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  1. I had this on the Amstrad and thought it was amazing Looking back on it now I'm not so sure
  2. Joke's on us, his uncle works for Sinclair in America and he's already played the Vega+ 2.
  3. Nick_L

    Formula One - 2018 Season

    Every episode has been great but that was one of my favorites, does make you wonder what might have been with him.
  4. Checked online rather than via my online banking app and you are right, it's just a pending charge. LET THE PRE-ORDERS COMMENCE!
  5. I've been charged for my pre-order already
  6. Nitro and Hot Rod on the Amiga
  7. Good point, hadn't considered that I'm still optimistic, lookout for that smokemonster firmware release
  8. Yeah everdrives will be all good. There will also be “unofficial” (but totally not by the same guy that wrote the official firmware, honest) firmware out in about a day that’ll play roms from the sd card slot
  9. Yeah - if its anything like their previous products (and I'm sure it is) they'll keep this pre-order phase open for a length of time then manufacture enough to fill those orders.
  10. Me too! JPN version of course
  11. Crap didn't see this in all my excitement! (will delete my thread) Hope the site comes back soon so I can pre-order
  12. Nick_L

    Best Homebrew mod of commercial game

    Yeah there are open source versions of everything you need now, no need for the original files.
  13. Nick_L

    Best Homebrew mod of commercial game

    Good shout on OpenTTD, it's brilliant. A Link To The Past / Super Metroid Crossover Randomizer - this is utterly brilliant, especially if you love LTTP / Super Metroid. Basically, both the games are combined with locations that transport you between the two games (map rooms in SM, fortune teller caves in LTTP etc) The items for both games are in randomized locations across both games (so items for Zelda could be in Metroid and vice versa) so some serious exploration is required. There is logic built in to ensure that each seed is completable. It's amazing fun and well worth checking out.
  14. Nick_L

    A great gaming track a day

    Another childhood favorite. Game was shit, intro music good. Buggy Boy was on the same (totally legit of course) disk

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