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  1. Sony taking tips from Konami on trollin fanboys
  2. I’m guessing they didn’t want the Morpheus guy to come back as he’s let himself go a lot?
  3. Damn. 16yrs ago. Being old sucks. When do we get a remake of The Island?
  4. Logan’s Run had a soft remake a few years ago. The Island. Loved it.
  5. Hopefully there isn’t too much of the real world crap. Or if it is, it’s in the machine world and not the underground dance hall.
  6. I was hoping they learned their lesson and went back to basics and ape Matrix 1 but it looks like they’re just going to be more of the same. It doesn’t even look as epic as the first one e.g. the roof top scene they’re trying to do a redux is lacking the helicopter
  7. I’m not sure what to expect. I want to like it but it didn’t look like a matrix film. Where is the green tint. Looked like a TV movie.
  8. Holy shit. I’ve just seen the trailer. First film in years that has me excited. Looks like a mix of The Prestige, Inception, Matrix and a film noir
  9. People have always shitted on Venom whether it’s comics or films but he’s probably one of the best anti heroes out there. Venom had something the MCU and many superhero films lack. Heart and Soul
  10. I agree with you on Raimi but Venom was really good.
  11. Yeah the Venus incident was the protomolecule doing its thing.
  12. I wish comics were still like they were in the 90s aka the last golden age of comics!
  13. I think this will be Marvel’s first flop. It’s a series no one asked for.
  14. I knew it was going to be an Uber kick in the nuts, the trailer was going so well, then the bland Shitty game started and I was still hopefully that it’ll play well and then mobile came up. Konami, the master trolls
  15. @NexivRed is right to have those concerns about Harley. The character was originally a MH therapist at the Asylum before she went crazy due to manipulations by the Joker. In the Suicide Squad movie this was shown by Joker Physcially torturing her by electrocuting her. Having said that…she’s really popular with both Alt girls and mainstream girls as well as male geeks. She’s probably DC’s most popular character outside of Batman these days…
  16. Just geek elitism. All of the Transformer films have more heart and epicness than the MCU. Michael Bay is an acquired taste but once you tune in and tune out, his films are a ride. Hopefully they get rid of Wahlberg and get The Rock or Bautista instead
  17. Dave is by far the best and successful out of the current bunch. His return to WWE was also the best as boo-tista
  18. I don’t mind either to be honest. But they have these “fueds” everytime they have a new film. You’re being worked! Jabronis!
  19. Having old Indy in that TV series was a big mistake when you see the real one still swinging in his 70s. Seeing your heroes grow old is kinda depressing.
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