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  1. Ok yeah I get that I’m just assuming that they’ll move into a phase where they try to thwart/escape from their situation. To be honest I just want more Milcheck really, what a beautiful man.
  2. Have you done any chalice dungeons yet @Doctor Shark? There are a series that are needed to be completed for the platinum.
  3. Just finished it, I love a program that ends strongly and man did this end strongly loved it. Surely the next series will continue the same story and characters, what's this about the universe being expanded?
  4. Hmmm not sure about the new series. I watched a bunch last night and whilst I was pretty crossfaded it is pretty hard to follow all the nonsense going on. It's only watchable because Natasha Lyonne is such a great comedic actor and Greta Lee too. It's really striking how unfunny and ridiculous it is when Sevigny takes over. A shame the first series was so good.
  5. If you cast a heal spell and they get caught in it they are immediately stunned though they don't stay stunned for very long. Even the lowest level heal spell does this to them so worth getting if you can, everyone should have at least 12 Faith so they can cast Flame Cleanse Me which cures rot/poison/etc... and that's also enough to cast a basic heal spell.
  6. Wow well done dude that's impressive. Really? I thought it came out all around them, no way! TBH with black flame the one I fought earlier only managed to do that once anyway.
  7. What is your build? Did she do her waterfowl move where she jumps in the air then does 4 flurries of her sword? That's the move that generally kills everyone. I'm really looking forward to trying to take her down solo when I get there with my current character. Also Well Done!
  8. Man it's incredible how much easier Putrid Tree Avatars when you have points invested in faith, black flame destroys them and you can keep some distance, as a pure melee build I was finding them so hard in my previous run even at a very high level, I just merked the one in Dragonbarrow with ease.
  9. Yeah Volcano Manor is dope, Leyndell is lit too.
  10. So I just solo'd the Crucible Knight duo, felt good man!
  11. I beat it with a dex melee build, I used a keen nagakiba with Unsheath, I just got close to it and spammed Unsheath against it, it hurt it quite a lot. I used a mimic of course too.
  12. Re the camera, have you ever tried moving it to the left or right whilst running around and the camera then starts moving back to the centre, so you then have to fight to keep it in place? Well this removes that thankfully!
  13. @robdood re Dragons, any that fly away during a fight are available to fight elsewhere later on so keep looking, though the one you mentioned at Ranni's if you completed her quest you should have fought it already in the final moments of that quest.
  14. This is a game changer for me, hated the way you had to fight with the camera some times.
  15. Ooh new patch, new events for Patches I wonder where he is! It's 5.3gb on PS4
  16. Oh he's dead now, I just couldn't believe he was still alive the fucker, I needed to refill my blue flask but I got all muddled with finding it, I feel like they look too similar on the icon, the colours of the flask aren't prominent enough without really looking, or it could be my tv is too big now. I've not used any of the dragon incantations yet, I'm still sticking with Stone of Gurranq for bosses it destroys all I've come across so far, it can even stagger crucible knights. I'll be getting into the dragon stuff soon though as I venture beyond the capital.
  17. I recently finished a rewatch and it surprised me how tight it is. The time period it covers over the 5 series is actually very short apart from the year that Jimmy is suspended for which thankfully it skips most of. I think because most of us watch it one episode a week as it comes out and the episodes are so contained it feels slow, but binged it breezes along with lots of humour and montages and general mayhem along with the more serious events. I can't wait to see how they end it and what happens to Kim, Nacho and Lalo and hopefully some closure on Jimmy post BB though maybe they'll make another film like they did for Jesse.
  18. Yeah of course I 'm using the spear haha! I was trying to solo him, gave up summoned the mimic, dead first time. Hmm I wouldn't have thought to try that. I beat her (I think it's a her?) using bloodhound step to avoid the waterfowl type attack she does, without bloodhound step I also found it impossible
  19. Why do people say Rykard is easy, I'm getting my arse kicked and I remember it not being easy the first time either?
  20. Hmm, well I'm using the clawmark seal from Gurranq as at 106 I have 35 Str and 30 Fth and it scales with strength as well as faith, depending on resistance and weather/water I get roughly 600-800 on a strike, more if it's charged. The stone is a bit less but if you chain cast it you can stunlock and stagger enemies so it's a lot better for large enemies like gargoyles or magma wyrms or any large enemy, roughly hitting at 450-550 a hit again depending on resistances but it's all about the stagger/stunlock potential. I used a bow a lot in may first run as I had no incantations except for flame cleanse me, I've enjoyed using these spells a lot more than the bow. Oh I also use the two canvas flock talismans now I have 4 slots again (beat golden boy earlier).
  21. I've been swapping between lightning spear, stone of gurranq and black flame as the situation needs. Lightning is the main go to but for big poisy enemies the stone works wonders and you can chain cast it and it has amazing range, well worth getting the 6 deathroots you need for it. Then for tree spirits or avatars black flame. But yeah that's pretty much it but having these offensive spells has made a lot of stuff I found incredibly hard on my first playthrough much easier, I just have more options. I also agree about grace's being too frequent especially in the legacy dungeons. I want to find myself edging onwards in fear surviving on fumes of estus like Forbidden Woods or Grand Archives. I know it might make it more accessible but for me it seems to be evidence of the developers listening to whining people on the internet. They should stick to their guns and leave out so many checkpoints. Right before boss, sure. Right after every section of enemies, no thanks!
  22. Minion

    Apple TV +

    Yeah he is literally just an accent, there really is nothing more to the character.
  23. You're doing well for being so low level, you should be in the 80's / 90's by the time you get to the capital, Draconic Tree Sentinel is intentionally hard to show you that beyond him you;re going to get slapped. You must be able to go elsewhere and level. Have you fully explored Altus? Or Mt Gelmir which is probably better to do before the Capital? Whatever you do get that Vigor up! Don't be scared to use Rune Arcs with Godrick's rune it's like 25 extra levels! You can farm them by helping people with bosses, at your level and weapon level you will have a lot of options with bosses all over the lakes, Caelid, Mt Gelmir and Altus so should get summoned fairly easily.
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