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  1. You only have to do ailing loran if I remember rightly to get the materials you need for the next one.
  2. What a load of fucking shit. Very displeased.
  3. I was worried this would be the case, I'm assuming all the graces are reset too so if a buddy asked for your help somewhere you may not have the grace. Definitely start a new character I've had a lot of fun playing the game differently.
  4. Ok, not sure what playbase is like on xbox as PS is very populated but with 12m copies sold I wouldn't have thought that the issue. Perhaps it's level and weapon level, 100 is actually fairly low for that area and you should have a max upgraded weapon, these things are taken into account in the matchmaking, so potentially why you;re not seeing so many as a lot of co-opers may be higher level.
  5. Have you accidentally set a password? Where are you looking for signs, what level are you? I was finding lots of signs right outside his door.
  6. Yasss! Well done dude he is a total fucker! Congrats!
  7. Doesn't help that when his second phase starts it teleports you to the other part of the arena haha!
  8. He's ridiculous in 2nd form I reckon they buffed him, he never flew around as much when I fought him before.
  9. Sorry I've not played with this build for a while, he's well hard!
  10. Put my sign back where it was before dude if cool!
  11. cools signs down just up the steps from the grave by the crucifix summoning thing
  12. Cool if you set password to mini I'll lay my sign by the crucifix thing, might have to leave and resummon after the tree sentinel!
  13. I'm down dude, I have my og blood build ready to go...
  14. I farmed for the halo scythe the other day, you need to do it in caelid in the swamp. If you have the heart of aeonia grace and go directly south there are two halo scythe weilding rot knights, kill them then rest at grace, rinse and repeat, it took me 15 minutes to get 2. There are other rot knights that come out of the swamp itself, they don't have the scythe so ignore them.
  15. Think of the game like a puzzle. If you don't like puzzles you won't like this.
  16. There is an item that is essential for one of the NPC quests there.
  17. There are way too many graces in this, it's a disappointing trend.
  18. I hate those twats so much! Are you on PS? I will happily come and help you do it, I've got lunch from now till 1:30?
  19. In that first video the host dies then gets respawned back in whilst the fight is still taking place by the summon, err no thanks!!
  20. By the time you get to the final areas you really don't need to farm the game throws so many souls at you it's ridiculous. I just tried the vrr on the pS5 version, it's definitely better but it still hiccups here and there and after 300+ hours on the pretty solid ps4 version I'm not swayed to switch by some better lighting. Actually the pop in was worse too.
  21. Thanks I'm going to try the PS5 version later, really interested to see how it performs, this sounds promising.
  22. Yeah it's crazy I wondered how long it would be till I burnt out on it and whilst the very early stages were a bit of a struggle from an interest point of view once my character started coming together around the time of Caria Manor I was loving it and here I am over 100 hours later on the new character mopping up consecrated snowfield! I've loved cooping with people and approaching the game in a different manner and trying to break bosses which I struggled with last time like Alecto. Malenia I hope you're ready! I think I will try a caster next too, it seems there is a lot of options for Int.
  23. Bug fix update out now, think it fixes Malenia's healing during coop and also the bosses dying early if proc'd with a status at end of first phase for 2 phase bosses like Fire Giant.
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