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  1. Riven


    Neither was I, it's a fairly decent shooter not that long, but very good looking as well for 1993. Keen to see more mid 1990s games from the arcade archive.
  2. Took a look at the SEGA Saturn version of Mighty Hits over the weekend, also had a soft spot for this light gun title, that used the Point Blank mini-game format. Just as a head up there is flashing in this video. If you are a fan of the genre then worth tracking down the Saturn or PS1 version, needs the light guns to get the most out of it, but Saturn version does support the Mouse.
  3. Hope everyone, had a great Christmas break and New Year, just finished my holiday myself. Gonna be covering a lot of SEGA Saturn content this year! Starting with a gameplay sample from rather interesting title Crimewave which was a Saturn exclusive. Also did a playthrough on Dreamcast Street Fighter III 3rd Strike a little while ago and released it in December. Need some practice on the game, but a solid enough run for now.
  4. Actually played Elite for the first time ever on the weekend, despite being a child of the 80s I just never played it, even when I had an Amiga. Tried out the very impressive NES version, it's very unforgiving at the start but a lot of fun. So many games have borrowed elements from it and I can see why in 1984 it was so ground breaking.
  5. If was also released on PC, but that version doesn't run correctly at all on modern hardware. The Dreamcast version had a number of texture hardware upgrades over the PS1 and N64, so is my preferred version to play it on. I streamed it on Dreamcast a few months back and it holds up well, not the longest game mind, but lots to unlock and find in-game. I still really enjoyed it, but I was in the last act of the game after only a few hours streaming. So don't expect 50 hours of gameplay from it. It also got a sequel, which was only the PS1 I recall.
  6. It's the PSP version of the remake of Rondo of blood running under emulation, just missing the 3D remake of Rondo of Blood, which is really rather odd! New translation and video acting and the option to play as Maria. However it adds in a number of new bugs and issues not seen in the original. I posted quite a heavy list of the changes back when it released in this thread. Which include bad audio cutoffs and incorrect colours in-game.
  7. Yes the old BBC computers that where in every primary school going in the 80s, ended up having to play quite a few of those game like Granny's Garden, there was a crime one as well which I can't remember the name of. I do remember figuring out that quite a few of those puzzle games had the wrong answers for some of them. These days there are a few web browser emulators as well for it. It's not a system I really want to revisit I will admit, unless I want to be reminded of school.
  8. So another retro gaming week and this week I tried my skill at Soul Calibur on the Nintendo Gamecube as Link. This was recorded using 480p thanks to SWISS as by default the PAL version didn't support 480p. Link is now the sole character not to be included in the HD re-release on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 for obvious reasons. Finally in 90s retro arcade news Clockwork Aquario the last and unreleased arcade game from Westone has finally been release on modern console. I've posted a in depth post in discussion on how it plays here: https://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?/topic/324762-clockwork-aquario-unreleased-90s-arcade-game-from-westone-sega/#comment-13396909 But if you just want to see it in action here is some gameplay I did and yes welcome back to the 90s:
  9. In 1994 Westone (developer behind the Wonder Boy series) cancelled the last arcade game they ever made, it was called Clockwork Aquario and was set to be published by SEGA using their SEGA System 18 hardware. The game itself started development in 1991 and seems to have had an overly long development period with countless changes along the way. This falls into modern and retro I guess. Nearly 30 years after Westone started work on it Clockwork Aquario has finally released to the public thanks to Untied Games Entertainment (that's ININ Games and Strictly Limited Games) the digital release was yesterday and I've been playing it over the weekend as I was sent a preview copy. It out on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch priced at £15.99, at the minute the PlayStation trophies don't seem to be up yet. This is a unreleased retro game that has finally got a release and on modern formats and it really is a blast from the past. This is a very well made and good looking 2D platform. That is a mix of Rainbow Island, Parasol Stars and the western Super Mario Bros 2 as a platformer, in fact it has a very unique feel to it. The game has three different player characters each playing a little differently, with Huck being the balance character, Elle having the best jump but weakest attack and Gush is the biggest with the best attack but worst jump. The aim is to stun enemies and throw them at each other as you jump around the stages, there's lots of balloons to pop to and you can combo enemies and balloons for huge score bonuses. Each character takes two hits, before losing a life and if you take a hit you can recover health with a red potion that can be dropped from set enemies. Added to that there is a random chance enemies will drop a star power that allows you to go crazy for about 10 seconds, you are unable to take damage during this period and can shoot out stars to attack. 1up ups are rewarded via set score bonuses and by collecting enough of the gems stones enemies drop to fill up the life up meter. The game has one and two player support, however in two player mode you can steal gems by jumping on each other and all grab and throw the other player to damage enemies. So there is a bit of a competitive feel in two player and you can get each other killed if you aren't careful. Two player mode also adds in a balloon popping mini-game at the end of the stage, which is rather fun as the two players battle it out. The music and 2d sprites look great with some of the best art seen on the SEGA System 18 hardware. Downside the game is very short it can be finished in just under 20 minutes. It only has five stages with each have a sub & main boss. With some practice I've already managed to one credit clear it as the game is really well balanced and once you learn how it plays you can quickly find ways to increase your score. This version been down by Ratalika Games and Steve Snake again as with all the other ININ Games stuff. So it has the same type of screen options and the same CRT filter. It appears to be a arcade emulator, feature wise you get a odd mix of modes, which is just the arcade with a set number of credits, beat the game once and you can then play the arcade version in full which also allows you access to the dip switches to change the settings as well as insert credits, making the other modes useless. I would have liked some sort of stage practice / boss mode where you could pick the stage and boss you wanted to practice on, play or fight against. The game also includes a nice gallery and a soundtrack test along with a rather odd remixed OST, which can't be selected in-game so you can't swap the original BGM for the remix, which seems a real oversight.
  10. Riven


