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  1. I'd say the Nokron boss around 80-90 but with help as it's a gank boss and you may have an NPC summon available. Top two I'd say anywhere between 100 and 150. Same for the skinny noble. Thing is you can be level 100 and have a very honed build or level 100 with stats all over the shop so really it's more how well engineered your build is, how this interacts with your weapons or casts and having sufficiently levelled up weapons.
  2. Oh right yes I am haha. Ahh well. I'd say they're useful to have if you want to max a bunch a weapons, different builds etc.. so yeah NG+
  3. And a max smithing stone if you did millicents quest line and helped her. If you need a hand I'm happy to jump on in a bit and help out
  4. I'd say Dark Souls 3 is probably closest in that the levels generally have multiple parts so you can do them in stages, i.e failing one part of the level try another route. But yeah it doesn't have an open world, there wont't be anything like Elden Ring in that regard. You could try a new character with a completely different build or maybe go back and beat those optional bosses?
  5. Minion


    Fucking hell another insane get from Felix, this is really something. And now Djokovic with an insane get, and now it's a deciding breaker. This is really high level, more so than anything I saw in Madrid last week.
  6. Minion


    Whilst I don't disagree he played very late the night before which seems unfair. Man this match between Felix and Novak in Rome is great, just seen one of the best points I'll see all year I reckon, amazing from both players.
  7. It becomes obvious once you beat Maliketh, a hole appears in the capital I guess that's their way of ensuring it's not missed.
  8. That's not the subterranean shunning grounds I don't think. The only well I can remember is in the capital and leads you into the sewers.
  9. It's in the capital and gets you to the subterranean shunning grounds - have you been there as that's not the only way to enter it?
  10. Well they are spies so I guess they know a lot of secrets, where the bodies are buried if you like and still useful in some respects but it’s a good point. Gary Oldman was fantastic in this, I can’t wait for the next series which seemingly has been filmed already. I loved the le carre tropes, they really played with the genre whilst doing it a great service.
  11. Please tell me I wasn’t the only person who had to google who that rapper was that Ruth met in the bar?
  12. Deep Cover 4/5 - This was my Friday night film. Lawrence Fishburne plays an LA cop who goes undercover to bust a drug dealing crime ring. Jeff Goldblum co-stars and it has a Dr Dre/Snoop theme tune, their first released track I think. It verges on blaxploitation but never to the point where it's offensive more like a loving pastiche, it's a lot of fun, a classic of the period.
  13. Man, don't give up, if anything summon I'd be glad to come and help you with bosses. As for weapons if you want to experiement let me know when you get a weapon to max level and I will come and drop you a whole load of max level weapons to play with if it helps...
  14. I far prefer the PS4 version it's silky smooth except for rare occasions in the lakes or forested areas and there's rain, other than that solid 60fps.
  15. There's a whole trilogy - Shinjuku Triad Society 1995, Rainy Dog 1997 & Ley Lines 1999 all great. A bit later but still grimy and fantastic is Graveyard of Honor 2002 which is a remake of an old yakuza film which I have not seen but I'm sure it won't have a lot of the crazy shit Miike puts into his films.
  16. It certainly won't be to everyone's taste but it is definitely to mine. I love Miike's 90's gangster films but had somehow missed this one.
  17. Shinjuku Triad Society 5/5 - Now this is what I should have watched last night, just fantastic, original, gritty, dark, subversive film making from Miike. 90's Kabukicho looks so grimy I love it.
  18. Microhabitat 3/5 - Korean bittersweet comedy drama with a rather depressing poetic message, and whilst it was released in 2017 it's very of the moment in that it explores the cost of living crisis. I liked it but I wish I hadn't chosen it for my Saturday night film as it left me feeling sad.
  19. Minion


    Yeah he’s got belief, intelligence, guts and skill. He’s the real deal for sure.
  20. Minion


    Excellent match between Alcaraz and Djokovic, Novak is getting back to where he needs to be to compete but youthful exuberance and stamina and belief won him the match in an incredible final set. This kid is nuts and exciting, love it! I hope he wins Roland Garros if Rafa doesn't.
  21. You won't be able to change the weapon skills on unique weapons such as Rivers of Blood or Moonveil, their unique skills is what makes them special.
  22. Good to know most are 1 though thanks, will have to try out some parrying, completely ignored it so far.
  23. I think Malenia is 3 dude! At least that’s what I remember from watching a rl1 fight against her.
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