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  1. Minion

    Dark Souls 3

    The framerate got unlocked so it flits between 40 and 60 and anywhere in between, it doesn't bother me much but I've seen a lot of complaints about it online.
  2. Minion

    Dark Souls 3

    Have you been through the Consumed Gardens yet? You might want to have a look round there before doing The Grand Archives.
  3. Minion

    Dark Souls 3

    I assume he's using Lloyds Shield Ring like I did in my SL1 against most bosses, at full health you take largely reduced damage meaning you can tank a hit from most bosses at full health. Well done @HarryBizzle Lothric Castle is no joke of an area , both Dancer and Dragon Slayer Armour in one night awesome! Re: the bonfire placement, I agree it's strange there but it's because of Co-Op/PvP, and the GA fire marks the beginning of that locked in co-op area, they give you the boss fire so that you can get back to Firelink without opening your game up to Invasions again.
  4. Use the big stone structure on the right of the arena to dance around, personally I like targeting the guy who stands back throwing fireballs by dancing around that rock away from the other two and giving that flame throwing dickhead a good stabbing, try to get all their energy down though if you can because the second phase hits in once one of them falls to 1/3 health, and they get that little bit tougher. You can do it, just dance, dance, dance till you get one on his own with some space to get stabby stabby.
  5. Minion

    Dark Souls 3

    Yeah she has insane range, her second phase is very tough because of how hard it is to read the attacks and how they can roll catch you so easily, staying behind or at least circling her allows you a tiny bit more time to react correctly. But good luck I have faith in you and you still have some awesome areas ahead of you.
  6. Yeah I agree, it's how I ended up doing hundreds of hours coop-ing in the chalices so I could farm insight and buy blood rocks from the store so I could have nearly all weapons at +10, I mean it was more Bloodborne so not bad but still, it would have been nice to have the ability to drop weapons for people like Dark Souls.
  7. Minion

    Dark Souls 3

    Do you need a hand, I could jump on, but if you want to do it alone perhaps my SL1 video beating her would help showing some good strategies for her movesets: Edit: Wow I made so many mistakes in the first phase Shit you're on XB aren't you? I'm on PS otherwise I would happily jump on - she's weak to dark magic so if you have some human pine resin use it. When she changes from phase 1 to 2 get the hell out of the way, like the opposite end of the arena diagonally. Yes her second phase is deadly, she generally does 3 big sweeping attacks before you get a window for a hit.
  8. Minion

    Dark Souls 3

    As far as big swords go, the Profaned Greatsword that you can get by killing one of the Lords of Cinder and transposing his soul is my favourite. I think once I finally complete TLOU2 I will start a new character, it;s been too long. Here's a few videos from my collection where I use it (spoilered as a very late game area in 2 of them):
  9. Haha ok cheers I'll try it tomorrow.
  10. Minion

    Dark Souls 3

    The DLC, the second one in particular is great, definitely buy it when you can afford. As for your spoilers: God I love this game, I need to start a new charcter.
  11. Minion

    Dark Souls 3

    Forgot this really useful tool too, you can put in your stats, weapons and infusions and it calculates everything for you: https://mugenmonkey.com/darksouls3
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