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  1. This is almost unbearable
  2. Right, it's a fairly shit situation for @Swainy to be in here, knowing that whatever he and the pod team do will be the wrong thing in some eyes, not to mention finding out that someone you have associated with fairly closely is a fucking sicko. Purging the episodes and moving on is prob the best thing, it's fairly trivial to find out who it is anyway if you really want to know.
  3. what a 2nd half performance
  5. @bradigor have we talked about potential tattoos if the quadruple comes in? Edit: and Everton go down
  6. Could have been talking about the bogs in the old main stand if you just read the first line
  7. Would prob be easier if Aramco wasn’t all over everything. Wouldn’t be surprised if a few drivers refuse to travel there next season
  8. Really hope the drivers unite and take a stand here
  9. SIGN ME UP It's going to be HAM RUS VER isn't it plus bonus over the line radio "this is for everyone back at the factory who worked so hard this week to overcome the deficit (that was real and not just us sandbagging honest)"
  10. I think K-Mag will finish in the top ten
  11. How about some hilariously inaccurate totally nailed-on predictions before the season gets under way! Russell wins the first race Carlos Sainz wins the championship Hamilton, Alonso and Vettel all retire at the end of the season Danny Ric leaves for IndyCar at the end of the season Norris and Stroll both win races Haas scores at least 1 podium
  12. F1TV + a VPN is a good option as well
  13. If only there was another American waiting in the wings to sweep up a potential F1 entry in distress
  14. I would imagine we wont see that livery (and possibly Mazepin after tomorrow) again
  15. TINFOIL HATS ASSEMBLE Lewis wins #8 and heads off into the sunset Mercedes sign Lando to partner George next year Pato O-Ward into the open McLaren seat
  16. Lewis & Max 100% coming together in the race
  17. Yep, and of course we are heading into a major rule change off the back of the best F1 season in years where the field is finally stating to equalize a bit. If they nail this rule change so the cars can follow each other closely and nobody has found a gap in the rules to exploit it could be great.
  18. Nick_L


    Grosjean might win this
  19. I've always thought that his actions in 94 and 97 were also in part down to the fact that he couldn't stand losing the title to a very much inferior driver. In 94 Hill was only in with a shout because Schumacher was banned for 2 races and disqualified from one, in 97 Villeneuve had vastly superior machinery and still only just scraped the title at the last race. Never pulled the same shit with Hakkinen or Alonso.
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