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  1. Yeah I think so dude. I just completed my first playthrough End spoilers Got my character tendency to black Done some invasions over the past few days to get my character to black, some builds are ridiculous, I got almost one shotted when I was the Old Monk boss by a giant dad type build, I wonder what his stats were! Ran into a few players where my +5 sharp uchi did basically no damage, again not sure what's going on there is armour way more effective in this than in the soulsborne? I still caught a large number of people out with deathcloud though
  2. Seeing as we were talking about Dark Souls earlier I've just seen you can get the Dark Souls trilogy which includes all the DLC for each game too for £28 at shopto, that's insane value!
  3. Sorry i should have asked when is it please
  4. Guys, please spoiler the answer but is there a point of no return please? I have only 1-4 left to do and wondering whether to keep farming for a few materials I need such as spiderstone and when to do all my black world stuff for the ring trophy?
  5. I think it was already running at 60 as it's the remaster but please someone correct me if I'm wrong, otherwise I would recommend play Dark Souls 3 again once people are done with Demons, loads of build variety, great bosses and enemies and 60fps on PS5! As for your build yes it's generally good with souls games to pump one of the damage based stats high, it depends what weapon or magic you've been using, what are you currently enjoying playing with? Demons seems particularly open in that to get all the trophies and the most out of the game you have to play good and bad and playing
  6. Ahh I see, tbh I only levelled Intelligence and Magic to 15 and 14 respectively and it's surprisingly effective, overpowered in fact, I have 30 dex and a +5 sharp Uchigatana, with Light weapon cast on it it's insanely powerful.
  7. Well done! I think you have to do NG+ for all the spells and miracles though as you need them all one one character...
  8. That's the one I want to get actually as I chose that ring just becasue it sounded good, had no idea it wasn't available in game! And thanks!
  9. I found enchanting my sword with magic and destroying the first one helped a lot, and then trying to bait the frontal charge attacks, if you need a hand shout as my +5 sharp Uchigatan with Light Weapon cast on it seems to destroy most things very quickly!
  10. Thanks Mike I'll hit you up if I see you on tomorrow, Oh dear if you;re struggling with the final boss it must be hard!
  11. Is anyone up for helping me get world 2 into PWWT? Happy to repay the favour too, it's the only one I screwed up as I didn't know about dying in human form.
  12. Well done @Sexton Hardcastle in juts over a week too! So I was wondering what you said about NG+ being much worse than the other Souls games, why is it harder in Demons? Also why is farming harder? The 3 playthrough's I'm guessing are needed for the Magic and Faith trophies right? Please no end spoilers as I know nothing of that yet and judging by their other games I need to end it different ways?
  13. Just did 5-2, OMG fuck that place! only 1-4 left now...
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