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  1. It’s a difficult one. They’re probably the most backwards and anti gamer of any gaming company. They make awesome games but they are also really stale now. Feels like they’re followers now rather than innovators which is both a good thing and a bad thing as we doing get trash like the GC controller and waggle anymore. But it’s sad that we don’t really get new IP any more and they’ve dumped their middle tier stuff like fzero, wave race and starfox so now all we get is the odd AAA Mario or Zelda and lots of filler. It doesn’t help that they’re recycling Wii-U
  2. I’m excited. Love stuff like this. We never got a sequel to The Matrix, I just hope this is a worthy reimagining!
  3. Yeh I was the same. Skip to the middle of season 2 and start again.
  4. I loved season 1 but season 2 was such a chore that it took me years to get through it. It heats up again towards the end of season 2 and keeps going. I finished it during the first lockdown. It truely is an amazing show with great characters that you are invested. There is a real sense that the dark army and white rose are formidable and dangerous enemies.
  5. Yeah. Peeps love em now because of clone wars. Plus memes and the kids who didn’t know any better are adults now. Their childhoods weren’t raped by JarJar.
  6. I think they’ll do the same thing with the prequels. Ignore them, then have a few cartoons to make all the characters apex mixed in with new great characters. If they can rehabilitate the prequels, they can do the same with the sequels
  7. brings back memories. Never played it but heard it was shit
  8. Anyone watched The 100? I ignored it initially but gave it a chance. Probably one of the best sci-fi shows I’ve seen. Every season is completely different in scope with some great character development. It’s rare to have a show with so many great characters. Season 6-7 is pay only unfortunately but the first 5 seasons are all great!
  9. There was no cat was a genius scene
  10. thats an amazing story. I could see where it was going with the milkshake and cookie
  11. Amazon Prime seems to have less content, that the stuff on there is much more appealing. Maybe Netflix need to concentrate on quality and less on filler.
  12. The only reason I have Netflix right now is because I’ve traded my log in with others for Now TV and Disney Plus. I also have amazon prime and out of the lot, Netflix probably has the worst content. It just seems the filler has become the main content now. There is very little premium content. The days when a Netflix original tv show was going to be awesome is long over. Most are just dull. I don’t know why their films are so poor given their budget. I seem to switch between the 4k package to the medium one but their lock on multiple streams just m
  13. One thing I do miss is flame wars There is nothing more beautiful than two dudes online who passionately don’t agree and will not let it go for 20 pages. These days the closest we get is a bunch of man babies crying about some bugs in a game release, ethics in gaming or “wokeness” in Star Wars
  14. In my younger days I did rage on consoles I didn’t like or games I didn’t like. Now I just pretend they don’t exist. I know what my tastes are, what I’ll like and what I won’t. I just buy less games and don’t go into threads about games I have no interest in. It’s not worth the time and effort to rage or get involved in console wars. I’d rather pretend Microsoft doesn’t exist. It helps that Nintendo aren’t completely useless now that they’ve sidelined miyamoto and have a beast in the Switch.
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