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  1. I'm trying to get my head around how the ring-con thing works? I didn't think a standard joycon would detect pressure from something like that? Or is it detecting the pressure due to how you connect the joycon to it like some sort of expansion port?
  2. That's true, but I wonder whether it will be as versatile for compatibility such as PC, Android etc. Usually 8BitDo's stuff requires different button combinations depending on what you play them on, I don't know how that works with official ones though.
  3. Wait...what? Just get their GBros. Wireless Adapter for Switch which will also make them wireless OR you can connect a Gamecube controller for an added bonus! https://www.amazon.co.uk/8Bitdo-Wireless-Nintendo-GameCube-Controllers/dp/B07JLF9PVG Or do what I did and get their DIY kits to change them into Bluetooth controllers: https://shop.8bitdo.com/products/mod-kit-for-snes-classic-controller
  4. I noticed Genki are now working on a Kickstarter for an all-in-one style plug dock. It sounds like they've done their research on it, and it would mean we get something that's hopefully a good rival to Nintendo's USB-C plug. I'm tempted to back it, especially as I've heard good stuff on here in regards to their Bluetooth dongle.
  5. How does that work when I'm abroad though? I wanted to buy an official European AC adapter in Portugal to leave at my mother-in-laws whenever I go there but I haven't had any luck finding one. Instead I had to buy a USB style travel adapter from a store called Fnac that has those interchangeable heads and a USB to USB-C cable that I already had. I'm only using it to charge though if that's where the main difference is? I'm not planning on using it for docked mode whilst I'm there.
  6. ok, looks like its now up on Amazon.com so that might be a bit easier now: https://www.amazon.com/GODZILLA-SHOWA-ERA-1954-1975-Criterion-Collection/dp/B07VLJ9KB6/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8
  7. Thanks, are they good for import charges? Is that all included? When I used Bongo they never bothered to include the import fees and then I was left with a threatening DHL letter a few months later for it. Considering the cost of this set I'm expecting hefty fee on top of it.
  8. So is it likely that Godzilla set will make it to Amazon.com? I realised in sheer excitement after registering on Criterion that they only ship within the US . If Amazon don't is there a service that can ship to US addresses? I used to use a site called Bongo International a few years ago but it seems to have completely changed the way its service works.
  9. I saw this yesterday and the first thing that really stood out for me was how far the CG animation has come with these films. The intro with the toys in the rain really emphasised that and how the textures actually made them feel like toys against different elements. I also noticed that they've gone further out with how certain toys move, I know they've done similar stuff like this already, but I think it stood out when I saw it with Giggle McDimples. I can't help but wonder that they took ideas from the Lego movies and realised that they can add that "toy feel" to them just a bit further.
  10. Completely agree, biggest shock for me. I'd definitely say these have been one of the best mid and post credits scenes of the MCU movies.
  11. Which is now! The last box sets were already announced during the time of the other Avengers releases (even prior to them I believe?), you'd had thought they would already hint at something even if it's in a "TBA" status for the contents. We knew Far From Home was going to be the last for Phase 3, they could at least said something by this moment.
  12. I keep looking out for any news about this but I would had hoped by now they would announce a major Phase 3 box set? I guess they'll do it around the same time as the Phase 4 plan announcements?
  13. I received this email from Skull & Co today from their Indiegogo page which talks about a Switch "Mini" towards the end: https://link.indiegogo.com/view/5b6bec4440f86603b334ee7c5d1220b84843ea6b865daaa2/78a78c4c
  14. I think this is the part in the game it refers to:
  15. I already had this on PC but as soon as I heard this was coming to Switch I had to have it! I eventually gave up playing the PC version partially due to the frustration/other games coming along. I'm really glad I came back to this. I feel I've improved since the last time - I already have an A+ from the first flying stage which was unexpected! I don't feel as agitated as previous either, now that I have it on Switch I feel I can jump in and out of it in portable mode as I please depending on the mood I'm in.
  16. Yeah that's the reason why I got this as I wanted an additional dock elsewhere. Yeah I didn't bother with getting the plug as it wouldn't be any use for me either with that two pronged plug. I managed to try it with the official Nintendo plug for the Switch and it went into TV mode without a problem, it just threw me when it didn't automatically change over on the TV but that's no big deal. As far as I'm aware you will need one of those, I just ordered another official Nintendo one just to play it safe (and a good excuse to use my CEX vouchers on).
  17. I thought I'd give an update in regards to this dock that I ended up purchasing which came for me this week. It's pretty decent. I went for the Famicom design of the dock which seemed fitting with it's design: Really it's basically a small USB-C hub that comes with a shell dock which you can remove. I've yet to try TV mode on it as I realised the USB-C cable I used at the time didn't have the proper voltage so it could only charge whilst docked. Once I get this sorted though I'm pretty confident it will do well.
  18. I remember that feeling when I played Mario Kart 64 and went back to playing Mario Kart on the SNES - what a difference that was! Those Mode 7 tracks put me right off!
  19. I'm another happy bunny with buying those DIY kits towards the end of last year. I bought then for both my NES and SNES Mini Classics. I also bought them direct from 8BitDo and had no problems with customs charges. I have too many of those screwdrivers now though! I think I got at least 2 of them per box. If you're looking for the retro receivers though I'd recommend Ebay, I found the NES receivers a bit harder to find though and then followed by the SNES ones. The Mini Classic receivers seem to be the most common. Also be sure to update the firmware as soon as you get them! They seem to update their firmware quite often for these. One thing that I wanted to know is why they sell 2 different DIY kits for the Classic editions and for the original controllers? Is it simply that the boards are a different shape with different screw hole placements since the Classic Editions came out? I did email 8BitDo about it but they simply replied back saying they're 2 different items which wasn't much help.
  20. Spiceymike

    SNES Mini

    I love their stuff! I bought their PCB DIY kits to change those controllers into Bluetooth ones and bought the dongles separately to go with it. It's very straight forward, you basically press the front sync button on them which looks for a device and on the controllers you do a combination like START+B to make it sync to that particular one. It works across almost anything. I also have the receivers that work on the original NES and SNES.
  21. I think originally I found it on their resellers section of their website, not sure what the exact website was though but they list a few UK ones still: http://www.n2elite.com/Resellers/
  22. I still do! I have the N2 Elite (mine was still when it was called the Amiiqo). Never had any problems with it, came in really handy with Mario Odyssey. The only current problem is that they've gone lax again with updating their Android app, there's alternatives out there for this though.
  23. Exactly this, I always take his stuff with a pinch of salt when it comes to his movie ideas as eventually something seems to get scrapped down the line due to some underlying issue. Also in regards to this being funded by fans, wasn't he against that idea previously in general for his films?
  24. When I first read the topic post my main thought was with the last Harry Potter film, I always remember it as them being on the beach for most of the time until the finale.
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