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  1. If I had planned to pre-order I'd be happy with it as a freebie/added extra, but it's not something that would make me pre-order.
  2. I imagine that there are some sorry souls out there who hate football so much that a download code for a football game is a turn off! The launch line-up looks strong. I won't be day one for either of the new consoles, but I'll be very interested to see the opinions of those who are. I think the £429 RRP in the UK is still to high to attract much more then the typical day one buyer. I can see a post launch lull like the PS3 had in hardware sales unless they find a way to reduce that RRP.
  3. I can't believe anyone thinks one of the biggest franchises in gaming based on the most popular sport in the world is more of a niche title than some puzzle game. I guess the truth is they can't afford to discount the hardware. Game bundles to give the illusion of added worth has long been a marketing strategy the console manufacturers and retailers have used. It's not going to sway anyone with no interest in that title, but at retail can be used as a tool to convince people that the XBone value is closer to the PS4. In all honesty I'm not sure how much good bundling would do for any console at launch, as day one buyers aren't exactly known for looking at the cost impact. I guess if they are sure they can get units in shops they may be aiming this at the Xmas present for the kids market.
  4. I'm more amused that on various forums many seem to think Sony are still holding back some big name launch exclusive reveals. I'd bet any new games they reveal would be no more than glorified tech demos and many months if not years from release. Any new games that are aimed around the launch period/early next year that haven't already been announced are bound to be small indie titles.
  5. I swore I wasn't going to get caught up in the GTA hype again, but that looks utterly amazing. Is it September yet?
  6. I really enjoy this show and I look forward to the new series, but I can never watch an episode without wanting to stuff my face with cake.
  7. I went to a pizza making class in NYC a couple of years ago. I'd always had problems with getting the dough right when making pizza, but the recipe they showed me has been fool proof so far and tastes great. Since doing that course I make pizza fairly regularly. The dough freezes well too, which means making a batch of dough and just defrosting what you need when you need it making home made pizza time all the easier. If anyone wants the recipe I can post it tonight when I get home. They also gave us a recipe for a nice and extremely simple pizza sauce that I've also tended to use. Doublethemeat - Your pizzas look great.
  8. AA batteries on a controller sounds awful to me. I've never had an issue with either my Sixaxis or DS3 pads battery life.
  9. I'd imagine a lot of Skys subscription numbers come from their stranglehold on sports, particularly the Premiership. That along with the whole BB/phone/TV packaging aspect, which is why most folk I know have Sky or Virgin. Netflix have done brilliantly picking up Breaking Bad, but as pointed out they did so for the UK market with absolutely zero competition. It really is shocking that none of UK channels took a risk with this over the last few years. This show must be one of the real word of mouth hits as far as the UK market is concerned.
  10. Neither for me, GTAV and GT6 should keep me busy enough until next year. Plus holding off for a few months until after the initial launch hype has cooled off it'll be interesting to read users experiences of the system, rather than the pre-launch hype and speculation. My days of being day one are long gone, after a few too many many day one regrets.
  11. I'm another one that isn't a big fan of the Fly episode. Most definitely a filler episode. It was dull enough on one viewing I doubt I could make it through a re-watch.
  12. I can understand that Skylar is not a popular character. I feel the big mistake the show made with Skylar was the , as it was a bit of a cliché and don't think the audience needed a vehicle to be in the support Walt camp.
  13. Certain aspects of Nintendo and how they've done things since the N64 have been baffling, but then they certainly have still made plenty of money despite what many of us feel about their attitude to hardware and software developments within the company over the years. My own personal feelings about this from someone who is admittedly a lapsed Nintendo fan are: 1. The third party support issue. It's been varying degrees of weak since the N64, but they've never seemed to successfully get this issue resolved. I'd say the Gamecube was about the closest they came to resolving this, possibly as it was sort of like-for-like with the PS2/Xbox, but even that had some glaring misses (here's looking at you GTA games). I know many will trot out the buying for first party games only line, or second console defence but that just doesn't sit with me. I know of many one console per generation type households, and last gen for the first time ever became one of those myself. There's no getting away that poor third party support is an issue that should be addressed. 2. They how did they miss this one? 2.1 The FPS. The N64 had some stone cold classics despite some of the abuse that was thrown it's way during the often barren spells between releases. Two of those classics pretty much sparked interest in an entire genre for console gamers, Goldeneye and Perfect Dark. That's right, Nintendo hardware and exclusives pretty much defined the FPS on consoles before Halo took up the mantle with the Xbox release. Sure there were FPS games on the Playstation, but every single Playstation only gamer cast an envious eye over to those Rare classics and wished they had something of that quality on their system. We're now three home consoles on and Nintendo have never appeared to address the sales losing those. You could possibly claim the Metroid Prime series, but that always played like an Adventure game with an FPS perspective than a true FPS. 2.2 Race me.The Gran Turismo affect. Microsoft knew from day one they had to counter the new kid on the block of driving games on consoles that was Gran Turismo. Every N64 magazine back in the day touted the next driving game 'GT Beater' that never arrived. Nintendo just ignored the entire bloody thing. 2.3 Diversity. The N64 Nintendo software published list looking back appears more diverse that what we are offered now. We had 1080, F-Zero, Wave Race, Starfox, Excite Bike, Killer Instinct, Blast Corps etc. I can only assume that they believe there are no money to be made in titles like this or resources are better spent on other projects, but this lack of diversity is another issue for me. I hope the Wii U is a success, but I think we're looking at a Gamecube scenario sales wise, maybe even worse than that. I'm willing to be proved wrong but I think Wii U Fit will bomb, that ship has sailed. There is no buzz about the Wii U like there was for the Wii. As much as some gamers hated "waggle", the public at large were amazed by it. Many tired of it quickly and there are no doubt a good few consoles covered in dust no longer used, but for a couple of years it was cultural phenomenon. I'd even go as far to say that I think Mario Kart will do little more than shift a few extra units to the old Nintendo fans that haven't jumped on the Wii U train yet. To entice someone like me back they need to address some of those issues I've raised. I love Nintendo games, but I also love sports games, and realistic racers and a good FPS. I've never seen how you have to be one or the other. I also know like last gen that this gen I'll pick up one console and that'll be it. I'm in the undecided camp and won't be day one for either the PS4 or Xbox One. The Wii U is still an option for me, but not if Nintendo carry on as they are even if I would really like to play Pikmin 3.
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