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  1. Damn, sad news, saw him play at a few of Electro nights over the years, he was truly a legend. RIP.
  2. No I believe it's more that the Firekeeper is integral to the story and you need to talk to her
  3. Fuck it the back buttons are out of stock already? God damn.
  4. Bait - 4/5 Now this is a refreshing English film, impressive all the more for the way it was shot and the risks it took, loved it.
  5. Calibre - 2.5/5 Well shot and acted but insane amounts of foreshadowing to the point I predicted nearly everything that would happen including the final pay off. Weak predictable writing let it badly down.
  6. Oh this is tempting if it means I can finally map something off of R3 when playing Apex Legends.
  7. Where was that then, actually in Belfast or elsewhere? It was really well done up until the final parts, I can't imagine the budget was huge, such a shame that a badly written ending can tarnish a good film.
  8. '71 This was damn good up until the final 20 minutes which pretty much ruined an otherwise good film, shame. 3/5
  9. Exactly this, tbh I thought all the whinging was bullshit and it was just the best players left playing so a few weeks ago I tried making a smurf to see what the lobby would be like, I had 4 games with this new account, 2 I had 10 kills and another I had 11, it was like shooting fish in a barrel. I haven't played on that account since as the experience felt hollow but there has to be a happy medium between the two surely.
  10. Yeah all my lobbies are filled with Predators and diamonds so gone are the days where I could regularly get > 5 kills and multiple wins on the trot. Loving the map changes though and the new lighting it looks much better. I understand why they implemented sbmm into pubs but then what's the point of ranked if pubs is the same if not worse for someone who just about managed to get into diamond.
  11. Have you seen Incendies? Another great one, I love his style.
  12. Isn't he the next Batman? I worry as he is one of the most interesting actors around right now, hopefully he doesn't just go mainstream from here on in, like Oscar Isaac.
  13. A Bloodborne mini-series would be amazing! Get David Lynch on board to direct it. Man I should be the head of a studio!
  14. Freaks and Geeks is a good one on prime.
  15. It costs 1 insight for a summon, but you can also earn insight by being summoned and helping your host kill a boss so it goes both ways. Also the bosses get a health boost / damage resist boost but it's negligible as they generally only focus on one player at a time so you are still at a big advantage.
  16. Minion

    I love the KLF

    So my friend sent me this today, crazy bastard has only gone and secured his MuMufication, I might even join him! https://www.mumufication.com/ In short, for the bargain price of £99 you can get your cremated remains placed in a brick (this will be sent to you when you purchase) and laid as part of the The People’s Pyramid they are building with the bricks in Toxteth.
  17. Suspiria 2018 - 8/10 Loved this, really enjoyable.
  18. Well I'm disappointed, could have at least done another season, I loved the atmosphere and pace of the show.
  19. Exactly, I never did but one day maybe, one day!
  20. Wow so many spoilers.
  21. That would make sense, sly bastards.
  22. Sounds cool sounds good, I'll check it out, thanks!
  23. Doesn't work for me either, I have a feeling it's privacy settings as it says UK for me. I know Apex will be the highest by far, it's probably a good thing I can't see how many hours I've spent on that game.
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