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  1. Some more portraits that I’ve been processing over the week Any constructive feedback is welcome!
  2. Yeah I’ve checked YouTube and they’ve come up, everyone had godox triggers today and I was borrowed one, £150 will get me a v860 with a trigger built in? I’ll have to add it to my list! Thanks, it took me a while to get used to the studio environment and spent the first hour thinking all my shots would be shit, I’m realising the limitations of the canon m3 now with the slow unreliable autofocus!
  3. Went to a group studio shoot today, 30 of us and 10 models, it was a great learning environment! I’ve got so many shots!!! I realised how much I’ve got to learn but also how much work happens on the computer later with studio work!! I also need a flash! What’s good for the canon system? I think these are my fav shots but I’m sure I’ll have more...
  4. I’m pretty sure I would have taken more and better skateboard shots but the skaters kept screwing up or not getting any air at all! I did see this one on Instagram though and was amazed by it
  5. oh snap! Some of mine came out blurry. Need more experience with spraying and praying, the netting didn’t help!
  6. Only a dozen times?
  7. I came in here to rant about that new gimmick sex toy they are pushing but then saw that wireless SNES controller. Nintendo...YOU FUCKING CUNTS!
  8. Tried out the canon 70-200 last Sunday at a cricket match. First time where I’ve realised how slow and awkward the auto focus is on the Canon M3. A lot of shots came turned out to be out of focus but got plenty of good ones including a few “spray and pray” shots
  9. Canon announced two new cameras last night. I was holding out for an update to the canon M5 but they instead unveiled the M6 mk2 which is essentially the same camera but without an integrated EVF, it’s an add on costs £200 and looks messy, plus brings the price to £1000+ You can get a Canon RP On the grey market for £900, so might hold off for that instead, plus it’s full frame but the speed and resolution of the M6 are pretty good.... 30fps RAW! Instead I treated myself to a 24-105 2nd for use with my M3 and viltrox speedbooster. It’s an amazing lens and I love the comedy size of it!
  10. Just got an email saying they’re increasing prices to £11.99 from £9.99. im genuinely tempted to cancel it but cancelled YouTube instead as you tubers have all started shilling square space within videos so I’m wasting my £11.99 really.
  11. I do feel it does get better on repeat viewings. The opposite is true of force awakens and (yuk) the last Jedi
  12. Exactly. It’s pretty much a race against time and the characters still get time to breath.
  13. I really liked pretty much all of the characters. Jin was great as the lead, the Spanish dude was really good as a hardened rebel, forced into the war at a young age, Donny Yen was great as was his sidekick with the big gun, the Android was great too! It’s probably the only time we’ve really seen Darth Vader being Darth Vader. We got to see the sheer terror of the Death Star first hand! Plus the ending was awesome. Its the only Star Wars film I’ve said wow afternoon it finished!
  14. Thanks for the tips. I’ve noticed there is a non L 24-105 I’m tempted to get it instead, it seems the optics are nearly as good just cheaper build and a variable F-stop...CEX have it for £230 and I’m just I could trade some stuff in. Tried the 70-200 today and it was a washout really. Couldn’t find any good shots but I wasn’t out long. I did kinda learn it’s not about the gear lol
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