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  1. I thought the latest episode was great, really well done.
  2. What I loved about the comic when I read it was how it deconstructed super heroes and treated it's protagonists as fallible human beings, it made it seem quite realistic. To then shoehorn a weird supernatural/alien squid thing along with the whole pirate story line made me think wow this guys has done some acid and gone a bit schizo and it just ruined it a bit for me. I felt like if the threat was more in line with the realist tone in the rest of the story it would have been better overall, and so when this actually was changed in the movie I was pleased.
  3. Haha it's fine I am also drunk, I just think the resolution makes more sense in the film it was the one thing I hated about the comic so the fact that it was changed pleased me.
  4. I'm totally with you on this dude, it was much better. As for this program I've not been won over yet, shades of Westworld is about right.
  5. How's everyone getting on with ranked? I got up to Platinum 2 with this French duo but then one of them hit Diamond and we just kept repeatedly losing points so we stopped, now trying randoms again it's so difficult, occasionally get a decent pair and get a number of points with them but inevitably those points will be lost when I have to play with stupid randoms. Not sure the idea of not demoting outside of your bracket is a good idea, so many Platinum IV players just suck and have no idea how to play as a team at that level consistently.
  6. Hmm thats weird not sure, I was invited by a German friend within a couple of minutes of switching it on so I guess he could see it. I haven't removed you or anything haha!
  7. The £25 thing is for people with no valid subscription unfortunately.
  8. This! I actually use the iPlayer Watch Live feature with the app on my TV so that I can watch Spiral in decent quality, so that's the other option.
  9. There's no FOV slider on PS4 unfortunately, hopefully they patch it if it's available on the PC version.
  10. It's certainly better than F4 for me at this early stage as it actually feels like an RPG which F4 didn't seem to be.
  11. Still very early for me but already loving it, finally a decent roleplaying game! The text is ridiculously small though and there seems to be a lot of blur when moving the camera which is what was making me feel sick yesterday, it's not so bad today as feeling better but it would be nice for an FOV slider or something. These are the only minor niggles, everything else is great, I'm going to take my time with this one.
  12. @Comrade oops sorry friend! Glad you're enjoying the Outer Wilds. First impressions, I like the comedy and presentation during character creation. I started to play the story and had to stop because I am so ill and tired and it was making my head swim, so I've had a couple of hours sleep, hopefully I'll be able to play a bit later.
  13. My simply games copy has arrived, patch is installing, 10.8GB
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