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  1. Hope everyone here had a good Christmas and a Happy New Year, taken the past few weeks off myself! But seeing as we came back to news that a Street Fighter Alpha 2 SNES modder had discovered how to play as Shin Akuma in the SNES version via a unreleased cheat code. Couldn't help, but give the code a try and try it out! If you haven't seen the story here is more detail on it: https://www.eventhubs.com/news/2020/dec/30/shin-akuma-unlock-discovery/ If you have a copy of this on SNES or SFC might be time to dust it off for a quick go. We en
  2. Thanks for the heads up, I will be taking a look many thanks.
  3. I saw that Rod-Land is due to get an arcade archive release in the near future looking forward to that loved the Amiga version, just a shame it didn't include the 2nd and 3rd rounds. Latest videos, included a updated look at Street Fighter Alpha 3 on the PSP, using the OSSC and Open Broadcast studio to get a full screen out of the picture as by default the component output on a PSP 3000 is tiny. We also figured out the default aspect it puts out to TV is in fact wrong and needs correcting. One of our viewers did a nice video on the subject, so I'll link that h
  4. With the PS3, PSP and PSVita stores on the road to being sunset, I've started picking up a number of digital only games. It really is a case of grab them before they are gone. Trust me when I say I don't think it will be much long before they are gone, already a number of titles have been pulled. One such game is the excellent PS3 port of Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection Online which was released in 2006, 14 years ago now. Man I'm really starting to feel old. Another one is the excellent Minis version of Impossible Mission, which is based on the Wii and DS version. Never
  5. Never played the game but having recently played the original Impossible Mission the Amiga sequel Impossible Mission 2025 has a superb soundtrack from Allister Brimble Impossible Mission 2025 : The Special Edition -03- Select 02
  6. Speaking of Bubble Bobble, excellent video by the way dumpster explaining how the mechanic work. I did a playthrough of Rainbow Island on the Mega Drive and did the same, pity you can't get to the hidden Island in normal mode as I found out later! Epic longplay on the channel today with a full run on Super Mario Land on Game Boy, will in this case it was the Super Game Boy 2 on SNES. Still a classic and I did both runs, voice over as it's a Nintendo game.
  7. Not quite true, the Japanese version as you say did have obscure clues, but many were incorrectly translated in English. This site details all the text in the original game both Japanese and English and the various mistakes: https://bisqwit.iki.fi/cv2fin/diff One of the major problems with the English release is the manual, the Japanese version included a map of the game and explains how the villagers worked, different villagers had different chances of giving you useful information, something mentioned as a foot note in the English manual. The other key hints in the game are suppo
  8. Had a fun weekend playing the worst of the three main Double Dragon games, Mega Drive port manages to make it even harder. Not a good game in the arcade, even the fixed up Japan arcade release can't say it, but it plays better. Here's the full playthrough on the Mega Drive, looks pretty decent, but the hit collision is just way off and don't work half the time. Also 32X fans might want to see last week's video of some gameplay from the impressive, if shorten port of DOOM on the system. Finally in some blog related content that all PS1 a
  9. Getting in some obscure Saturn gaming in at the moment with Texthoth Ludo ~Arcana Senki~ which is a rather enjoyable fantasy take on the board game Ludo. Japanese only and took awhile to understand some elements of it, but starting to get the hang of it and very enjoyable. Uses Tarot cards as well, which you use to move and fight with, object is just to reach the goal. It's also four play to in multiplayer mode. Certainly not a friendly game for none Japanese reading players. Japanese name is テクストート・ルド ~アルカナ戦記~ (Think Texthoth might be mistranslated on the net as some site suggest
  10. Got some special video today's, so who knew that Tokimeki Memorial ~Forever With You~ a Konami dating simulator actually included some rather nice bonus arcade shmup games. That turned out to be rather awesome, each version of the game has it's own mini-games to boot as well. Here's a look at the two included on the SEGA Saturn version: The excellent shooter PSYTH which is the harder to unlock title, but a lot of fun to play: The other title is Twinbee Time Attack which also appears in the PlayStation version it's a short boss ruch game with four bosses in total t
  11. Been a few weeks since I've posts as been rather busy, but latest retro videos include a look at Warp & Warp from Namco. It's the game Hudson borrow (ripped off) the concept for the Bomberman series from as the game has two areas of play and the second had a very familiar looking gameplay. Next up got a longplay as Guy on the Sega Saturn version of Final Fight Revenge, which was a rather dated looking arcade game in 1999 when it released on ST-V. Still I really enjoy it and at it's core is a decent fighter, even if this is a bare bones arcade port not worth the
  12. The Deep is a forgotten arcade game from a company called Woodplace Inc, it did however get home ports to the following platforms Amiga, ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64 and Amstrad CPC. MAME is the only way to pay the arcade version however. Underwater unit did get a western release under the name Sub Rebellion and is a pretty decent PS2 title. It's one of those genres that you think there are more games made in it, but it's surprising how limited they are. There is also a game for SNES and Genesis based on the TV series SeaQust D
