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  1. It might be due to his theatrical training.
  2. The Purge. In the near future society decides that killing is legal for one night of the year. Such a strong idea at the core that a number of sequels and a tv show can build out from the core premise.
  3. Really good small scale story that takes place in a single location for the third episode.
  4. 2015 1. Mad Max: Fury Road 2. The Witch 3. The Martian 2016 1. Deadpool 2. War Dogs 3. Raw 2017 1. Blade Runner 2049 2. What Happened to Monday 3. Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets 2018 1. Avengers: Infinity War 2. Hereditary 3. Mission: Impossible – Fallout 2019 1. Midsommar 2. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood 3. Avengers: Endgame 4. John Wick: Chapter 3 5. Joker 6. Burning 7. Knives Out 8. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker 9. Captain Marvel 10. Us
  5. 2010 1. Inception 2. Shutter Island 3. Due Date 2011 1. Drive 2. The Raid 3. Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows 2012 1. Dredd 2. The Dictator 3. Avengers 2013 1. Coherence 2. The Wolf of Wallstreet 3. The Purge 2014 1. Nightcrawler 2. I Origins 3. Edge of Tomorrow
  6. What did you not like about it? I watched it a few years ago and enjoyed it as much as the other two.
  7. 1995 1. Se7en 2. The Usual Suspects 3. Casino 1996 1. Sleepers - harrowing story told with such restraint and respect. Special mention to the excellent cast 2. Mission: Impossible 3. Primal Fear 1997 1. Gattaca - the message about the power of the human spirit over genetics really resonated with me. Added benefit that it told a sci-fi story that could very much come into current reality. 2. Donnie Brasco - excellent central relationship between the two leads 3. Starship Troopers - pulled the wool over so many people's eyes including its own cast 1998 1. The Big Lebowski 2. American History X - gloves off look at racism. Could never look at a curb the same way again. 3. Rounders - Edward Norton could do no wrong this decade 1999 1. Fight Club - 4th Edward Norton movie for me and my favourite of his 2. The Matrix 3. The Ninth Gate - subverted my expectations towards the end
  8. @Ork1927 Amazing job man. Appreciate the time, effort and passion you have put into these lists and commentaries.
  9. 1990 1. Goodfellas 2. Total Recall 3. Back to the Future III 1991 1. The Silence of the Lambs 2. Terminator 2: Judgement Day 3. My Own Private Idaho 1992 1. Malcolm X 2. Reservoir Dogs 3. Wayne's World 1993 1. Groundhog Day 2. Demolition Man 3. Falling Down 1994 1. The Shawshank Redemption 2. Dumb and Dumber 3. Pulp Fiction
  10. Meg Myers Amazing throwback to the 90s alternative rock chick.
  11. 2005 1. Lord of War - my second favorite Andrew Niccol film after Gattaca. One of the best openings with an iconic line about arming the population from Nicholas Cage 2. Batman Begins - after the debacle of Batman and Robin, Christopher Nolan brought the Batman franchise back to a gritty realistic tone. Excellent origin story about the caped crusader. 3. Constantine - wish there was a sequel. One of my favorite comic book worlds. Very clever what they did with Tilda Swinton's character. 2006 1. Borat 2. Children of Men 3. The Prestige 2007 1. Zodiac 2. Sunshine 3. 1408 2008 1. In Bruges 2. Forgetting Sarah Marshall 3. Iron Man 2009 1. Triangle - wonderful mystery that can be interpreted in a variety of different ways. Needs to be watched multiple times. Melissa George came a long way from her Home and Away days 2. Drag Me to Hell - Sam Raimi expertly balances horror and comedy. Everyone in the cinema cracked up at the here, here kitty scene. 3. Anvil! The Story of Anvil - one of the best music documentaries you can ever wish to see. My favorite scene is near the beginning where the main protagonist pushes the owner of the bar up to the wall and demands to be paid. 2009 was by far the hardest year for me to choose from. Can't believe there wasn't space for Sherlock Holmes, Inglourious Basterds, A Perfect Getaway, Bruno and Moon
  12. 2000 1. American Psycho 2. Memento 3. Gladiator 2001 1. Mulholland Drive 2. Blow 3. Fellowship Of The Ring 2002 1. 25th Hour 2. The Two Towers 3. Frailty 2003 1. Return of the King 2. High Tension 3. Matchstick Men 2004 1. Spider-Man 2 2. Team America: World Police 3. Collateral
  13. Really didn't understand Argentina's tactics in that game. Their squad is top heavy in the strikers department, so the manager decided not to play any of them. They opted for a more defensive formation and still let in 4 goals, playing a high defensive line when France have some pacey forwards. France played well throughout whilst Argentina never had any flow to their game and relied on individual talent to score their goals.
  14. If Spain hadn't equalised would they have gone out?
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