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  1. I was under the impression it's PC only going by their IndieGoGo page and the Linus video, I was hoping the same though:
  2. https://3ds.hacks.guide/ This will get you started on how to use custom firmware for the 3DS. For the puzzles there's an application I found that can spoof coins which I ended up using to complete the puzzles.
  3. I imagine it's probably easier to get the remaining pieces with custom firmware now, that's what I eventually ended up doing.
  4. I noticed how slim he looked when he was in Black Widow, but didn't think it was anything related, such a shame .
  5. I've never known plasma lamps to go out like that, I'm only guessing the gas has gone, although I'm not sure how that works. The other thing I did originally was I stupidly blew the original US adapter so I've always used one of those adjustable AC/DC adapter things which seemed to be ok. I guess general wear and tear made it go.
  6. Speaking of the merchandise, I imported the US edition that had the plasma lamp almost 10 years ago and only within the past year made use of the lamp with my new desk...only to find yesterday the plasma/gas suddenly disappeared so only the blue LED's work. There's already a blue only LED switch so they work the same way now! Totally gutted though as I remember paying a shitload for the FedEx tax and the hassle to get it imported as they didn't ship to the UK.
  7. I pondered that too, it felt a bit open-ended for the finale.
  8. I'm willing to give it another viewing for the benefit of the doubt, it didn't keep me invested and I couldn't help but have it as background noise whilst I did other stuff and looking every now and again at what was going on. I think even with multiple viewings I would still put this at the bottom of my MCU list.
  9. I noticed in episode 5 that Clive McNally and Barry Fuqu seem closely related...
  10. Doesn't seem that convoluted surely? (not my hands btw) - the fingers on the right hand can still reach the Z-trigger, I guess the standard method of the left hand in the middle never felt comfortable to me. Either that or this was an alternative...
  11. Sorry, another vote here for the N64 pad. I bring this up because I dusted off my N64 the other day to try out my new Everdrive and I completely don't miss it at all. I've never, ever held it the proper way either yet never found it uncomfortable with my left thumb stretched across the analogue stick, to me it was my natural way of playing it. I recently bought the wireless Brawler 64 pad and it's a HUGE difference! Not to mention it feels so much lighter. It felt like a long time coming for a decent wireless controller for it.
  12. I just finished the last 3 episodes this afternoon and felt a bit slightly underwhelmed by this as well. I can't help but feel there was a Covid separation going on by how they were filming things. I felt like he filmed certain US sections whilst he did "What we did in the Shadows" and the other "US" parts within the UK. I wasn't quite sure what they were going for it yet I'm still compelled to see another series if it surfaces.
  13. You do realise in 20+ years these questions will be answered, especially when our kids will be "nostalgic" for it and most likely that movie will have live action versions of everyone.
  14. I'm certain I recall seeing someone make a post a few years ago of a link that had good quality videos of previous Gamesmaster episodes available to download. I've tried doing searches on here but I can only see the archive.org ones and I don't remember it being those. I thought I had them downloaded but none of my archived drives seem to have them anywhere. Does the link still exist?
  15. "Aahh, when young love dies...they're dead!"
  16. I thoroughly enjoyed it, I felt it was a reboot done in the right way and made me think back to how I used to react to GamesMaster challenges on TV back in the day. A good length of time to boot also! How does it work for the licensing of showing games though? I remember Dara O'Brien's Go 8-Bit had that issue didn't it?
  17. I thought it might be Jeanne? Seemed to fit right with the blonde style hair and the fact that she was the other Umbra Witch that changed her style in the same way Bayonetta did.
  18. It felt quite refreshing to catch Karate Kid Part 3 on Channel 4 the other week as a good catch up for what's in store for this new season, I had a feeling it was only a matter of time until the trailer dropped.
  19. Given what's now happened from this last episode, would this up and coming live show be some sort of continuation? His autobiographies seem to be the only other form of continuation I can think of outside of the TV stuff.
  20. Didn't he say it was from his "mate Michael"? I had to play it back as it was one of those double take moments...
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