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  1. Nick_L

    Formula One 2021

    Gene Haas definitely selling to Mazepin Sr before the year is out
  2. Nick_L

    Formula One 2021

    BAT (British American Tobacco) previously of British American Racing fame.
  3. I would imagine you can probably search some kind of internet archive org or similar for some results
  4. I think that was probably deliberate as they knew a few would get cancelled and drop off
  5. I'm using the Smokemonster packs on my FXPAK PRO - I manually added the required files to get the SGB2 working (there are only 2 files needed, but need to have specific names)
  6. or getting a tattoo
  7. Cool let me know, the entire folder with all the required files is only about 5mb The Super Gameboy stuff works great, haven't run into any problems with it at all
  8. Yeah 32k is fine for the card. You need to have the relevant bios/bin files in the sd2snes folder on your card for the expansion chip support to work (newer firmware supports Super Gameboy 2 as well) I can give you a copy of mine if that helps
  9. The dragstrip on the frozen lake that only appears during the winter season counts as a road, but not towards the achievement IIRC
  10. ^ The meme that just keeps on giving
  11. Gene Haas will have sold the team to Mazepin’s dad before the season starts F1 should have stepped and revoked his super license in instead of saying “it’s a haas problem lol” doesn’t exactly look good for the whole We Race As One and W Series promotion. (Neither does racing in Saudi Arabia to be fair)
  12. Regarding in-cart expansion chips The SNES was architected from the beginning to take advantage of this and offset processing away from the main CPU (just like the famicom) - one of the earliest 'tech demo' titles Firefly (which became Pilotwings) used an in-cart expansion chip (DSP-1) The SA-1 chip used in some of the later games like Kirby Super Start and Mario RPG is more powerful than the main CPU in the console itself. It's entirely possible that if a raytracing focused expansion chip was released during the consoles lifespan we would have titles released taking ad
  13. Lewis has tested negative and will race this weekend
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