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  1. All I want to know is will it make Elden Ring PS5 version seem like it has a smooth framerate?
  2. If that's the case you may be surprised and delighted by Dark Souls 3 it's definitely a game to play if you've enjoyed Elden Ring. Sekiro has an amazing atmosphere too but it's combat system is rather different to Elden Ring and many have found it to be their toughest game. However a lot of those people, including myself struggled possibly because we were so accustomed to the combat in Dark Souls and Bloodborne so perhaps it is a good one to play next. Either way you can't go wrong with Sekiro, Dark Souls 3 or Bloodborne they are all fantastic.
  3. Sekiro is excellent well worth £25, have you played the other soul games? Dark Souls 3 is amazing.
  4. You have group passwords you can set and if someone in the group defeats a shardbearer or becomes elden lord you get a boost to your discovery until you die or for 5 minutes or something. My passwords are: rllmuk reddit potboy straydmn Which are all from subreddits except for rllmuk of course. it means I am nearly always getting a buff to discovery, good for getting drops off of enemies.
  5. I just completely trivialised Alecto, spoilered for those who haven't fought them yet:
  6. Doesn't appear to be no. I had 11 left over on my first character which seems like a lot.
  7. I see, that's what I was thinking, I think you'd be forced offline if you slowed the combat down but I guess you still have spirit summons to help which can actually be better than other players sometimes.
  8. I was thinking about this, the idea I had was if I disparage a message it should stop it appearing in my world again.
  9. That's interesting. Does applying those settings you speak of apply in competitive online modes or does it force the player offline if they have slowed down the game speed?
  10. Oh wow that bug where the boss dies if it has a negative status proc'd at the end of phase 1 it dies immediately at the start of phase 2 is pretty shit! I just deleted the fire giant for someone by making it suffer from rot.
  11. The other way is techinically optional but contains some of the best content in the game.
  12. Well ok maybe shitting on is a bit strong sorry, but my point is you felt the need to criticise the game and used an example by comparing elements of TW3 and RDR2 as evidence of this criticism even though you then later admitted that a comparison of the combat between the 3 games would not be fair because Elden Rings is so good. Do you not see how that comes across as speaking rubbish? It's fair to make a comparison between populated open worlds and elden ring but not the combat system? My posts do sound quite antagonistic I can only put that down to being sunday morning and feeling exhausted. Criticise away but using RDR2 or TW3 as examples of better games is where I feel you are wrong. TW3 did have some good story and writing in the first half but by the middle/end it does nothing new and overstays it's welcome. RDR2 is the most tedious game I have ever played, it looks stunning, the open world is an incredible achievement, but as a game it fails miserably with outdated combat and controls and no player agency in the journey through the game.
  13. But this is exactly what you did when you bought RDR2 and TW3 into the conversation explaining that the world of Elden Ring is not inhabited by npc's everywhere. As always it seems like you're trying to shit on a game because you prefer another, TW3 which you are strangely evangelical about and you've contradicted yourself here because of this bias. As for maps Elden Ring has the best map of any game ever, it's a work of art, I've never studied a map in a game like I have in Elden Ring. Face it, it does so many things way better than TW3 ever did, the game was impressive but quickly became tedious, it wouldn't make any of my 'top' lists as I couldn't even finish it because I was so bored by the end.
  14. The reason I struggled with LtfV was because of the air and how hard he hits and how patient you need to be for the openings, it was my first soulsborne game and actually he’s a bit more like a souls boss so perhaps that’s why, I can kill him fairly easily these days. OoK meanwhile whilst very hard I was consistently getting him to the second stage and my tactic of staying in his face being aggressive just worked better, and yeah using the rally runes and getting back vials for viscerals helped.
  15. She's always healed when hitting anyone even if it's blocked. The bug people were claiming was that she was healing whilst missing her hits but that seems to be a latency based thing that cooperators sometimes see, on the hosts side she is hitting them, on the cooperators side they aren't getting hit due to bad connections so it looks like she is healing for no hits. Yeah she's extremely hard, good luck!
  16. No it was I'd love to hep you kill him one day, he needs to be put down!
  17. I was stuck on one of the DLC bosses for two weeks, I wouldn't want that experience watered down by being too op. Go NG+!
  18. I was going to write something that contributed to the discussion around Blue is the Warmest Colour but I won't because it's an argument with no place in this thread, instead I will just back up Bazjam's recommendation as it is a truly brilliant film and it's available on Netflix. Bull - 3/5 - Gritty low budget British crime flick which i right up my street. However beyond Maskill's intense performance and some nice striking cinematography and some shocking violence the story is weak not even considering the ending. If someone is looking for another gritty British crime flick I would recommend Hyena which is really a good film and available on Prime or to rent for 99p on Apple+. I'm really in the mood for a gritty uk crime flick, any recommendations?
  19. Yeah that all makes sense and we know that from the last episode but I think there's more there to explore, I think that's just the start.
  20. Re: Alecto - use bloodhound step to avoid her* (I think it's a her) bullshit. man I missed a whole hero's grave in my last playthrough at Giant's mountaintop, crazy!
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