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  1. You seem to be one of the few voices of reasons here, who hasn't jumped the gun. I'm not a lawyer myself, but I did study law and have a rough understanding of how it work. YouTube itself has to rely on the grey areas of the law, else otherwise no one could make video game videos, outside of the developers and publishers. The fair dealing laws are here: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/exceptions-to-copyright That said doing some research does raise some issues on both sides. Making and selling cuddly toys of any copyrighted character with out the copyright owners consent is against the law, it is not covered under fair dealing. The first problem is people saying he doesn't own the copyright, well that needs research to confirm who is the legal copyright holder. It maybe the case subversive is now the owner. If they aren't then it becomes a matter of fraud. Some of the trademarks he is requesting do raise some eye brows as well, he seems to be trying to trademark any 80s or 90s UK home computer. https://trademarks.ipo.gov.uk/ipo-tmowner/page/search?id=1289048&domain=1&app=0&mark=UK00003341497 This is the odd part of the statement to make, the minute you request videos to be removed, then the channel owner gets a copyright strike. YouTube only issues strikes on his take down requests or that of his company. There are tons of Horace videos still up, so these are targeted take downs. Parody is covered, so while having a video that includes a copyrighted character can be trick it is possible. Trust me when I say if you search Mickey Mouse Parody, you get some really dark content in places, that Disney might not like, but is protected under law. Ultimately fair dealing can only be decided in the courts. In this case I'm a bit open minded I think there is more going on than explained and one those involved need to sort out between them.
  2. Yeah it was indeed Joe I worked with, way back in 2010, we never directly met in person, time flies these days I must admit it seems like yesterday, but it is now 9 years later. Really interesting back story of the port, Sega of Japan don't come across at all well, as really if they had any doubts they should have had AM2 staff help in the development. Great to see you proved them very wrong as well, with such a great port. The end result was a superb port by Sumo, I think Outrun was the last major Sega game to have big region changes after that it got standardise a lot more. So you don't really see that happening now as you mentioned, but from a consumer point of view it never looks good. I covered some of the many game region changes on Randomised Gaming's blog for the Sega Saturn as I'm a avid Saturn collector and to this day it's just really annoying you have to import the better version of so many games. I'm not surprised OutRun Online Arcade didn't sell well sadly, it was the best port to date and kudos on it, but it was diminishing returns. Oddly enough for an arcade title a lot of people I know at the time felt the price was too expensive for a version of the game that didn't included much content, it launched at 800p as I recall. Many, I think just stuck with the previous versions of OutRun 2 as they were only a few years old and Outrun 2006 Coast 2 worked on 360 and was a cheap purchase in the second hand market. That DLC plan might have worked if it the game was was sold at 400 point, but I think for 800 points people wanted both Outrun 2 and SP tracks. Might have got away with selling the Daytona 2 and Scud Race tracks as DLC, as the fans would have lapped them up. Plus you could have done tracks on other classic racers like Sega Rally and Touring Car. I would pay good money for a full collection so if you ever get a chance to make it happen, I would be over the moon. There is so many remixes an versions of the different soundtracks these days it would be nice to have a version of the game where you can just pick the ones you want and drive. I'd quite like the outrun 2 OST in the original game. I held off buying the Xbox 360 until it went on sale as I remember, a lot of people do regret not picking it up now, as it got delisted within a few years. In case any readers out there haven't seen the 360 version in action here is what it looks like in 4K and yes it's still stunning.
  3. If this can connect to a LCD TV or capture unit, then might have a look if not, I think I'll stick to original hardware in this case.
