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  1. Jesus Christ, take a look in the mirror mate.
  2. You can get the required Bugatti in the forzathon shop, I did all of the events except the eliminator ones last night as I'm going away today, not really impressed with any of the events this week, not particular fun or inspired. I did like the trial cars and tracks but god the other players, ugh! Still managed it 3rd time around.
  3. Yeah that fucking thing, it's literally the worse captcha ever I thought they'd been hacked or something.
  4. I had to verify myself by solving 20 fucking puzzles by choosing which mouse stuck in a maze couldn't get the cheese, 6 low res jpgs WTF!!!! Anyway, yeah Returnal, Sekiro boom.
  5. Yeah Barbara is my favourite, it's very good. This suggests it's still on Mubi, not sure if correct: https://www.justwatch.com/uk/movie/barbara Pheonix is good too.
  6. Ooh I do love Christian Petzold's films, thanks.
  7. Yeah that happened to me, did you change cars at any point? I think you need to stay in the car as I was later able to close and come back without it resetting as long as I stayed in the car, it's bullshit.
  8. Wordle 211 3/6 Not bad! I like to use a different start word every day, makes it interesting
  9. Minion


    Yeah I see what you mean, the Australian government handled this terribly I agree.
  10. Minion


    Lol that's incredible but one has to wonder how and why he was given a visa in the first place. But yes glad common sense prevailed.
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