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  1. Seattle Goodwill Charity auction, it's at $5,000 but I can see a lot of bidders pulling out on that one.
  2. Riven

    OSSC - Open Source Scan Converter

    Right so I am going to really give the OSSC a work out with just about all the main Nintendo, Sega and Sony consoles and I start with an in depth look at how it handles a NTSC Super Nintendo unit and a selection of games on the system, which includes most later chip sets and the Super Gameboy 2. No interlaced games in this video as so few games use it on SNES and the only ones we have are Power Drive and Desert Fighter, which will appear in a PAL SNES video, which is to follow.
  3. Riven

    OSSC - Open Source Scan Converter

    Right so here a quick OSSC comparison with the old scaler, now the OSSC does have flaws when it comes to interlaced content and games that changes resolution in-game. Still getting to grips with it and I won't be totally getting rid of the old HDV-8S scaler as it still has a lot of uses. Also the Elgato HD60 Pro doesn't play that well with the OSSC, so I can only catch in Line x2 mode for most console, some Saturn games the Elgato does support at Line x3. Having capture export issues also with the Elgato, but the master videos are fine. Here's a look at two X-Men vs. Street Fighter videos we did, first is OSSC and second is our old scaler: OSSC Old scaler HDV-8S One other changes is the OSSC video is using the master Elgato .ts recording, where as the latter is using a mp4 export. I had some issues getting shotcut to export the raw file, once I got some advice from the guys who do shotcut, I got it sorted and it does actually improve the video quality even more. Done side is it requires disabling parallel progress, which slows down video progressing no end.
  4. Riven

    Super Nintendo Appreciation Thread

    We looked at the PAL version of the brawler pack a while back and only Tuff E Nuff didn't work on a NTSC USA machine: For what they are they aren't bad, certainly much cheaper than buying original games game. didn't like the cartridge quality
  5. Riven

    OSSC - Open Source Scan Converter

    About £40 roughly, from what I can tell VGPerfection, just import their unit stock like everyone else of the OSSC, all parts and units seems to come out of some factory in China. Just cause they get mentioned by a few YouTubers doesn't make them any different to any other supplier. All the units I've seen are using the same parts, so I suspect the manufactor cost of the unit is rather cheap, now they've been producing them for a few years. Once I realised that buying one for VGP just seems like a brand name.
  6. Riven

    OSSC - Open Source Scan Converter

    So finally decided to pick one up, now the system been out for a while and there have been a number of fixes for it. Only really tried it with the Sega Saturn and a RGB modded Nintendo 64. The system doesn't support either S-Video or Composite and they will not work with it even if you use a scart adapter. The output itself is lovely, however it really is pick and mix, which Line X modes works with each game. Running games in 50Hz or 60Hz also affects this, certainly not a plug and play system and I'm still learning which options tweak what to improve the picture, this channel has some great tutorials for system set up: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzeJi0ToNcKX4uLBOyjJVtA Here's a brief overlook of me testing a PAL and NTSC Sega Saturn game on it, will be doing more, certainly won't be throwing away the old scaler as it does a lot of things the OSSC doesn't do: So far every game I've tried with the system has worked, not that I've tried many. Make sure you get a remote with it as navigating the menus is a nightmare using the unit button. I got mine for £139.99 from Amazon and it included the remote and power pack and a handy quickstart guide, came installed with 0.82a firmware: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Source-Converter-SCART-Component-Gaming/dp/B07QF95QP3/ref=sr_1_2?crid=1GGU49FN5Y980&keywords=open+source+scan+converter&qid=1556373940&s=gateway&sprefix=Open+sorce+scan+%2Caps%2C132&sr=8-2
  7. Riven

    Your retro youtube videos

    The other week I managed to get a copy of the PAL version of Probotector II at a decent price, granted it was card only, but it's a nice oddity in the history of the Contra series now that they only release the unaltered versions and a great game.
  8. Well this is headed for a cease and desist notice in the very near future.
  9. Riven

    Your retro youtube videos

    Another type for is it retro yet, but I think any game in Sega's After Burner series, deserves respect. This is the 2006 arcade game Climax, played on the now delisted Xbox 360 port.
  10. Riven

    Your retro youtube videos

    Sonic The Fighters a fighting game no one expect or wanted, but a great laugh no less, playthrough the game as Sonic yesterday. Far from perfect and rather annoying in places, but it was nice to see Sega and AM2 do off beat things with Sonic in 1996. How the mighty have fallen over the years.
  11. Riven

    A great gaming track a day

    Nice I'd totally forgotten about the loading screen theme from Project X, always fills me with sadly to think of all the great games Team 17 did on the Amiga, before they turned into a Worms factory. Dare I post a Phantasy Star Online theme? This is Image of a hero the theme as you build your character, such a calming piece of music:
  12. Riven

    Your retro youtube videos

    Having a look at Dead or Alive 2 this week with the Japanese Hardcore release, playthrough as Ryu Hayabusa from the Ninja Gaiden games:
  13. Riven

    A great gaming track a day

    Have this playing in the background as I'm working, main theme from Team 17 classic Amiga shooter Project X:
  14. Riven

    Gaming soundtracks on Vinyl

    Only vinyl I have is the one for Persona 4 Arena, not that I've ever listen to it as I don't have a vinyl player, it was a pre-order bonus, but a very nice one. Plok OST is amazing, but every OST the Follin brothers music was just ahead of the time and it's a shame they don't still do game music. Sounds like a 32bit score not a 16bit one Would I buy a CD OST of Plok, yes I would (but I wouldn't crowd fun one, as I just dislike crowd funding) not sure how big the Vinyl market is for old game OST, but very select and depends on the game. Trouble with game OST is within a few weeks of them releasing they will end up on YouTube and just an OST of the game will have the issue of people already having uploaded it to sites like YT and more. So you would need a few remixes / exclusives tracks, I feel in an official OST. Here's an example: Mind you my brother bought the remixed OST for Panzar Dragoon Saga are seeing a YT video which also linked where to buy it. No idea how well game music CD's sell, I think it really depends on the game and OST in question.
  15. Riven

    Xbox Live increasing to £49.99 from May 8th

    One of the reasons I always go for live and PSN cards got a years Xbox Live for £30, thanks to deals on Amazon along with PSN for around £37. I find £50 a little pricey for PSN, Xbox Live is certainly the better service, not sure I'd pay £50 for it. Lets just hope the pound doesn't tank any further else the price could be £60 before long.

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