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  1. Minion

    Which Dark Souls?

    I played Dark Souls 3 first (after Bloodborne) and I found it very magical, it has the best combat, the best bosses, the best weapons and gear and builds and is most balanced.
  2. Minion

    Which Dark Souls?

    Get Dark Souls 3, it's the best one by far or Bloodborne but I find Bloodborne is better played in the autumn due to it's gothic horror atmosphere. Sekiro is the same studio but I wouldn't say it's that similar, there are no rpg elements or world exploration or weapon/build variety or even much NPC interaction. Just go for Dark Souls 3
  3. I watched the first episode, it seems just as boring as every other crappy Marvel show. I think I'l save myself the hassle and bin it, there's plenty of better things to watch.
  4. I enjoyed the first episode even though it handled the issues rather lightly. The second episode, christ that was bad, let's hope the third episode is better.
  5. With PSN down I finally went back to this, I really want to love it but man it just isn't fun to play at all, it's a pain in the arse. I'm at hidden forest, there's someone playing a flute which is awesome and atmospheric, I find the way I need to go after 30 minutes wondering around killing respawning mobs, find the same fat boy boss that was at Hirata village and promptly get killed by him. Now I remember why I stopped playing, it's just not fun at all. I can parry well and it's satisfying but thats about it, otherwise it's r1 spam. As a big From fan this game I have to say is disappointing.
  6. So this is releasing on current gen machines? I assumed the scope of the game meant it would need next gen tech at least for consoles, no one else worried about that?
  7. Just read that interview linked to in the tweet, the game sounds immense, Dark Souls x Skyrim is what I took away from it.
  8. Minion


    These conditions are ridiculous, so much worse than just a couple of hours ago.
  9. Minion


    Yeah he really raised his level in that last game, could have been the fatal blow.
  10. Minion


    It's amazing these two can play this way in these conditions. Legends.
  11. Minion


    What a shot to take the set, vamos!
  12. Minion


    Yeah the wind is not so much the issue for him it's the fact the court is not lively, his massive topspin helps keep it in but it's not bouncing high and fast through the court, if it was hot and sunny this wouldn't be so close as the ball would be up at Rogers shoulders on the backhand side.
  13. Minion


    Conditions are nullifying a lot of what makes clay Rafa's hunting ground so Roger has a chance here though it's not making his game any easier either, interesting match. Reminds me of the conditions when Soderling beat Rafa. Looking at the forecast the gusts are going to get really strong in a couple of hours so the Djokovic/Thiem match is going to be interesting too, I expect a lot of shanks.
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