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  1. Just an update on this, I contacted Limited Run Games as I looked at their description again and it states that the game is region free. They replied back to me just now saying they've had a few problems with people who have the Mattel version of the NES just like mine. So hopefully there's some soultion to it.
  2. I got this recently after a long pre-order, but sadly my PAL NES doesn't seem to play it. I thought maybe it would be region free of sorts so I'm assuming it's NTSC? What's the current best way of playing this on my PAL NES? I've seen guides suggesting to tweak the lockout chip but the guides seem slightly old and I wasn't sure if there's any recent methods of doing any NES mods etc.
  3. Thanks, I figured that was the case as it makes sense when it was recorded.
  4. It looks like the update that I got today fixed the issue thankfully, there were a few other bugs which I think were also addressed elsewhere. Anyway, I wanted to check how the 50 coin limit works per day. Say I already earn the 50 coin limit from some gyms for that day but still add another pokemon for a few hours and it gets knocked out in the early evening. I then decide not to check the game for the remainder of that day. If I was to then check the app the next day will those coins carry over? Or do they still count from the day before when the pokemon was knocked out from the gym? The reason I ask is I don't recall seeing it happen and typically I find if I check the app in the evening that tends to happen with the notification. I know that was a long-winded explanation but it's the best way I can think of understanding it.
  5. I noticed an annoying problem I'm now getting since I updated the app to 4.1 yesterday. It's whenever I highlight a Pokemon and transfer them it then jumps up to the top of my list rather than staying where it is in the list. Has anyone else had this problem?
  6. Because achievements didn't show for me on Game Pass for PC?
  7. I recently bought a repro cart of Pokemon Trading Card Game 2 with the fan translation. I want to change the cart shell itself with a Gameboy Color translucent cart as it came in a grey case but I want to look for a replacement sticker for the game of this label: Is there anywhere that does this label on it's own or a site where I might be able to find scans/images of it?
  8. I thoroughly enjoyed this, I'd say it was what I expected as soon as I saw the original trailer last year and didn't disappoint. I was determined to complete this before my Game Pass expired and finished this last night. I found the end section a bit annoying as to where to go but otherwise I quite liked the quirky concept of it. One thing I didn't quire understand though...
  9. Time for a resurrection! Another one for Gibson (but more shockingly for Bosworth):
  10. I absolutely love DVD features, especially as I find Blu Ray doesn't embrace them in the same way as DVD did with easter eggs, menu layout etc. I'd still say one of the standout DVD's in terms of menu's, features etc were the Terminator 2 Ultimate and Extreme edition DVD's. I even remember Kevin Smith doing some pretty good ones for his DVD's.
  11. Actually I forgot to ask for those who have the GB Color IPS mod. My understanding is that it makes use of the IR sensor to adjust the brightness via touch but does the IR sensor still work? I know it doesn't make use of many games but I wasn't sure if it disables the feature or if both still work in unison. I only ever recall using it with Pokemon Gold & Silver for the colour Pikachu pedometer.
  12. Yeah I've got the screwdrivers for those so that's not a problem, cheers.
  13. Cheers, give me a PM if you find any, I only need a couple.
  14. Hah! It looks like that Ebay link I posted are the RetroSix ones . But yeah there's a huge difference in price compared to their site, it gets bumped up with VAT and postage. I think those 3D printed brackets I was looking at are made by them as well. Looks like I'll be giving those screws a go. Thanks again!
  15. Thanks, I've seen some 3D printed ones on Ebay I might go for to give it a try. Where did you get your IPS screen from? Also, does anyone know where I can get some screws for the original DMG Gameboy? I managed to wear the 2 outer screws where the battery compartment is and I want something to replace them with. I've seen these but I'm not sure if the ends are too sharp for them: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Game-Boy-Console-Shell-Screws-Philips-Color-Pocket-Original-Advance-GBA-GBC/254582237921?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649
  16. I recently discovered about IPS screens and seen some videos on Youtube with some GBA SP mods so I thought I'd give it a go as a lockdown project. I'm really pleased with the way it turned out. I decided to do a reshell at the same time as I thought if I'm changing the screen I might as well make the most of it. I wanted something better than my original cobalt blue colour so I went for one of the aftermarket cases I saw on Ebay. I don't think it's a design I've ever seen that was official. I've been thinking of doing one for the Gameboy Color but I'm still unsure at the moment.
  17. I'm also playing this through Playstation Now with the 7 day trial but I think I'm going to pace this through. So far I've been doing what I call the "Assassins Creed" method of collecting, by collecting what's currently available before doing the next story missions. I find it's a bit more bite-sized instead of doing side missions right at the end all in one go. Even the collectibles I find enjoyable because there's nothing too repetetive. So far I've collected all of Peter's bags and currently visiting all the NY landmarks. I love how they included Marvel fictional buildings amongst the lot, "Oh look! It's the Alias Investigations building!". I'm also tackling the Kingpin buildings at the same time. They seem a bit tough but luckily there doesn't seem too many of them either.
  18. Yeah I know, but even so, still impressive!
  19. It still blows my mind they used Unreal Engine for The Mandalorian.
  20. Yeah luckily it wasn't too much of an issue, I think it was mainly when we were playing Lie Swatter it came across at how quick I was to respond to the answers and the same for that last round on YDKJ. One thing I forgot to mention is I noticed someone made a conversion of the UK version of YDKJ into a Javascript page as well as some of the other language versions which came out in 1995, they also seem to support multiplayer: https://www.ydkjs.eu/
  21. Mixer looks a lot like Twitch or is it something that works alongside these services?
  22. I did this at the weekend via Zoom, whilst it worked out well I found the screen share was lagging but no problems with the audio. I had my PC as the host and we connected our Fire Tablet to join the host in order to appear on camera, this was where I noticed this was lagging (and a good way to test). Our friends also confirmed there was a bit of lag but it seemed tolerable for them. I can't find any options in zoom to adjust the screen share settings such as frame rate etc. Has anyone found it better via the virtual webcam method? I don't want to make it feel like an unfair advantage with our guests when we have the PC in front of us.
  23. I thought some peeps might find this useful in regards to the Genki dock when I was talking about how difficult it is to change the travel adapter heads and if anyone else is buying one. I ended up messaging Human Things (the Genki people) on their Kickstarter page as there's no actual documentation as to how you change the heads. This is what they came back with: EDIT: I thought I'd just add to this rather than swamping another post on it. Their Kickstarter email just came through and mentioned this as well as a gif of how they do it:
  24. I had a Kickstarter email saying it had been dispatched and had a Royal Mail tracking number. For some reason though the tracking number never seemed to work and then lo and behold it arrived late last week. Once I checked the tracking number again on Royal Mail's site all the info was there, so I'm not sure why it didn't give me the progress prior.
  25. One thing I forgot to add was that they recommended USB-C 3.1 cables which is included, I think it's something to do with passing through as DisplayPort video.
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