  13. Downside with the USA version is they censored some of the win art and removed the mini-card match game with the Janet Marshal striptease. All of this is present in the PAL version, bar the vocals in Rent A Hero's Theme. Which was removed from both PAL and NTSC/U more details here: http://gaminghell.co.uk/FightersMegamixSecrets.html and https://tcrf.net/Fighters_Megamix_(Sega_Saturn) Downside with the mini-card game is you can only play it before you complete course I, after that it locks itself out for good and requires you create a fresh save. There were supposedly quite a few bu
  14. Ended up streaming Super Bomberman R online for a couple of hours last night and it was great fun. You have a giant map split up with 16 different mini arenas all linked. After every minute around ends, two of the arenas are destroyed and all the player can move to any of the remaining arenas. It is actually possible for all 64 players to move to the same section, but would get very cramped. In the final arena you get three minutes then blocks start dropping like crazy. Really great fun, really enjoyed, each of the characters have their own abilities and power up levels, some are
  15. I had to raise a few claims with people I know in the industry, some are the real rights holders, but there is a lot of fly by night cowboy music copyright companies. That are doing illegal scams to take ad revenue money. Best one at the moment I need to flag with SEGA is Vectorman 2, guy claiming to own the soundtrack calls himself Dark Orka and is also selling the tracks on amazon I found out here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/s?k=music+dark+orka&ref=nb_sb_noss Here's his soundcloud page also: https://soundcloud.com/darkorkaa Appears to have no links to SEGA and has just uploaded
  16. I still have the few issue I got, but I have all bar one of the Super XS issue (There were only 6) and one Console XS and One Sega XS.
  17. I Agree with Davros sock drawer, Still never got round to doing the DLC for Souls II as it came out so late after the main game. Not a huge fan of the second game myself. The world design wasn't a patch on the previous games and there were far too many bosses that were just giant monsters with sword. Dark Souls III wasn't bad what I played, but it looked like From Software had run out of ideas in the third game. From what I understand the second game was out sourced a lot and it just feel inferior to the original in every way, first Dark Souls is a true masterpiece well worth every pence. Demo
  18. Took a quick look at the PAL demo of Panzer Dragoon on the SEGA Saturn this weekend, short sample of the second stages that ends just as the boss turns up. Comes in a nice sleeve with a rather odd cover with a advert for the video CD and what looks like some London gangster standing outside in the rain :https://www.panzerdragoonlegacy.com/tags/panzer-dragoon-demo-disc-pal (Have a look here, certain doesn't scream SEGA when you first see the sleeve.)
  19. Just out of interest has anyone ever found scans of the early 90s game guide magazines Console XS, Super XS, SEGA XS (Early issues only). Console XS only got 4 issues then got split, Super XS lasted for six issue and SEGA XS had a pretty good run, but slimed down fair quickly. The early issue were thick meaty things backs with guides, screenshots and mapped whole games.
  20. The Lynx is a really nice machine and very powerful for the time and has a great screen, but it only has just under 80 official releases and many aren't great or just cut down arcade ports. There are some great games on it, but just not enough. Game Gear isn't as powerful, but just has so many great titles on it and a far bigger library with a lot better and more original games, so I just have to pick it. Some great original titles like Royal Stone and a Director's cut of Wonder Boy in Dragon's Trap, to name but a few.
  21. My second winner is @Neyo who also gets a Stadia code for MK11 Aftermath. If I have any codes left after today's stream I'll post again. If you can I had to see some of you today at 4pm UK time for my final Crowd Play stream, there will be codes given away on stream. Answers to the questions were: 1. Rain 2. Goro 3. Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict
  22. Right well done to Sloth who is my first winner, I still have one code to be won.
  23. Took a look at the North American only SEGA Saturn release of MIDWAY Presents Arcade's Greatest Hits (Williams Arcade's Greatest Hits). Unlike the Dreamcast version this has some rather nice extras going into the background of each game.
  24. Right giveaway time, I'll be streaming again on stadia tomorrow at 9:30pm Wednesday and Friday again at 4:00pm. Be great if some of the good people here at rllmuk. If you have the game and Stadia you can use crowd play to battle me. So if you don't have the game, I have two copies to give away. So as long as you are over the age of 18 all you need to do is PM me the answers to the following three questions, first two correct PM I get with the answer to all three questions will win a code for MK11 Aftermath. 1. Which character first appeared as a little joke in the arcad
  25. A track from a lesser known SNES RPG, Solid Runner from 1997. Rif's Garage - Solid Runner Mission Results screen music is ace, but the loops on Youtube are too short for it:
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