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  1. Sweet! I killed him I used the empowered mortal draw, he still almost killed me but the OP combat arts saved my bacon, now to reload my save and go for the Dragon ending and the platinum
  2. Thanks that's good advice, it's pretty much instant death for me when he does that right now, I avoided it once by sheer fluke jumping onto the barrier and then jumping out of the way of his attack.
  3. Hmm haven't tried that but I've got her down, I just dodge into her attacks then Double ijimonji her, it's Isshin that's the problem, he is so fast and deadly. I did actually have him on no health 2nd deathblow ready to pop and he slaughters me, proper gutted, not got close since. I didn't have this trouble with ISS he wasn't as fast or aggressive and the arena is much bigger so easy to get away for a quick heal or avoiding certain attacks, I'll do it but it definitely feels like the hardest fight I've had so far.
  4. So I did actually complete this on Thursday but I thought I'd power through NG+ and go for the platinum, decided to do Shura ending and I'm stuck on the final boss, way harder than the other final boss and Demon of Hatred in my opinion! I guess I'll have to keep trying...
  5. Dude that was awesome, the way you chased her arse when she did her huge spin attack, I did her at SL1 but I had to get as far away as possible for that one, that took some serious balls! Good luck you're well prepared for SoC, The Twins and NK now
  6. Finished CGYOOMH last night, amazing, I had it all tied together, the grand narratives being nothing but conspiracy theories, systems that try to be stable but get corrupted, individualism versus collectivism and more! But now I've forgotten it all because I was slightly blazed so I need to watch it all again. I re-watched hypernormalisation prior to this and this feels like the same theories just more played out, with also the last 4 years giving some greater perspective on recent events and benefiting from the longer run time. I also liked the individual stories, Mao's wife for example was v
  7. I go through Dualshocks like no tomorrows, the sticks become loose and start giving duff inputs, it's mainly on games where I have to push forward a lot so basically most games, but it's due to me getting really tense when playing games, I went through more during my apex legends addiction and I can feel myself doing it now on sekiro during tense moments, it's annoying I wish they'd make the sticks more durable, I'm not even big or strong or anything.
  8. Right I'm at Demon of Hatred now, had a cheeky stab at him and obviously died, so it's Laurence the first Vicar on Acid, ok I can do that (Laurence took me over 100 goes the first time oh dear). Absolutely loved this though, I've been utterly entranced over the past couple of weeks with this, once I'm through the final bosses I may do a mini review.
  9. Yeah S4 of Search Party got weird. Y'all should check out High Maintenance if you can, it occasionally pops up on NowTV but in the absence of consistent HBO content screened in the UK I think the high seas would be the best place to pick up the 4 HBO produced seasons, it was originally a web show on vimeo. It basically follows a weed dealer as he delivers weed in and around the hipster parts of Brooklyn and concentrates on one or two of his groups of customers per episodes. It's a wonderful show, funny, poignant, smart and quirky. As it progresses we learn a bit more about The Guy. The webisod
  10. @Pob that’s weird about the lag on your XE, I had the XD and didn’t have any lag when using the inbuilt apps. It’s a shame as having to have a console on to use apps already installed on the tv sounds like a waste of energy and also potentially more problems such as the picture mode and what not. Have you looked into resolving this lag problem? Actually I remember I experienced it once with the XD almost a year into ownership, I changed the batteries in the remote and viola all sorted!
  11. Annnnnd he's dead! Not very honourable I must admit I spent most of the fight running away from him and punishing charge attacks and his thrust move, he just did way too much damage to my posture to be able to go toe to toe with him, maybe in another run I'll be able to achieve that.
  12. I've hit my first proper wall, . Damn this guy is tough and does so much damage, I haven't spent more than 30 minutes on any boss so far, well until now, he kicked my arse for a good hour earlier, guess I just need to git some gudding.
  13. Yes those assassins have the ring that makes you invisible from phantoms at a distance, I can't recall what it's called but it's in this and it's also in 3 so probably in the other souls games too, thing is though once you've been caught out you shouldn't be caught out again as they are always in the same place, and they're dex pussys anyway
  14. I also have a sticky x button, it's used a lot for jumping in Sekiro and after 10-15 minutes starts to stick, again another known issue apparently. Oh well the curse of the early adopter, at least the trigger material isn't disintegrating like my launch ps4 pad did.
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