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  1. I remember during my pre-SCART TV days having to use multiple RF switches just to switch between my SNES and N64. I eventually had to use one of those All-For-One shared aerial boosters where you could adjust the strength. Either that or I was just ambitious at the time in finding a way of not having to keep switching them over. Good times were ahead when I finally had a TV/VCR combi with composite and SCART inputs .
  2. It doesn't seem much different than Pokemon Link Battle? Is there much difference other than the free to play aspect?
  3. (Thanks to the folks at Ask the Forum about this) I had my card compromised a week ago which seems to be around the same time as when this all started happening. I haven't used the site since the summer from what I can recall so this was something that never would have occurred to me. I had 5 payments stopped by Barclays which happened all at once. None of them were related to mobile phone payments though, mainly gambling and places to other countries so I'm hoping it's still a related issue to this.
  4. Gutted! I've been collecting Star Points ever since they were first introduced with the Gamecube. Good thing I only recently managed to obtain the Game & Watch Ball special edition on there. I wonder if they'll be changing it to the way the US has it?
  5. Have some more codes here if anyone is interested: A076MQ840MRB371M A076NR7A2A7T2VPV A076YS6G0H61QU0C
  6. Sounds like another jump on the Loot Crate bandwagon
  7. Yeah I just updated mine after finally setting it all up tonight and it took probably just half an hour, I was expecting much longer. I'm on Virgin Media myself but didn't have any problems at all with the wireless. Maybe it's to do with me having a Super Hub?
  8. Sorry one more thing I just want to check for those that have already done this. Currently I have a spare external 320GB drive laying around which I intend to use for it's main storage. Say further down the line I want to use a 1TB drive on it is there an option that will transfer from 1 drive to another? Or can I do a similar process like you can with the 3DS SD cards on a PC?
  9. Me neither, that's one to add to the list. So just to recap I already have a Wii which has been set up for Homebrew. Would I need to apply the Homebrew again on the Wii U's vWii mode and then perform the system transfer after this? Assuming I already have the NAND backup ready from the SD card to restore my original Wii afterwards.
  10. Yeah I was thinking about how quick those Lightning Deals would put a damper on it. Plus I've been looking forward to getting the Bayonetta games (I sold the PS3 version as soon as they announced it would be on the WiiU) and I have a few spare portable drives ready to use as external storage. I've now ordered on there so that'll be something to look forward to for the beginning of the week!
  11. I think that may be the best deal for me to finally get one. I can't help but wonder whether Amazon will do anything similar when it comes to their Black Friday Deals. Might not be as good though.
  12. I only just found out about the first print edition last night. Was it actually available to pre-order? I got confused when I already saw it as sold out so soon on Nintendo's website. I thought maybe it was done on purpose for the pre-order madness. Is there a likelyhood Amazon would have this one considering Game also seems to have it as sold out?
  13. Hear hear! I only just realised this happens as I don't use it all that often and every now and again a friend tends to ask for a code. I only discovered it by seeing that my Orange Wednesday app kept crashing which was due to no credit. That bastard owes me! Does anyone know when they started introducing charges for it? I never remember having to pay not too long ago?
  14. Out of curiosity and granted I know it's a bit of an obscure comparison to make, how does the boredom factor/less interesting parts compare to that of a typical Godzilla film? I ask because I've started watching the back catalogue and I've only seen the first 5 films so far. I also remember when I was younger with the odd ones I've seen in the past they've been very dialogue heavy with a lot of human interaction. Is this very much the same thing?
  15. I'm going Man's Daddy on this one... Pisshead Tree! (PS3)
  16. Out of curiosity how are you checking the Streetpass hits? I've been using Mac Cycle on Windows 7 for a while now but I have to make a bit of guesswork when it reaches the maximum of 10 passes per MAC address so I'm always checking it basically. Does this work in the same way for you?
  17. Yeah the track is called "Take My Hand" from his album called Witchazel. I remember when first saw the pilot I instantly clicked it was from the album, I guess because I found it to be a memorable track. I never realised they made an official video for it:
  18. Yeah I've never gone for anything specific either when it comes to USB cables. I just search for the cheapest retractable one I can find on Amazon and never had any problems with them. I've been getting USB cable variations ever since the GBA SP, plus their travel friendly.
  19. Would you not need a ghost type move such as Mean Look which would automatically apply the move in battle? I remember certain creatures that have set moves that instantly apply in battle from the moment you encounter them. Not sure if this is any different in the new game though.
  20. I'm sorry to make this sound like a desperate plea especially as I've only just joined here but does anyone still have any of the Animal Crossing download codes? I recently registered a 3DS XL through Club Nintendo and noticed the offer is still partially going. I'm happy to make a trade with the Humble Bundle Nordic Games offer that's currently running?
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