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  1. They do have a nice tabletop gaming shop now though. Admittedly the kids werent thrilled at being dragged to look at what was a disused public toilets (the store he is going to when he gets arrested) I dont dislike Andor, just not really my thing. But I can enjoy it enough.
  2. Im a huge splatoon fan, but interestingly so is my little niece who has very serious autism. She is mostly non verbal but for some reason splatoon has really brought her out of herself which I think is wonderful. There must be some element in the character designs that really attracts her. Here is hoping they do more merchandise for this one as it would be fantastic to be able to get her stuff for xmas
  3. Anyone watching? I think the animation has been superb and the story is actually solid. I normally try and veer away from non UC Gundam series but this one is the best since Seed. I particularly like that they have abandoned CGI'ing the mechs and gone back to traditional animation techniques.
  4. I cant say I wasnt a bit disappointed in Andor. I love Star Wars and have done since my childhood in the early 80s, but this just has no fizzle for me. Star Wars was always the more fantastical, Lord of the Rings in space kind of film whereas grounded gritty reality was better left to bladerunner etc. This just doesnt feel Star Wars to me at all. There has been like what, two blaster fights or so thus far? While I appreciate they wanted to take a different tack I dont think they have taken the right one, but others are enjoying it so its just my view. My anticipation was high too, I even visited Cleveleys to get my pictures taken at the seafront where they filmed the bits where he was arrested. Its a pity I didnt really get as much out of it as I hoped, I can see what they were going for but just for me, it doesnt quite hit the right notes. I am glad however others are really loving it, its good to have variety and Im not saying it shouldnt have been made, just it isnt for my taste. Tales of the Jedi on the other hand was superb.
  5. Loads of board games, rpgs etc, and they will accept the £100 spend local cards
  6. Ral Partha Europe still do the older minis but importing them into the UK is prohibitive same with Iron Wind Metals in the USA, I dont think they even ship to the UK under £200 orders Ulisees Spiele are the official subsiduary in Germany where the game is HUGE and they make some lovely items that are region only and can be got online The game is currently owned by Topps (yes the people who made garbage pail kids) but they kind of licence the tabletop out to Catalyst games who have just released a bunch of new plastic minis as sets following a very successful kickstarter. However this stuff is still like hens teeth to get hold of so try and not get gouged online. Personally I purchased an Elegoo Mars Pro resin printer along with several other friends who bought one for themselves. This is really the only practical way to play the game now from within the UK area and while I understand concerns over IP etc, Battletech's many "owners" have played fast and loose with it over the years themselves so have no real place to complain too much (they stole lots of old anime designs and artwork back in the day and got the pants sued off them, also the first edition was called Battledroids and of course came under the gaze of Lucas and his army of lawyers) but so long as you arent selling them for profit I dont see too much harm. As for the game, its quite different to 40k, theres a lot of charts to keep track of and the maps are hex based so no more measuring tapes! Well, unless you play the Alpha Strike variant which is a lot more similar and I would recommend this for newer players to see how they like things. There is also a huge wealth of fantastic (and some not so) novels, video games (microsoft hold the video game rights in a rather odd little twist) and there was even a cartoon and toy line....but we dont talk about those too much lol I am always happy to talk battletech/mechwarrior and am also only too happy to help people get into the game.
  7. Just I noticed there isnt an official thread and there is for all the other major games. Its been picking up pace lately and we have been getting a lot of new influx of folk after the most recent GW antics. I play as House Steiner for Inner Sphere or Clan Wolf if Im doing clans. I have attached a few pics of last nights game we played here in Moira in Northern Ireland at Tactical Retreat, a fairly new FLGS. Feel free to talk about Battletech, Mechwarrior Destiny, Alpha Strike or any of the many many Battletech related games released over the years. Sorry if this isnt ok and I will delete if required.
  8. We need some Battletech representation up in here. Sorry it's blurry and also sorry if my paint job is bad
  9. I'd love to be playing this but apparently mines still in the royal mail warehouse in Birmingham...shopto normally are very good with getting things to me day of release, probably covid issues. Oh well I'll just be patient.
  10. First try at zenithal highlight and OSL. Still a lot to learn. Did I get the effect right?
  11. Thanks. I struggle with the steadiness due to an essential tremor linked to my neurological disorders but I have a little trick. Yeah I didn't clean him very well either was too eager to paint. I've got nothing to do stuck in the house so I've been painting like mad. Suppose it's good practice! Thanks for the kinds words and I will try thinning the paints a bit more too. I usually do two thin coats but again was too excited with this sculpt
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