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  1. hrpr

    World of Final Fantasy

    I'm in the exact same place, just chose which of the three bosses to fight. This is my first final fantasy game ever and I'm really enjoying it so far. I was wondering the same about why I would choose a small stack over a large stack at the moment as my large teams are more powerful, but I'm assuming that there'll be larger mirages to catch later on to add to the bottom of the small stack to make them more powerful?
  2. hrpr

    What is your comfort game?

    Borderlands 2. Played through it many, many times but always come back to it for a run through in co-op with my son.
  3. hrpr

    What games did you complete? 2019 Edition

    01. 03/01 - Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden (PS4) For some reason, other than Paper Mario on the Gamecube, I'd never played any kind of turn based game in all my years of gaming until Mario & Rabbids. In the 16 months since then it seems turn based games are all I want to play now. I loved Mutant Year Zero, felt like a nice middle ground between M&R and Xcom. Ended a bit abruptly but until then it was right up my street and one of my favourite games of 2018. 9/10 02. 03/01 - Strange Brigade (PS4) This was ok. Just a bit of Christmas co-op fun with my son. 6/10 03. 11/01 - Xcom 2 (PS4) 04. 17/01 - Star Wars Battlefront 2 (PS4) 05. 18/01 - Steamworld Heist (PS4) 06. 07/02 - The Division (PS4) 2018 list:
  4. hrpr

    Octopath Traveler - Square Enix's Octoposse

    It's wind damage. has it as one of their skills.
  5. hrpr

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    Finished this today. There's 7 chapters. If it was the ign guide you were looking at, it's incomplete.
  6. hrpr

    Nintendo Switch

    Not a new console photo but I did take comparison photos of my dog on the two Splatoon release days if that counts.
  7. hrpr

    Nintendo Switch

    I've had my Switch for two weeks and noticed that I had the left joycon desyncing problem a couple of days ago. I got onto Game through their online chat and they agreed to me going into my local store and swapping the joycons for new ones so its worth contacting them.
  8. hrpr

    Horizon Zero Dawn

    There is a clearly signposted point when you can either go to the end game or leave to carry on with side quests etc. Then after the game has finished it so you can carry on with side quests etc then as well I finished this last night, 41 hours it took me and I enjoyed every minute of it and I'm someone who gets bored quickly of Ubisoft/GTA style open world games.
  9. hrpr

    Horizon Zero Dawn

    Never been a fan of open world games and don't play many of them but absolutely loving this. Level 21 after 20 hours and the time has just flown by. Just finished an interesting mission that gave a few answers to certain things and I'm hooked on the story. Really enjoying the combat and have noticed a few people on here mention the Ropecaster and its just occured to me I've not even used that weapon yet.
  10. hrpr


    Been playing this all day and really enjoying it. Up to level 8 as well (got all the secrets on each level but I'm not good enough to complete each level without dying!) There's been one or two slightly frustrating parts but overall its just a really nice game. Playing it on Xbox and I think it looks fantastic. This I agree with, especially as I didn't realise until finishing the level that you could shoo them away with the yarn!
  11. hrpr

    Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

    Have two spare PS4 codes here if anyone wants them
  12. hrpr

    What games did you complete in 2015?

    Been going through a few 360 co-op games with my son before it gets retired due to the imminent purchase of an Xbox One. Completed Army of Two The 40th Day today. Was ok, the usual fun to be had in co-op but not as enjoyable as the first one which we played about 5 years ago, but that might be down to rose tinted glasses. August: Army of Two the 40th Day Previous:
  13. hrpr

    Rocket League

    Must admit I knew nothing of this game until it was announced for PSPlus and thought it sounded and looked like it'd be a bit poor. Had a few games this morning and it turns out its a right laugh, really good fun. I'm only a lurker around here but would be up for some games with you guys if that's ok as I can't see anyone on my friends list playing this.
  14. hrpr

    Nintendo eShop 21st May 2015

    Never played Paper Mario but the Gamecube one is one of my favourite games so looking forward to finally playing this. Not played Epic Yarn either so a great week for me.
  15. Hello, I've been pretty much a lurker since '03 (posted a few times with an old account years back but nothing of any significance) Found the forum when it was mentioned at the end days of the old edge forums where I was a lurker as well. Been reading pretty much everyday since then (can't sleep without my nightly trawl through off topic) but haven't posted as a protest at the forum for convincing me to buy Flipnic. I'm 42 and enjoy long walks in the countryside and Borderlands 2. Bye.

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