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  1. Ok, two smaller videos up this week one for the lynx version of Shadow of the Beast and the other for the rather obscure release of Breakthru! on Sega Saturn.
  2. Wouldn't always say twlight releases always have the best graphics as the best teams tend to be the first to move away from a platform. Saturn 3D: Panzer Dragoon Saga/Azel / Athlete Kings 2D: NANATSU KAZE NO SHIMA MONOGATARI SNES: 2D: Star Ocean / Far East of Eden Zero / Seiken Densetsu 3 Mode 7: Super Strike Eagle Super FX: DOOM / Star Fox 2 Mega Drive: 2D: Comic Zone, Ristar, Sonic & Knuckles, Alien Soldier Intro: Sonic 3D (For that intro alone) Cool Effects: REd Zone
  3. Seems we do think alike as yeah for the NEOGEO it is a technical masterpiece and back when I first played it the amount of content in the game is staggering.
  4. Must admit I have a love, hate relationship with Metal Slug it's the last of the true Slug games. It's also overly long and boring in places the routes are a mixed bags and many enemies like giant crabs go against the feel of the series and the first game. What I hate about it is the fact that it can be 1CC without dying, despite being a mess compared to the design of the first two game. I know it can be 1CC as I've done it myself and got the 360 achievement to prove it. It's still a MS game and a decent one despite the many flaws. The first game still remains the best in my view.
  5. Got me thinking I should do one for 25 Saturn games, seeing as its also turned 25. Well you made me buy World Scariest Police Chases, which is one game not on my shopping list until now. The Runabout series had no luck, the first game got renamed in PAL, but the second one was named Runabout 2, the Dreamcast one was superb how ever. The 3DS game was also renamed to Crash City Mayhem, poor Climax no wonder the series didn't sell all that well in the west. Few I hadn't seen before, but I wasn't a big PS1 fan during it's heyday. Quick look at Gates of Zendocon on the Atari Lynx today, best shmup on the system, 20 minutes of gameplay, but I should do a full playthrough at somepoint, really good game on the Lynx. Has it's flaws yes, but a huge game with a lot of depth. Found an old school tip page to it, that details all the routes through the game and the mechanics: https://amigan.1emu.net/kolsen/tips/GAT.html
  6. Only a fool wouldn't replace rusting staples, but I saw in my research to find anything on the topic, that in the world of comic book collecting it's a bit of a contentious issue. Despite the fact that the rust would stain the pages of the comic. Talk on it in the comic book world here: https://www.cgccomics.com/boards/topic/395064-rusty-staples/ That said it's easy to replace the staples and even to reuse the original holes if you do it right, you just need to clear any trace of rust first. Only gaming related thread I could find on the subject so far was this one: http://www.sega-16.com/forum/showthread.php?31586-Anyone-open-sealed-Genesis-games So far none of the staples in my original games I bought in the 90s have ever rusted, that's not to say they will over time and with age. I keep all my games in the house and not in a loft or cellar.
  7. OK here's something really worrying we've noticed at Randomised Gaming with sealed Atari Lynx titles. Now Lynx games are mainly very cheap to buy so picking up sealed ones at under £20 is very easy, it's just the hardware that's the expensive part to buy. Now Dragoon one of the RG team, picked up the Lynx and a number of titles for it, so far four of those have been sealed, he's had over 10 none sealed games and the ones with a book manual none of them have had rusted staples. However, all four of the sealed games have had some form of corrosion or rust on the manual staples once opened, sometimes this has also stained the box and manual with a brown mark around where the staples were. In one case the staples fell apart as soon as the manual was taken out of the box and the box had a have strong smell of mould along side it. While it's a quick fix to remove the staples, clean the box and manual and you can then replaced the staples with ideally galvanise staples. May well be the case Atari used cheap non-galvanise staples in the first place. Jump to the (01:50) market in the video where I show video of the box itself. However, since posting the video, I had reports of it affecting sealed Sega Genesis title and Sega CD. (USA name as I've only had reports of North American copes with this problem so far.). All of which used a vacuum type seal that totally encases the game. Nintendo used a glue seal where the edges of the seal are stuck down, which had it's own trouble of fusing with the box over time. Now I'm not a fan of keeping games sealed and it's been some years since I had a sealed Nintendo title from the NES or SNES era. Now likely the conditional the games have been stored in is one factor, but none of these games had any sign of anything like water damage and once open aside from the staples they were mint, mint and untouched. Sealed also included the shop hang tag, so seems unlikely any were resealed and all from different sellers based in the UK. Certainly this is a worrying trend, for anyone who doesn't open their games and also a case of buyer beware. As we pick up more Lynx titles, I'll let you know if we continue to see the issue. If you've seen this in any old 90s video game after opening please let me know.
  8. One for bullet hell fans this week, if your a fan of games like Furi this will be right up your street. This is Profane a new boss rush shooter from OverPowered Team who are based in Madrid and published by Alternative Software. I got provided a copy to look at as I had previous looked at the Skool Daze remake on steam. This is a top quality title I can freely recommend if you like Boss rush shooter from the bullet hell school. Nine bosses, but lots of modes once you finish story you unlock arena mode, there are challenges and the concept of the game is around time. Out now on steam to buy.
  9. Yeah been looking at some of the screen mods as well they make the games look fantastic. This week some retro gameplay from Command & Conquer Red Alert, with the remaster due next year, it's always great to play a classic like this, which has stood the test of time.
  10. Been playing Atari Lynx title, I've been impress with how good they and play, it's just a shame we got the model 1 version so it's a bit unwieldy, I finished Hydra on it, which is a decent arcade port. Also playing Switchblade II which is really well done on the system as a handheld game.
  11. So last week, we jumped on the Atari Lynx band wagon picking up a unit, the second one we bought, picked up one many years ago, but the unit had a failed screen, so took it back. Really impressed with the power of the system and the first game we got with it was Blue Lightning a arcade title like After Burner. Plays, looks and controls very well and for a 1989 title it, blows just about every home port of After Burner out of the water as a game. Just a pity there isn't much music on this one.
  12. If you like that check out it's sequel Ghoul Patrol and semi sequel Herc's Adventure (the latter I'm still trying to track down a USA Saturn copy of) the PS1 version is cheaper and got a PAL release, but will set you back £40+ Right this week we start with a look at Yoshi Cookie on SNES and as this is a Nintendo game, I've got to talk about it:
  13. With Halloween tomorrow, I felt it only fair to cover at least something spooky and went with the classic LucasArts comedy take on the horror genre with Zombies Ate My Neighbors or just Zombies as it was known here in the UK. First ten stages including the Day of the Tentacle bonus stage. Now if we could just get a modern re-release of it.
  14. Now on Switch I should add for Reventure: https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/reventure-switch/ One title due out next year is Dandy Ace, developers asked if we wanted to look at it and we said yes. It's a isometric run and gun shooter style game mixed in with a rogue dungeon and I've been really impressed with this early build and one to watch out for next years. Might be a touch repetitive for some, but I really enjoyed it. Developers are Mad Mimic: https://www.madmimic.com/
  15. If retropie support and run the latest version of ScummVM then yes, but don't use a retropie myself. Capturing from old consoles isn't cheap as if you want the best quality you need RGB cables and something like a Open Source Scan Convertor or Framemiester. There are cheaper scalers on the market, but you will lose video quality. That said our old RGB scaler was around £30 and allowed you to capture decent footage, even if it did add a interpolation effect to everything. An umodded N64 will require a S-Video upscaler, the original Elgato Game Capture HD did retro consoles, but that has since been discounted and you had to buy an extra adapter as well.
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