandans are clearly the bad guys yet again. Basically a facist state, I was on the UN side.
  2. Before I pass judgement… can anyone confirm if he’s a no-Corbyn sensible? I’m pretty sure he is and I’m gonna side with The Sun on this one…
  3. Just in response to comments about it not being in tone with Starwars
  4. It’s grown up Starwars so I’m not surprised the fandom menace don’t like it
  5. Let the past die. Kill it if you have to.
  6. Some of the people moaning about this being miserable make me confused. This is war!
  7. Hopefully no joker, like mentioned above, he looked awful. Too try hard
  8. Even Disney have distanced themselves from this car crash. This thread is toxic. Let the past die. Kill it if you have to. Edit - sorry I thought I was in the last Jedi thread!
  9. Their biggest mistake was calling it Andor when really it was the prequel we all deserved
  10. Yeah but each unit would have clearly been producing one small part very fast and continuously. Andor is maybe the best Starwars product ever. Very adult and high quality instead of the usual childish shit that hints at greater things
  11. Rogue one is amazing. Glad to see it finally get the love it deserves. Ill watch it tonight me thinks
  12. I think that’s always been Vaders thing. In the OG Trilogy he did very little but be menacing.
  13. I think their biggest mistake was calling this Andor. Rebellion year one or something would have been better
  14. Let’s face it, the crown was always dreary. Its lowest point being the humanisation of Churchill
  15. These days, humour means “quips”
  16. Thought this was awful outside of m’Baku, Namor, the montage of the underwater city and whoever turned up in a dream sequence 👀
  17. oh yeah! That's the one! For some reason I remember it as a Van Damme movie!
  18. Mmmm….so I guess the 2nd prison is more heavily monitored? As when they arrive, they know they’re fucked for good so will be more militant? I guess it’s a good set up for a plot point so I’ll let it go, but it stood out as a bit of a silly reason. The whole set up really reminded me of the Van Damme film “fortress”.
  19. I think they fucked up in making the first episode...maybe a bit tooo boring. They should have started with a big blaster shoot out, some headshots etc.
  20. If there is a season 2, this bombed hard from what I read. Starwars fans got what they always wanted and hate it by the looks of it.
  21. I’m catching up as fast as I can. Its pretty slow but I guess that’s the point. Real outside sets and locations just feel so good!
  22. I realised Netflix is now £16.99 for the top package! Ive dropped it to the 5.99 720p package!
  23. Brosnan was the biggest let down. Goldeneye, amazing. Followed by shit. Die Another Die is for sure an example of 2000s excess. The surfing the avalanche scene was pure cringe!
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