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  1. It would have been Super Mario World but instead I will have to go with Dark Souls 3.
  2. Minion

    Nintendo Switch

    Thanks guys. I just want the classic arcade mode so as long as it has that it should be good, last one I played was the 360 version. I do love bomberman.
  3. Minion

    Nintendo Switch

    Sorry I cant find a thread for it but is Bomberman R a good version of bomberman?
  4. Yeah this is excellent even if you don't like football.
  5. Minion

    Nintendo Switch

    Yeah I ordered Mario Odyssey last night as really want that too but will for sure be concentrating on BOTW.
  6. Still looks pretty damn good on my 55" tv. Also the Tiger King thing is good going from the first episode, man America is fucking nuts.
  7. Minion

    Nintendo Switch

    I had no idea I'm overjoyed its my all time favourite game, thanks!
  8. Minion

    Nintendo Switch

    Oh wow I didn't know this, so I can get Super Mario World? OMG!!!!! Thanks for the recommendation's mukers!
  9. Minion

    Nintendo Switch

    Ordered one from Cex in the end, finally joining the Switch club. I've got Zelda and plan to get Mario Odyssey, is there any other switch only must have games?
  10. Minion

    Nintendo Switch

    Anyone know where has Switch's in stock, argos keep teasing me with stock but have none for delivery....
  11. No, if no one turns up you don't use insight.
  12. Ended up buying both, that discount in the ps4 was too good and ended yesterday. First city I built on my laptop is a mess and already bankrupt.
  13. Is this easy to manage on PS4 or should I get the pc version for my laptop? The mayors edition is reduced to £25.50 on PS4 right now, I do prefer playing on my PS4 but just wondering how easy it is on a pad?
  14. Knives Out 4/5 Really enjoyable, Rian’s bestfilm since Brick.
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