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  1. It's been a while, but I think there is a dragstrip on the frozen lake that only shows up in the winter season, that counts as a road
  2. Holy shit, I can’t believe he wasn’t seriously injured in that
  3. I really reccomend the Mega Everdrive Pro, it'll be great value with 20% off. You can then enjoy all of the amazing grainy early 90's FMV that the Mega CD provides without needing an actual Mega CD. Behold this low quality video I just prepared on my iPhone (and I know my TV looks like its on the piss here, I assure you it isn't) so you can see it in all its glory
  4. You can also buy them direct from Amazon (black Friday sale applies there as well) I’m going to upgrade my original ED64 to an X7 I think. I have the Mega Everdrive Pro and the FXPAK Pro, happy to answer any questions on either
  5. Absolutely, there is only around 800GB available out of the box and that's going to fill up pretty quick. I'm tempted to buy the expansion card but I'm sure there will be larger option in the future
  6. Wooo! (don't have any pets, sorry)
  7. Got to get involved in these rllmuk release day shenanigans as usual, it's tradition. My guy needs to speed up a bit::
  8. Montreal is also a temporary circuit, so they have to fit it in when it works with the city etc
  9. Waiting for Helmut Marko to be like “we haven’t made a decision on drivers for next year” while wearing a sombrero
  10. Think it's a little bit of both . I think Perez will end up in the 2nd Red Bull seat, Kyvat & Albon are out unless Tsunoda fails to get his superlicense - in that case I can see Albon back at AT
  11. Spent a good few hours messing around with this last night, there isn't anything I've come across that doesn't work. The intro video to Double Switch was a bit choppy (that could easily be the image I'm using) but in-game was fine. Let me know if you want to see anything specific, but really happy with it so far.
  12. Seems to work great with the Mega SG so far. I'm using the "Sega Cd Redump Set" (that if there was some internet archive as such, maybe an org, a search there might have some results ) and everything is working so far.
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