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  1. A track from a lesser known SNES RPG, Solid Runner from 1997. Rif's Garage - Solid Runner Mission Results screen music is ace, but the loops on Youtube are too short for it:
  2. Guess I need to explain my point better so gave it a quick edit.
  3. In the arcade's Daytona USA was hands down the better game and has aged far better than Ridge Racer. Better track design and just more cars on the track, that said Ridge Racer is a more realistic racing game in terms of track design compared to Daytona USA. When it comes to the home ports Ridge Racer is without a doubt the better port on PS1 and it's easy when you compare the two to see, why so many gamers choose the PS1 over Saturn at the start. Is it the better game? I'm not sure, but it's the better home port by a clear mile. PAL Daytona USA is a mess as is as is the rushed PAL Daytona USA CE. Which is just messing so much content and graphics from the Japanese and North America Netlink edition. As for PAL Ridge Racer, well having researched it recently I now know Namco did optimise elements of their PAL PS1 games.... so you've been warned. Needs more research, but I know for a fact the fight timer in Tekken 3 is broken in PAL.
  4. Hi fellow rllmuk member, I've run this by the committee, before posting. As some of you may be aware I started live streaming on YT in the evenings this year. Today and next week will have me streaming Mortal Kombat 11 over Google Stadia using Crowd Play. Crowd Play is a feature that allows other Stadia users who own MK11 to battle the streamer they are watching on YouTube. So I'm hoping to get as many people joining me as I can today and next week to watch and even battle me. I also have a select number of codes for Mortal Kombat 11 on Stadia to give away during the stream. Note it goes without saying you will need to be 18 years of age or older to watch the stream and to be able to win a code. First stream will go live today at 4pm here on the Randomised Gaming channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/RandomisedGamingYouTube I'll also give away a few Stadia MK11 code via MK quiz questions here on rllmuk over the weekend and if you do win one would be great if you could jump into one of our Stadia streams next week to battle me. I'll likely do at least one stream at around 9:30pm as I know many people work during the day. So I hope to see a few of you on stream if you can make it. Quick note for ASA rules, I need to say that Stadia has provided me with the codes for MK11.
  5. After covering the SNES version of Killer Instinct on the Stream last week, decided to do a playthrough of the arcade version. It's a shame it took to the Xbox One to get a home release of the Arcade version. I always felt the SNES port looked somewhat rushed and could have been closer, if it had used some of the special chip sets on the SNES. Still certainly was my favourite mid 90s arcade vs fighter at the time.
  6. Retro wise I've been playing the SNES RPG Solid Runner on Super Nintendo. Rather interest cyberpunk mech themed game that never left Japan. Battles are far to frequent, but the art and settings are great it's a very run down world and for a 1997 game looks very impressive. Also finished Holy Diver on NES the other week fun, but rather hard game.
  7. Same findings here when I reviewed a Kaico HDMI adapter (Disclaimer I was sent one to review), but I also found it to be a touch sharper than the Wii's 480p output via official component cables. Combined with SWISS which just a dream program the fact it can force PAL and NTSC games into 480p is a dream come true. You can see the comparison at 31:55, I did Mario Tennis and Pikmin 2. Makes GBA games on the player look wonderful as well. If you are looking at getting a HDMI adapter for Gamecube, I would suggest you look at getting the hardware to use SWISS to force most games into 480p it also allows PAL forcing to 576p for PAL titles that don't run correctly at 480p. But it does require the final Action Replay version, a Gamecube SD memory card and a SD card also. Which will set you back around £40 on top of the HDMI adapter if you plan on using SWISS.
  8. Mine still good but it's a PSP 3000 and I play it fairly often, can they be played with no battery inside via AC adaptor? Or is it a no, no. There's quite a few download only games on the PSN store still worth picking up.
  9. My PAL N64 is from 1998 and I used the same s-video cable as my NTSC N64 unit, both support it. Make sure your TV has a proper S-Video port as Swainy said. Lots of generic cables on Amazon for sale. You can get S-Video to scart converters, but avoid them like the plague as they require your TV has a scart port wired for S-Video and almost no TVs in the UK had this. If you try to do this you'll get a black and white picture at best via a normal composite or RGB wired scart port.
  10. Right been on holiday and been coving none retro games so haven't posted recently, but last night's video was a playthrough on Battletoads on the Super Game Boy 2 on SNES. Last week in fact was all Game Boy titles. Also did a stream video on the Super Game Boy 2, looking at a selection of games that supported the Super Game Boy and how the SGB2 improves over the SGB. Jump to 4:30 for the stream official start. Every Friday night the team battles it out and this week we did Battle Arena Toshinden one of a select number of titles that allows two players on the same cartridge via SNES controllers when using the SGB. It actually plays better than all the 3D games in the series if I'm being some harsh on them. Great fun on the Game Boy mind.
  11. KISS certainly had a hints and tips line for all the point and click games they released on Amiga. Don't remember those phone games in mags, I must admit. Guessing they would be just like the adventure books where you had to turn to a set page. That said they would be before dial tone phones, back when you still had rotary dial phones. So doubt you would be told to press 1,2,3 etc..
  12. Kudos for getting this running again, always good to see this type of restoration work.
  13. So did a longplay on Astra Superstars on Saturn over the weekend great game and thanks again to IMP from rllmuk for translating the end message from rouge. Sadly wasn't anything to do with hidden extras as I'd hoped. Still this is the heat up ending for lettuce each character has two ending which isn't widely documented at all. Played with the 4MB for fastest loading times. Also yesterday's live stream was on the original Crash Bandicoot, which I have rarely played before, this is in fact the furthest I ever played into. Also kudos to Naughty Dog for actually correcting the speed in PAL and taking advantage of 576i, there's a great comparison video on YouTube of it.
  14. So latest video is a look at the PS1 of Lemmings & Oh No! More Lemmings, what more this is the PAL version being forced into 60Hz and it does actually work correctly. it's one of the many part PAL adjusted optimised game on PS1. Where the screen is using 576i, but as most of it is bordered you can't tell the cut off, speed wise it looks to be unadjusted. Rare console port of Oh No! More Lemmings even if it is missing the new music tracks for Oh No! Secondly one of the live streams from the week with a look at Rampage World Tour on Sega Saturn, this video at the start I played the five secret levels, which aren't at all well recorded. Can't even find out how you get to them on the console versions naturally, had to use the level select. May have to get in touch with the developers to find out. This site only lists how you access four of them on the arcade: https://strategywiki.org/wiki/Rampage:_World_Tour/Secret_cheats
  15. Yes it's a really good game, haven't read the comics books are they good? Seen a lot of praise for them. I think it got stuck in legal hell after Acclaim went bust, only the PS2 version got released. One of my work buddies in the industry had a digital version of an unreleased Xbox 360 port. It also had an unreleased Xbox version as well. Which version did you have to review? Don't think the other versions have sadly surfaced to date. Yesterday's stream where we took a look at the rather underrated Darklight Conflict fom Rage, this was the PS1 version.
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