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  1. mrsnrub

    Nintendo Switch

    Anyone know roughly when the shop updates for the SNES games
  2. Is there a rlllmuk wing? I want to try the voice comms.
  3. Lol it was the largest ship I could afford... I was hoping to tie this in to the Simpsons episode with the tall man in the car that Nelson laughed at but....
  4. I've only really started the game but thanks for the encouragement lol
  5. Hi folks, so I've traded up to an adder and am plying my trade shipping goods and exploring, I'm not really into combat. I was floating about Dahan last I looked if anyone is nearby please say hi
  6. I didnt really enoy it im afraid, jokes fell flat, zero chemistry in the cast, hemsworth was there as guy candy (which flies in the face of the feminisim and equality bit) and Bill Murray looked like he was there at gunpoint. Sorry folks, this could have been miles better and none of the flaws were due to being all female, needed a better script, plot and cast.
  7. A few years back I sold my now deceased grandfathers +3 at a car boot. Wish I hadnt now.
  8. I really enjoyed the film. I enjoyed it more than Rogue One. I understand other people didnt like Last Jedi, but I did. Different strokes eh?
  9. mrsnrub

    Nintendo Switch

    I thought nintendo had a fairly good showing, not great by any means but not awful
  10. I never have such issues. Have you checked your router settings?
  11. is it not the 5th?
  12. 6 runs last night and could I get a glimstone off Kulve Taroth? Could I hell! Super frustrated, anyone any tips on beating that desire sensor?
  13. I saw the film last night. Still processing...
  14. Wife got the kids this. Dreading having to go home now and build all this stuff with a stinking migraine....joy looks outstanding mind you and Im near dead to try the piano
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