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  1. That was a shitty move as well but I can kind of understand it - it was the beginning of the season where every point could still matter. Yesterday just made Max look like a complete bellend Part of me hopes Perez is like "lol, fuck you guys, ive won a couple of races and made some money, im off"
  2. I can appreciate a good bit of shithousery in sport but Horner and Helmut Marko do come across as whiney bellends pretty often
  3. Yup, you just know the punishment is going to be something like "were excluding Red Bull from the 2021 constructors championship" which nobody cares about
  4. Aparantly the whole Williams team have been summoned to the announcement so you would think it's something big - sold to Andretti maybe? Prob just be a sponsorship deal with unilever or something
  5. Piastri managed by Mark Webber Mark Webber and Alonso both managed by
  6. Absolutely nothing from the Pisatri side confirming this.. I love a good F1 conspiracy theory Imagine if he wakes up like U WOT M8? and just announces he's signed somewhere else (like McLaren)
  7. Probably saves Danny Ric for 2023 EDIT: mosseatingpopcorn.gif
  8. Well I for one am completely shocked by Alonso's behavior here. and when I say shocked I mean not shocked at all
  9. I was at that race (even made it onto the podium)
  10. Nick_L


    Fixed for you
  11. Nick_L


  12. Nick_L


    That’s harsh on Ericsson for sure, had that in the bag
  13. Nick_L


    This caution could ruin it
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