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  1. I'm pretty sure a deal for Gene Haas to sell the team to Mazepin Snr is already done. It'll be official and re-branded once the ban on Russian athletes in world sport is done (end of this year IIRC, convenient!)
  2. Murray should just go all in on the doubles circuit with his brother, everyone loves a good sibling doubles team
  3. Nick_L


    C’mon Ericsson!
  4. You can play it in a browser on archive.org here: https://archive.org/details/msdos_Cruise_for_a_Corpse_1991
  5. Nick_L


    Grosjean was outstanding today, His move on Rossi was insane. Seems like Indycar really suits his driving style, once everything clicks he’s going to win a few races this year. Magnussen also did a great job before his car let him down, especially considering his very limited running. Almost feels like we are entering an Indycar golden age.
  6. Bottas is driving like a man that’s had some news so I wouldn’t be too surprised if that happens
  7. Nick_L


    Yeah that wasn’t cool Lord Marcus Ericsson bringing it home for Sweden was awesome! and lolz at someone called Will Power suffering a loss of power
  8. Did anyone see the F1 E-Sports Race JV took part in last season (and won EDIT: he didn't win, finished 6th, my bad) Interviews after the race were classic, all the drivers there in there insane sim rigs, cuts to JV sat at his kitchen table in-front of a mid-2010's Dell Inspiron with a 360 controller
  9. Nick_L


    The teams can run different liveries on each car which doesnt help
  10. Nick_L


    He nailed both rolling starts so far and he's looking good out front
  11. Another certified banger from lord Yuzo Koshiro SNES: ActRaiser - Stage 1
  12. Mercedes don't have a strong incentive to replace Bottas when: They win both championships every year He doesn't ruffle feathers in the team / with Lewis He doesn't have a habit of smashing cars up too often If they miss out on the constructors this year because he's a bit shit then it might be a different story
  13. I’m another in the “likes Russell not a Bottas fan” camp but have to say I feel this was George’s fault. Bottas had every right to defend his position (and did, lightly) George didn’t react in time, put a wheel on the grass and the rest is history.
  14. Nick_L


    Grosjean is doing ok
  15. Queen, Live Aid Metallica, Moscow 1991 (Monsters of Rock, reported to be up to a million people in attendance)
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