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  1. Riven

    Your retro youtube videos

    Revisited the original Diablo this week, started with a look at the PS1 version the only console port, was announced for Saturn at E3 1997, but was likely never finished as EA who did the console version ended Saturn support in late 1997 and this released in 1998. It holds up very well against the PC port and even included a two player mode, and allows you to increase the game speed. Plays on a PS2 and 3, but the latter did have some sound skipping with the PAL version. If you don't have a PC or a GOG account this isn't a bad alternative. Alas the expansion isn't included, but that expected as it wasn't made by Blizzard.
  2. The Gamecube DX version added in some extra content and made a huge number of changes the Xbox 360 and PC version are based on this version. You could unlock Metal Sonic if did everything in this version. Cutting room floor details all the changes from the DC version here: https://tcrf.net/Sonic_Adventure_DX:_Director's_Cut_(GameCube)/Changes_from_the_Dreamcast_Version Not a fan of SA myself and I think the game has dated very badly, but certainly in your case I think it would be best to go with the PC version and fan mod it if need. Not got the PC version so not really sure what the problems are with it. Here the Dreamcast version in action if you want a trip down memory lane.
  3. Riven

    The Indie Game Thread

    Quick video from PIG EAT BALL another Indie game from Mommy's Best Games who did Shoot 1up, Explosionade and quite a few other titles. This is the latest title and is best summed up as a reworking of PAC-Man. Also just saw that The Messenger arrives on PlayStation 4 next week, which is the platform I've been waiting for it to come out on.
  4. Riven

    Your retro youtube videos

    So is the Xbox 360 retro yet? Not sure, but seeing as Fusion Genesis was made by a team of ex-Rare staff and was released in 2011. I think it's well worth a mention here, I think it's best described as Elite meets Asteroids and it's very good, not perfect, it feels a little rushed, partly due to the size of the game. It puts plenty of full prices games to shame in length if you want to 100% it. Certainly has that Rare feel once you spend a few hours with the game, looks and sounds great too music is sublime.
  5. Yeah, I've got the whole series and the western releases are a mixed bag with only 1,3 & 4 getting a English version. There was also some censorship with the USN United States of the New Continent getting their name changed to Unified Continental States (UCS) for some English versions. I think the whole series is great apart from Evolved, certainly if you haven't play Front Mission 2089 Border of Madness on Nintendo DS worth a play is was the the two mobile games merged into one, but they did cut a lot of the content from the second mobile game for it. Front Mission Alternative was also an interesting spin off that I enjoyed. Best chance of any re-release is a PlayStation collection, but yeah I can't see Square Enix translating the older games. They didn't bother with the Japanese Switch Mana collection, which was a huge shame.
  6. Riven

    The Indie Game Thread

    Well it's a great idea, but as Dudley said, the human race is known for silliness. I suspect if you drew 100 images, let say cute cartoon animals, you would get a fair few obscene images back in return. One game that survived the XBLIG shutdown was Explosionade and it's now on Steam, think Bubble Bobble meets Contra and you have a good idea of what it is about. Picked it up recently and it's a enjoyable game:
  7. From what I've seen there is very little mech action in-game, most of it looks like a MGS clone: There's some mech action, in a few places, sadly it looks like another flop in the Front Mission series after the awful evolved , why don't they do another tactical RPG and actually release it in the west. I would just be happy to see a European release of the original 5 games! We only ever got 3 in PAL. Note to Square Enix, you can't build a franchise if you don't release the game in the series.
  8. Riven

    Sega Saturn for Beginners

    Yeah, I picked up, one of there retro game collection a little while back on SNES, and while the rushing beats series is awesome. The quality of the packaging was far from idea. They claim these pads are original quality, but I just can't see that not at $19.99 you would expect more around the $35 for matching quality. Unless the price of the original components are now dirt cheap and Sega still had the official moulds lying around. Official site is here: http://retro-bit.com/sega-collaboration Seems the versions that work on original console are different to the ones that work on PC, shouldn't they have combined them for a dual design to work on both?
  9. Riven

