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  1. Glad to see the SNES versions of Lost Vikings 2 and RPM Racing have been added it was a real oversight they were missing, but that's the new Digital Eclipse for you who made this port. I will say the Rock N Roll Racing Definitive Edition is great and worth the price of admission on it's own. Calling it an arcade collection was a really odd naming choice, console collection would have been better. I suspect the Lost Vikings 2, PS1/Saturn versions won't appear due to Blizzard not doing them and the voice cast used. It's would have been nice if the original Diablo had made it into thi
  2. I had heard there was a problem with the patching server earlier this year and Sony have been slow to fix it. I also suspect people getting the download errors 80029721 and 80029509 maybe unable to connect to the patch server as those errors are acting as if their accounts have been unlinked from their PS3. One of our team still has the issue and he will try the 2FA suggested fix, but right now he can't download the game he purchased on the weekend it's also locked him out of his PSN Plus themes as well. He also can't deactivate or reactive the account on the PS3 either it just errors all the
  3. As long as it's in your download list you should be able to download it in the future. Word of warning there seems to be an issues with newer PSN accounts (Maybe ones with PSN Plus) downloading games due to 2FA, one member of our team is unable to download new games they just bought this week. Here's a possible fix for this issue, but SONY need to fix this ASAP as this is a breach of the sales of goods acts here in the UK. In short the issue is the download manager throw up and error message for the Pupperteer. Push Square have covered it also: https://www.pushsquare.co
  4. You can download Vita or PSP content to your PlayStation 3 and it will appear as a bubble icon, that you can copy to a PSVita or PSP later, you need to be contented to the network to copy it across however. Reminder that the best looking version of Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection Online is on PlayStation 3 and it's the only version you can unlock Jinpachi it has offline and online modes. They bonus gallery has some download artwork that I unlocked early in the year, but that may become unobtainable at somepoint. Here's it in action. Word of warning there ar
  5. Good thing you mentioned that I just discovered the Vita version also got a PlayStation 3 release in Europe and North America, but digital only! https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/ps3/606323-hot-shots-golf-world-invitational/images So I'll be grabbing that if it's still available seems it has a few upgrades over the Vita version also, in Europe it was just called Everybody's Golf. When it should have been named Everybody's Golf 6. On the PSP digital only in Europe front, Lunar: Silver Star Harmony, never got a retail release over here and is getting rather
  6. Had been expecting this since they removed the web store late last years, but wasn't expecting them to close all three stores so soon, official post here from Sony on what's going: https://www.playstation.com/en-gb/support/important-notice/ There is a great website called delisted games that details just about everything pulled: https://delistedgames.com/ What the real madness is, that's games are still being released on the PSVita and Sony have only just said they will no longer cert Vita games in July. What this means is there will be games that will be available on t
  7. Posted in a few other threads before, but I'm the editor of Randomised Gaming, which is a blog and YouTube video channel at present this year I'm also streaming Monday, Tuesday and Thursday this year at 21:30 GMT. (Taking this Easter week off however, to work on other videos) There is a retro gaming content creator thread here as well on rllmuk: This is our channel trailer and we pretty much coverage games from all generations: We've got tons of videos on the channel these days, and we do a mix of videos and live streams here's the most rec
  8. It was done by Capcom and I've wondering if Nintendo and Capcom had a punch up during development over the game and wrapped it up early. The Resident Evil deal at the time and how Capcom got around it left Nintendo very bitter. They've never directly worked together again as far as I can remember. The Mole Mitts were directly borrowed from Shining Wisdom on SEGA Saturn known as the Mole Claw in it. To be fair it's a clone of Zelda so the game has a lot of Zelda's gameplay in it, nice to know some of the Capcom's developers played it.
  9. So the other week i did a live stream of Sonic 3D Blast on the Mega Drive, which included a full playthrough in the end. After the stream I decided to take a look at the director's cut patch Jon Burton did a few years back to improve the game. The update is very impressive and improves the original game in a number of areas:
  10. Back in 1999/2000, I was given a disc of Kgen 98 with a large chuck on Mega Drive games on it. I likely played most game about 5-10 minutes and dismissed most games including the Streets of Rage series as being a bit rubbish on the system. What was in fact rubbish was the emulator Kgen 98 and likely a large chuck of bad dumps, but back then I didn't realise this. For a couple of years after that I dismissed the Mega Drive as being rubbish compared to SNES. Around 2005 I finally got a real Mega Drive 2 and a couple of games, mainly at the time to play the Shining games. It was like
  11. In case people haven't seen it yet the Satiator is finally out and it will I suspect change the options for people who want to play games on the Saturn from any region on an unmodded Saturn along with homebrew from a digital image. There not cheap at around £200 I understand, but it just plugs into the back of a SEGA Saturn and away you go. You still need the cartridges for RAM and ROM games. First batch has already sold out, but the official site is here: https://www.satiator.net/ There are still a few bugs with a couple of games at present, but looks very promisi
  12. Decided to revisit a Core Design classic with a few stages gameplay from Firestorm Thunderhawk 2 on SEGA Saturn: Did some digging into unreleased content as well with the unfinished Motorbike Stages from Bare Knuckles III / Streets of Rage 3:
  13. Make sure you get yourself a copy of the North American version if you are going to play it. It features a larger number of bug fixes and the third bomb bag upgraded not present in the PAL version as it was released first, before the NTSC/U and NTSC/J cartridges. The cutting room floor has a great write up on all the region changes between the different versions. https://tcrf.net/The_Legend_of_Zelda:_The_Minish_Cap These days I prefer the GameBoy Advance Player or Virtual Console on Wii U (If game is available) to play GBA title, much prefer a bigger TV screen. If
  14. Not a bad selection of games, sure quite a few Japanese visual novels in there, but Cyberbots is awesome, Puzzle Bobble 2 & 3 are great, Winter Heat, Side Pocket 2 and quite quite a few more decent titles, some great RPG like Lunar and Black Matrix. By the way that one with the memory card is Tokimeki Memorial ~Forever With You~ that includes two hidden shooter games on it Twinbee Time Attack and Psyth both well worth unlocking! Here's a video of Psyth, it's not that long, but very addictive has a very complex scoring system for what is a mini-game in a dating simulator from Ko
  15. No, SEGA Rally is your lot, there aren't a huge amount of racers on Saturn once you take away all the SEGA Arcade port. 3rd party wise you have Fomula Karts, Need for Speed, Impact Racing, Andretti Racing, Highway 2000 / Wangan Dead Heat, and a couple of others, best off road game is Hardcore 4x4 which is alright I'd say, not a patch on SEGA Rally mind. Can't remember if Choro Q Park has a rally section or not it's been years since I last played it.
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