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  1. I watched Tales again the other day. Yeah, I’m not sure about second tier, id put it on the same sale as Princess Monoke and Lapith which are my favs. I can see the hate, but I enjoy the laid back vibe to it. It could defo do with an extra hour and seems to gloss over a lot of backstory. one thing I have noticed about Ghibli films, everyone has different films as their favs.
  2. Came across Rise of Empires - Ottoman Really good mix of drama and documentary and covers the siege and fall of Constantinople. It treats both sides fairly which I found very welcoming. A battle with no bad guys or good guys. Just business.
  3. I’ve just realised something The dune theme tune is so ingrained in me...using anything else is going to feel un-dune
  4. They have a patent for a hybrid ef/rf mount Sounds like they will have a hybrid top of the range system and a pure mirrorless R6
  5. Stick with it and watch it again after. I found the earlier eps better the 2nd time after you know the ending
  6. Really enjoyed this. I think i watched it 2 and half times. The 2nd watch was much better as it becomes clear it does that “everything happens at the same time” thing because of Dr Manhattan. My fav scene is the cinema scene at the end with sister night and hooded justice. Just seemed really epic especially with the music.
  7. It was exactly that, a mid gen refresh. Sony gave peeps options without putting off existing fans. There is little point in the full blown X approach. It was expensive and just further undermined their earlier design decisions. I would suggest all you Xbox fans take it to the system wars thread.
  8. You mean Sony took the balanced approach while MS threw money at their problem? Sony didn’t have to drastically improve their console because they got it right first time.
  9. No I don’t think it’s due a crash. Many of the games out there are now indies. There are less and less big budget games now than 20yrs ago. Todays gaming scene is very similar to the 80s and 90s again. We’ve come full circle. Also, there was no gaming crash per se. It was mainly in the US.
  10. I would love a remix to super Mario 3D world. Same style, different levels
  11. Who made the most money? Im pretty sure MS have not made any cash from gaming in 20 years. They’ve made a loss every generation including the 360. Have you forgotten the RROD? That pretty much made sure MS didn’t make anything. They are pretty much the worst gaming company out there but subsidised by windows and Office.
  12. I’m looking forward to a new PS controller. Hopefully the up the plastic And battery budget On it. The switch Pro pad is so quality
  13. Sorry, should have said 90s Nintendo. Nintendo used to take a high tech but cost centric approach to their hardware. They would go for the very best but they would make sure they could over time reduce their costs and make a profit on hardware. The one time Sony diverged from that approach was when they got beat, the PS3z MS on the other hand were always Reckless. I doubt they even take profitability into account when they make their consoles. Microsoft have come 3rd in every single Generation. I don’t even understand how xbots can even take part in system wars with a straight face.
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