    Your retro youtube videos

    All this talk of the Street Fighter Alpha series in the Saturn thread made me pop the PS2 collection on.
  10. Riven

    The Saturn Appreciation Thread

    Doesn't really go into the collision issues at all with all the different versions, but does show all the animation issues off perfectly. Wouldn't worry about the Saturn version it got a port on the PS2 along side its sequel as Simple 2000 Series Vol. 37: The Shooting: Double Shienryu, also got a PAL release as Steel Dragon EX, but the PAL release was 50Hz only. Battle Garegga also now falls in the its awesome, but you can get it on PS4 now, so not a Saturn exclusive anymore. If you want a gem of 3D fighting game on Saturn then Zero Divide The Final Conflict is great, much better than the two PS1 games I felt.
  11. Riven

    The Saturn Appreciation Thread

    Seems to be around the £120 mark at present ebay is always the extreme high end and you have a lot of jokers pushing up the price. Both the PS1 and Dreamcast, ports altered the hit detection badly, even worse then the arcade release of SFA3 which had issues. The Saturn port used the arcade engine with extra fixes, but only had the PS1 modes, it lacked the Dreamcast extra modes. However on release it had the most animation even more than the DC version according to some sources, the Saturn port was cancelled, but there was such an out cry by Sega fans it got one, but only after the Dreamcast port. Certainly the Sega Saturn pads are by far the best joypad to play it on. These days it is over taken by the PSP release which had additional character not found in any other version and the PS2 Street Fighter Alpha Anthology which also included a perfect port of the arcade release of upper and tons of extras modes to boot. Make the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection look like the utter garbage it is.
  12. Riven

    Your retro youtube videos

    Couple of newish video on the Star Fox series, had to redo a couple due to Nintendo policy change. So up graded them to 4K in the process, not that SNES games need 4K videos, but it future-proof the videos for a number of years. Here's me playthrough and discussing Star Fox 1 & 2
  13. Riven

    Dave Perry is back...

    Actually watching that video from 15:00 he talks about the bandana and how he ended up wearing it mainly as a branding thing. Really good watch and interview, having seen that I realised he's playing a bit of a character on his YouTube channel. Which I don't think works that well, as he comes across as a very different person in this interview to the persona on the his YT channel. Really I think he would do far better if his videos where about games old and new and perhaps interviewing a few of the people who were on Games Master.
  14. Riven

    The Saturn Appreciation Thread

    It's only the first revision of OutRun that doesn't work the reprint version works fine, Satakore list the CD Matrix number you need to look out for: https://www.satakore.com/sega-saturn-game,,GS-9110,,OutRun-JPN.html Same goes for the Japanese release of Space Harrier: https://www.satakore.com/sega-saturn-game,,GS-9108,,Space-Harrier-JPN.html Avoid and I mean avoid the western release of these games in the form of Sega Ages Vol 1, Sega of Europe butchered all three games included in that release. Saturn blows the Dreamcast library of games out of the water in most areas, so many great games to buy. One must have for Saturn Virtua Cop: And one to avoid on system:
  15. Oddly enough, I've been updating it today, updates haven't gone live, but I found out Capcom did adjust the opening intro timing to some of their fighting games in PAL, Street Fighter Alpha 1,2 and Collection along with Darkstalkers and Marvel Super Heroes. This is all due to the fact the music for the intro was converted to real time CD audio tracks for the Saturn version. When forced into 60Hz the music in the PAL intro goes out of Sync, but in most of these games it's hard to notice, unless you are watching the arcade / NTSC version side by side. They didn't adjust X-Men COTA, but because of that the intro music is in fact incorrect in the PAL version at 50Hz and finishes before the intro. It only runs correct at 60Hz. That and Crimewave, both have the dubious honour of the PAL version not running correctly at 50Hz and both only work correctly at 60Hz. In Crimewave case the game doesn't play the in-game music at 50Hz which is a pretty major bug. Still in the Japanese version of Crimewave added in Analogue Pad Support, so the NTSC/J version is worth picking up over the PAL version anyway.

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