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  1. Goddamnit I’m weak I watched both new episodes and they were excellent.
  2. You must absolutely watch Patriot.
  3. I hate the way that apple release stuff weekly, this show is too good to only watch one a week. I’m going to be patient but it also means finding something else to watch when I could be watching this!
  4. God this is tedious. Fire pink arrows, explode with blades. Fire pink arrows, throw axe. 10/10...
  5. I'm finding this a right slog to get through unlike the first game which once it opened up I enjoyed immensely till the end. I'm in the post main mission section of Vanaheim and it's all so samey, does it get much different beyond this point? It feels like unnecessary padding to me and the sense of exploration isn't there like the first game, it feels much more like a corridor action game like Uncharted which I also find tedious.
  6. Minion


    Yeah I had an amazing time thanks, Dublin is great, very vibrant and buzzy. I didn't get too drunk during the show like in London and I was quite close to the stage and could see the band. Only downside was I happened to be surrounded by a bunch of 20 somethings who clearly didn't know the tunes or were that into it so whilst I was going wild like many other people in the crowd I was surrounded by fucking mannequins, kids these days are so lame. But yeah it was great, an amazing tracklist and a really good venue. I'm glad you enjoyed it!
  7. Yes. Poor Queenie. Loves her dogs though.
  8. Wow this is shady as fuck. I upgraded to extra when Stray came out as it was a few quid which seemed like a nice deal. Now I would like to renew with just essential with the 25% discount and quelle surprise it won't let me, oh I can upgrade and get the 25% or I can be stuck with Extra for another year for £63. Absolute scumbags, I'm going to think on it before deciding now.
  9. Now I've got some good gear and a bunch of moves I've put the difficulty up to hard and the combat has become way more fun, the enemies are better too in the second big area.
  10. West as Charlie is just so wrong. Lesley Manville is brilliant though, in fact all the actresses that have played Princess Margaret have done a stellar job. I feel like she's the heroine of the piece.
  11. Thanks for explaining, I'll keep at it even though I have my preferred moves. It is a good way to highlight and get the player to experiment but it's also a bit grindy for the moves I don't particularly like!
  12. What do you get for getting certain moves to gold tier, because some of them are incredibly cumbersome such as charge the frost on the axe and whilst doing it aim and fire. I find I'm going into fights and just trying to do certain moves to move them up tiers but I don't know why except for number go up? As for the game I'm only 8 hours in, it's entertaining enough in short bursts but I quickly become tired of the constant puzzle sections and then short fights. I'm hoping this is just filler for the beginning and it gets more exciting.
  13. What difficulty are you all playing on? I had it on Give Me No Mercy but I kept dying to the first big lizards you meet so I've turned it down.
  14. Yeah that was me, I was right at the beginning and I didn't really have the timing down, I've played a little more this morning and starting to get it now. I remember absolutely hating the opening of the original too and then getting right into it and I can feel this happening too. I'll be playing this all weekend I hope.
  15. Thank you for writing and sharing it!
  16. Excellent Hit Points from @Nate Dogg III this week. I’m hoping the couple of hours I spent with this the other day get better as I really didn’t enjoy what I played so far, sounds like it does in all the posts here which is good.
  17. Minion


    Well here I am in Dublin going to see them once again. After London I wanted to experience them one last time as I have doubts they’ll tour like this again. Can’t wait!!
  18. Nope, the dodge is total fucking shite. How is the Demons Souls/Dark Souls combat system still the aboslute best in class after 15 years?
  19. Oh I have a shield, that would have helped haha! Man my memory is pretty poor but I don't remember the game telling me to press l1 for shield.
  20. I've only just started and maybe I'll get used to it but the dodge seems pretty poor especially against the tutorial boss which is what just took me about 5 attempts on hard.
  21. I've just pre-ordered from Base but I'm going away for a couple of days on Thursday so will be playing it over the weekend when I'm back, nice to have a new single player game to look forward to.
  22. I'm rewatching S1 and it's better than I remember though I still have a couple of episodes left.
  23. Base.com have the physical version for £62, anyone seen it cheaper elsewhere?
  24. Yeah whilst it is complete and utter trash it is violent and entertaining enough to enjoy if that is what you want and it is far more cohesive than the first series, I enjoyed it more because of that.
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