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  1. I can act as a proxy shipper for you if you want to hoover up a load of the cheaper US carts
  2. One step closer to that tattoo @bradigor
  3. Just want to confirm you are still up for this @bradigor I'll come along for the ride as well (and pay for the tattoo) and I live in America. Reds day out indeed
  4. Very solid season overall, the first in several years where I have watched almost every race. Can only think of France / Canada / Abu Dhabi being genuinely boring. Russell, Lando and Albon have been a breath of fresh air, as well as the successful Red Bull Honda partnership. Cautiously optimistic for the future
  5. Jet Set Willy - Atari 8-Bit. Utterly shit conversion but a great track from Lord Rob Hubbard
  6. 2020 Williams testing early I see
  7. well that was a satisfying couple of mins
  8. yeah Hulk isn't going to Williams, that seat is going to the highest bidder (I think it'll be Latifi as well) Kubica does still have some decent personal sponsors so he'll probably end up as 3rd/development driver somewhere (Racing Point would be a good bet) Hulk might have an agreement with Ferrari if Vettel throws in the towel at the end of this year.
  9. Did pulled pork on the traeger yesterday, turned out awesome. Got a 5lb cut of pork butt, cut it into more manageable pieces, trimmed the excess fat and used a basic Montreal steak style dry rub then put it in the fridge overnight. Stuck it on the traeger at about 8am: Took it off about 4 hours later, wrapped it in foil and poured about a cup of apple juice into each foil pouch then stuck it back in: Left if for another 6 hours or so and took it out and let it sit in the foil for about 45mins. Turned out amazing, literally just fell apart Delicious!
  10. Least surprising news ever. Guess they never came up with that 2nd sponsorship payment
  11. Yeah doesn't say a lot for the junior program really. I think Toto is bigging Ocon up and saying how great he is in the hope that another team (prob Renault) take him on. Another scenario I can see is Verstappen moving to Merc if it's offered to him - that would cause a domino effect in the driver market for sure. Edit: I'm coming across a proper Ocon hater here - nothing against him but he hasn't shown superstar qualities IMO, he hardly put Perez (who is a solid driver to be fair) to bed at Force India
  12. That was kind of my thinking. I'm sure he's already doing sim work for Ferrari/Alfa and he's obviously going to end up driving one of the red cars one day unless he completely goes off the boil. Get him in an Alfa, have Kimi mentor him a bit, get used to the way things work in a slightly lower pressure environment. Yep If Ocon was the future of Mercedes he'd be driving that Williams. Kubica hasn't exactly been a good benchmark for Russell but he looks to be a pretty solid driver.
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