    Quite keen to get the Aleste Collection, but seems I'll have to import it as M2 and SEGA clearly aren't going to release it over here... Review for Panorama Cotton & Cotton 100% is up, same emulator as the other ones from Ratalaika Games, only as this is published by ININ Games it's more expensive. I still enjoy it, but it's not perfect, which version version were you playing as the games had two remakes with the original Mega Drive version the later GameBoy Advance version and the more recent 3DS and Steam release. I think I prefer the newer versions to the original these days. Did a playthrough on the GBA version awhile back. I do think it repeats too much in game and the stage inside the enemy base is very cramped.
  11. Riven


    Gynoug came out last week, hot on the heels of Greylancer, Cotton 100% & Panorama Cotton. Three of which I have to look at this week, Panorama Cotton I know they've already patched to fix a missing sprite issue and Cotton 100% currently you can change video displays in it. Still great to see classic Mega Drive and SNES games getting a modern release and one outside of Japan in many of those cases.
  12. Couple of longplays this week on YouTube with one credit clear videos of the PlayStation 4 Arcade Archives version of Puzzle Bobble and the Dreamcast version of Marvel Vs. Capcom. Plus some Gamecube streams on Twitch with Battalion Wars, XIII and Zelda Twilight Princess: https://www.twitch.tv/randomised_gaming
  13. Went with another Halloween themed video at the start of the week, this was something I quickly, put together over the weekend. took a bit longer to export than I expect so didn't release until the 1st of November, but it's an all boss run of both the Arcade and SEGA Saturn versions of The House of the Dead! At the end of the video we also have a split screen comparison between the two. Which shows how rush it was, things like the moon texture being the wrong way around and lots of missing elements, that should have been in the SEGA Saturn version.
  14. Riven


    Yes very, sadly I suspect the price of the Saturn one will shoot up further these days, as it included an arranged mode with an extra level at the end with a huge new final boss on top of the arcade version. As ImmaculateClump said it's a well balanced game that isn't to hard to 1CC at all here's my run from awhile back. It's a shame that the game isn't in the new M2 collection, trouble is it was finished by Takumi, after Toaplan went bust. So I'm not sure if M2 have the rights to reissue it, Naxat Soft did the Saturn version as well with the added content so they may have rights to the new content. Saturn and Arcade versions need a re-release. Here's a video I did some time ago of a 1CC of the arranged mode which has a 4:3 picture. Here's the arcade mode from the Saturn it does Take and Yoko, but only in the arcade version, you can't play the Arrange mode in Tate.
  15. Doubt the official one is that common as most people were upgrading to HDMI at the time. I got one as at the time in my flat I only had an old CRT when I first got my Xbox 360, but everyone else I knew used component or HDMI by about 2007/8. Fortunately unlike the PS3 the 360 has a hardware option for 60Hz on all games. the PS3 which was based on the game settings and so is the last major console that wouldn't do 60Hz on some game. (That not including bad digital re-releases on Switch & PlayStation 4) Lots of cheap 3rd party ones, but the quality will be very hit and miss as always.
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