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  1. The fact you see him riding out into the wilderness with the free folk, with a shut eating grin on his face should be enough evidence.
  2. I guess the previous episode set this all up with his goodbye to Ghost and ginger dude. Also, the wall was set up to keep the white walkers out! The wildlings just ended up on the wrong side of the wall.
  3. It’s amazing how we’ve all seen enough epic battle movies to know when the tactics are wack. I think they just did it to give something for the dothraki to do, they’re only good on horses and you don’t need horses during a seige. If anything, I’m surprised the night king failed, he was clearly the better tactician. He had the numbers and time on his hands. Literally, he could have waited forever.
  4. I kinda hate the popularity of this show. Most of the cunts moaning about it and naming their kids khaleesi wouldn’t be caught dead near the books.
  5. Exactly. Shes always been a evil nasty piece of work. Another one of Ned’s dumb mistakes coming back to haunt him.
  6. Have you considered that she’s full of shit? Varys covered your argument in his chat with Tyrian. He’s known many kings, and they all said the same shit. she is tyrant. “If they won’t love me, then they will fear me”. she has the blood innocents on here hands as much as any.
  7. Exactly. Im pretty sure HBO are not happy with the situation and neither is GRRM but it’s out of their hands. GRRM was too trusting of these two idiots, or dumb and dumber as they are no affectionately referred to.
  8. probotector

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    Is coffee crisis any good? It’s abou £1 right now? Fancy a modern scrolling beat em up?
  9. probotector

    The Batman - June 2021 - New Batman to be cast

    I’ve never seen Twilight or any of his movies so I’ll be going in clean. For me, he will now only ever have been Batman

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