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  1. Like others on here I opted for thoe Orzly screen protectors but I also bought some felt pads to fit inside the switch dock. Something like this: https://amzn.to/2T9rCDp It slightly tightens the grip when you fit it in the dock but to be honest I've gotten so used to it. I think it might actually be slightly easier to fit now with the number of times I've done it. Had no problems with it though.
  2. Current thoughts on it: Also found that they shat on the whole UNIT thing, yeah I thought it was a subtle Brexit dig too. The only second episode to not include opening titles. Are recon scouts a thing? I can only think of another episode with a Dalek-human hybrid being Evolution of the Daleks.
  3. I'm not sure what to make of it all, it's bad enough with the Paz spirit! I didn't notice anything mentioned on this topic but I managed to find some nice high quality shots of the panoramic poster and the Classic Mode mural: Is there a good place to get these on a canvas?
  4. I don't own that one but I recently got the GPD Pocket 2 which is more laptop based and I absolutely love it. I might try the same thing soon to test it out on streaming and then connect maybe a DS4 controller to it as an alternative.
  5. Is it intended to be a reboot or a MIB spinoff? Considering Emma Thompson was the head in the third film which is leading to the confusion.
  6. That annoying moment you get when you're playing as Ice Climbers and Crazy Hand beats you and you end up with 9.1 intensity :/ I remember how intimidating it was using the intensity meter on Smash for Wii U yet I like it better on this, I think it's because it progresses after 5.0 and I feel the incentive to complete the image. Unless I'm not looking properly but do echo fighters just unlock in the same way as the other characters?
  7. I'm surprised no one has mentioned Arkham City, wasn't that abandoned or something and used by the Joker?
  8. I'd like to know the same thing, I pre-ordered it from the South African eShop and according to their timezone they're 2 hours ahead of us I think? So would that mean I'd be able to play this around 10pm Thursday night if assuming it activates around midnight?
  9. It's a new toy for them to sell basically
  10. You people know how to convince me - ORDERED!
  11. I'm a bit more curious with that back story
  12. I'm guessing this is censored on Switch as well?
  13. I was getting Predator vibes from the alien villain - i.e. the teeth trophies and it almost felt like the writers wanted to expand on the lore if they did a Predator story.
  14. Is that the first time they've never done an opening title opening for a debut episode? Me and the Mrs were waiting for it to appear!
  15. Is anyone planning on getting this at all? https://www.pokemon.com/uk/pokemon-news/pick-up-a-shiny-poipole-at-smyths-toys/
  16. I have a little girl coming into the world in November and I imagine introducing her to my old NES and SNES consoles when she's a bit older and then gradually the other stuff as she goes along. I'm trying to think of it in the same way when I had my NES at 6 years old although I have a feeling she'll be a bit younger since she'll already be in a generation where tablets are almost the 'norm' now and I can't help but wonder whether that will spoil her instead. Ideally I don't want to introduce her to that first, I like the idea that she's starting off with something a bit more simpler, especially with the simple NES controls. Maybe I'm just being naive? Has this worked well with anyone else?
  17. I always loved the intro to Freddy vs Jason
  18. Does it have optional motion controls for the paint stuff? Or even touch screen style if playing in portable mode?
  19. Y'know I just realised something...you can now have a Captain N roster - at least in the sense of it being Simon Belmont, Pit and Megaman (R.O.B. can fill in for Gameboy).
  20. I know it's probably too early to say since it's not released yet, will this most likely get dubbed or just slightly different packaging wise? I'm tempted to get it for that price.
  21. I'm in the process of hopefully getting a Nintendo Switch soon after waiting to see whether anyone had any plans to get it for my Birthday yesterday (one can wish - at least some Birthday cash will help towards it instead). I couldn't see anywhere about this but does anyone know if I were to buy a pre-owned game and register it on the Switch to get Nintendo points would it still accept the points even if the previous owner aleady did this on theirs? I'm wondering whether each physical game has some sort of unique serial number attribute or something? I was hoping to get the console from CEX but I'm a bit reluctant of it's condition as there's a few things I want to get rid of and it would be ideal getting some money off of it. For games though it doesn't bother me in the same way.
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