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  1. For me it's not just the brilliant dialogue but everything that goes unsaid and can just be inferred which elevates this to top tier art. It's very multi-layered and not afraid of treating it's audience like intelligent adults. Characters motivations are not spelled out, one has to read between the lines and so many of the characters actions are usually as a result of some bullying or scheming from another character or inferred from historic abuse, particular in the case of all the offspring.
  2. Yeah for me the addition of a compass made me feel the same way, a compass suggests you can't navigate the world based on landmarks and as you describe knowing the world intimately, it could be a failed experiement but I'm hoping to be proven wrong. I mean I thought Sekiro was a failed experiment until I started again on PS5 and now I realise it's a masterpiece. So in Miyazaki I tentatively trust. Demons, Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Dark Souls 3 and Sekiro are all stone cold classics, he can be forgiven one mistep at least, but here's hoping.
  3. Oh man this is my favourite program since The Wire and now it's really popular it'll be impossible to avoid spoilers so I can't save it all for when it's complete and binge it all in one go. God damn, 1st world problems.
  4. I'm actually due to go on my first holiday since March 2020 on the day after this was supposed to be released so I'm not disappointed personally I'd rather they have the time needed to get it out in a good state. What's this closed network test thing though, I want in?
  5. Guilty as charged, not seen any tips on the loading screens as barely seen any loading, must be that fast ssd on the PS5.
  6. Yeah does anyone actually care anymore, I certainly don't. If I want to get annoyed by an online shooter I'll reinstall Apex. The beta was a total fucking shitshow and I ain't got time for that shit!
  7. This definitely has a number of faults but it's also a lot more enjoyable than 5 for anyone considering this at some point in the future. 5 was so po-faced, this is almost the complete opposite. I worked out how to hijack a tank, you've got to use the EMP Grenade instead of the actual backpack attack which is odd. At least I think the backpack doesn't work I tried it yesterday and promptly died, but the EMP grenade does stun them and then you jump on and there should be a prompt to hijack by pressing R3.
  8. Thanks I'll go search them out when I've finished work, yeah FH4 runs great on my rig I'm hoping this will be the same
  9. Is there PC requirements out for this?
  10. Oh yeah the EMP thing is fun as you can then steal the chopper! Anyone found a way of stealing an occupied tank?
  11. I've been shooting through the glass with armour piercing bullets. Also the firework launcher special weapon damages them, as does of course the first backpack thing you get.
  12. Is it a bug? Have they acknowledged this anywhere as a bug? It seems to me to be the way they've designed the heat system. If you manage to keep undetected for a while it doesn't happen it's only when you get high heat then it throws everything at you, jeeps, troops, special forces, choppers, tanks. Then you die. The tanks annoy me as they seem able to fire a lot quicker then I can when I have a tank and of course they're 100% accurate.
  13. Wow this is terrible, what a shame.
  14. Yeah that's what drew me in. I have to admit after some wine and weed this is a lot more fun.
  15. If the option is this or Hades then Hades definitely. I'm not even off the first island and it feels like I've played and seen it all before.
  16. The only reason to play the game is for the combat surely, yeah I'm not digging different ammo types either.
  17. I don't want to play in 3rd person! hmmm
  18. I knew I should have sent this back hahah oh well it's installed now and downloading the patch/textures. I hear enemy respawning is a big problem. What's this about 3rd person @Strafe?
  19. Thanks I tried a few things. Then I uninstalled the game. Uninstalled UbiConnect. Cancelled my Ubi+ subscription. I have the PS5 version hopefully turning up today, tempted to just send it back but I know I'm weak so I'll likely be playing this over the weekend. Whats everyones thoughts now? I've seen lots of reports of enemies respawning almost instantly whilst clearing camps and the world feeling a bit dead. What little I played did feel more like first person Just Cause rather than FC4. I actually really enjoyed FC4 it's my favourite AFTER Far Cry 2 of course which is fantastic.
  20. This is unplayable if I can't aim whilst shooting what a load of shit
  21. Yeah that's what I've done but I can't shoot whilst aiming down sights it's very annoying!
  22. I have a very weird bug where I can't shoot when aiming down sights. It will fire when not aiming but if I hold L2 then it won't fire, how weird! I'm using a DS4 on a PC. Hmmmm
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