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  1. Arrrgghhh I must hold out, prices will drop, but yes I want this game as much as Cyberpunk, both available on the same day is like a dream. I take it everyone is booking the 20th off to play on their shiny new console all day?
  2. Fair enough! I’m hoping retailers will drop the price closer to launch and if not try and ride it out for a bit with cyberpunk. It feels like scalping to me.
  3. Anyone actually willing to pay £70 for Demons? I’m telling myself I’m strong enough to hold out but deep down I know I’m week. But if we all wait....
  4. Yeah I'm not paying £70 for it, if it doesn't reduce in price before launch I'll be playing Cyberpunk on my PS5, fuck paying £70 for any game quite frankly. It'll come down at some point.
  5. Thanks. Well hopefully they've fixed that, just like they amended the online matchmaking requirements on DS Remastered.
  6. Ahh shit dude sorry to hear that, I guess you could try contacting them to confirm but that doesn't sound too good, I got an email with my order number almost immediately, that was at 5:45 though before the site was getting hammered.
  7. Yes I'm pretty sure it doesn't expire at least not in the next couple of months, best to double check with ShopTo or read the small print though as I'm not 100% on that.
  8. Yeah that's why I went with argos as it just seems a bit vague. Cancelled mine this morning.
  9. Anyone looking for a good deal on PSN, ShopTo have it for £40, just topped mine up.
  10. Yes I was woken up by the rubbish truck emptying the large communal bins at 5:45, thank you bin people, my PS5 won't forget this
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