  4. Went with a Sega Saturn classic this week as we hit the 2000 subscribers mark, Panzer Dragoon the original on Sega Saturn, here are full longplay using an OSSC an upscaled to 4K for the best YouTube video playback, still looks stunning even now 20+ years later. Secondly, not true retro instead it's a new game on a retro system in this case The Mega Drive, this is the 2020 game Phantom Gear, early WIP version, but it's a demo and you can download it yourself if you want a look:
  5. So the best cheap option would be to get a official PS2 component lead, then get a decent component upscaler to HDMI, I got a solid one off Amazon a few year back, but that model is no longer available. The best option now would be a Open Source Scan Converter, but these aren't cheap with the cheapest official vendor Kaico International at £150 on Amazon. Still for me and for Randomised Gaming it was money well spend, you have to configure it a bit with the PS2. As the OSSC doesn't get interpolated video right, progressive is flawless however. Of course if you don't want to spend quite a bit of cash on it this is not a good option. Example videos using it: PlayStation 2: DecAthlete collection Overboard PlayStation 1 played on PS2:
  6. That's interesting, so Sumo did the Japanese versions also, the trouble with doing it that way that is it makes Sega looks unprofessional. It's a common issue in the past on the 32bit systems. As you end up with lots of different skews of the same games, some vastly better than others as was the case with Daytona CE on Saturn as well. So you end up now in a case where the NTSC/U and PAL versions are largely ignored in favour of the Japanese version. Which have since rocketed in price in the case of Outrun. I take it you are from Sumo? I actually worked with the studio on the PSP version of Split Second and they did a great job of the port, considering the system's limitations, compared to the 360 & PS3 hardware. Also still owe the Sumo producer on it a beer for helping me get my next job. The trouble with the Xbox 360 port was it was very bare bones compared to coast to coast (I'm guessing Microsoft XBLA size limits at the time.). What I'd love to see now is a modern port with all the content and more from the final Japanese release of the game. We could really do with a full Outrun collection of the whole series as quite a few titles in the series never got a decent home port, Outrunners for one. Only a modded Xbox original can get around that issue, with a program to adjust or turn off the fliter, but the filter is terrible, I was trying out the system with the Open Source San Converter the other week, but most games just looks gash as if the screen is smeared with grease.
  7. So on some great channel news we have now reached 2000 subscribers, didn't know if we would get this far, but over the moon: Our first video since this milestone is a look at the North American only Dreamcast release of the Atari Anniversary release, it did get a PAL PS and PC release. Decent collection with some iconic games, Asteroids, Tempest, Warlords, Missile Command and Pong.
  8. Yeah the Xbox 360 version does look way better due to the HDMI and 1080p support, that said there are quite a few different releases of Outrun 2 on Xbox and PS2, not least because AM2 did some of the Japanese ports and Sumo Digital did the western versions. Most of the earlier version don't have proper 16:9, looking at Outrun 2006 on Xbox the games supports widescreen, but the hud elements don't giving it a strange miss match.
  9. OK so a look and mini review I suppose of the unreleased Propeller Arena: Aviation Battle Championship on Sega Dreamcast, which was leaked onto the net some years ago. Not AM2, best game, arcade fans will enjoy it, but there were better games in the genre released on the system.
  10. Nice never actually seen the SSF2T port on the Amiga in action, but heard about how bad it was, the original port was one we all love to hate, I played it to death in 1992 and to my young eyes at the time it felt like the arcade at home. These days I know what a mess is it with exclusive moves, A.I. only moves and the frame rate terrible port and one Capcom later came to regret due to their lack of involvement. In Christmas 1992 I suspect many people had a copy of the Amiga version under the xmas tree. Short video now with a look Pinball Kingdom: Fantastic Pinball on Sega Saturn, not the biggest game ever made, but fun while it lasts.
  11. Having played the rather poor emulated Street Fighter 30th Anniversary last week, I decided to take a look at what I think is the best port of the original Street Fighter II The World Warrior which is on Sega Saturn. Puts the 30th version to shame, no sound lag, added slowdown and other unneeded changes.
  12. Got 30 minutes of none stop Virtua Fighter 2 action today, needed the footage for another project, but wanted to see how the OSSC, handles the Sega Saturn over 480i.
  13. Going for a obscure Saturn port today with a playthrough of Whizz (first full recording I can find on Youtube) it's got some nice ideas, but it is very average. A few changes here and there would have greatly improved it as the platforming itself is solid. It's just the timer is unforgiving and takes out a lot of the fun. One game that looks great on the OSSC.
  14. Another gem of a PSP game that is only 10 years old, the third game in the LocoRoco series was a download only title that released with the PSP Go (In Japan). The fact download titles weren't standard for at this point meant it disappeared off the map for most people. Certainly worth it if you like it, you can get it for £4.99 in a bundle still on the store.
  15. Picked up the PSP version recently the homestead music is always so nice to listen to: Game: Phantom Brave Track: My Little Garden
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