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  1. True that, it's the reason many thought they'd go and get Romo before he announced he was calling it a day.
  2. I wish I had enjoyed this as much as most here. This is one of the biggest disappointments I've had at the cinema. I loved the first film, this I'd rank as one of the worst in the Marvel series. The humour mostly fell flat for me. Far too much of it, and it felt forced ending up making characters like Drax nothing but a gag machine with no character. The music was the definition of bland this time around. The story was absolute bobbins and lacked any depth, interest or character development. What attempts they made at character development were heavy handed and felt like the script writing and direction was done by a 12 year old boy. Also other than a couple of scenes the baby Groot stuff got tired very quickly and they use one of the only two decent scenes he's in is in the bloody trailer. The film was a complete mess. First film in years where I could have easily walked out the cinema half-way through a film. Such a disappointment.
  3. The standard of the SPL is dire, but fair play to Rodgers going unbeaten and dropping as few points as they have is still a fair achievement. From Celtic supporters I've talked with the biggest thing they credit him for is the improvement in certain players since he's taken over, so no matter what the quality of the opposition he seems to be getting the coaching of the squad sorted.
  4. We do seem to have drafted in positions that needed addressing. I did see some fans upset at not going for Watt, but most seem happy with the draft so far. Although we just picked a third RB! Plenty of competition in camp this year.
  5. That Idles album is superb. They have a sound that should be awesome live.
  6. I read the last time we traded down we picked Jordy, so fingers crossed we unearth some real talent. I don't follow the college game so never have a good idea about who we should be going for. I just know positionally areas we are weak that need addressed. I've read this draft is loaded with CB talent, which I really hope is true.
  7. I'll be interested to see what our plans (Packers) are after giving up that first round pick. Sure we only dropped back a few picks, but it does seem like a strange move.
  8. Meat Wave gig last night. They put on a great show, but I had hoped they'd play a longer set. The set only lasted 45/50 minutes and they have more than enough material now to play a longer set.
  9. JohnnyNolan

    Yakuza 0

    I'd heard the odd person here and there mention the previous games, but I knew very little about them. In general outside small pockets of gaming forums they seem to attract little attention. To be honest I only picked this one up as it was on sale in the PSN store and I read on here that playing the previous games wasn't required. It's probably only been discounted as it seems to have been released at the same time as a good few other highly rated but more prominent titles.
  10. I see Peterson has found his championship team in the Saints. Has he watched a Saints game in recent years? Their defence must be up there among the worst in the NFL. I do love Drew Brees though.
  11. I'll go and see it on Tuesday, as that's cheap git night at the local cinema. It's a bank breaking £4.25.
  12. I thought GotG was the one of the best along with Winter Soldier. I thought Civil War was nearly as bad as Age of Ultron.
  13. Those are the exact sort of games I expect us to drop points in this season. I'd be more optimistic if we have Chelsea, Spurs, Man City and Utd lined up.
  14. I thought that was the weakest episode of this series. The star segment as it is now really impacts the studio sections and when you have somebody who is a charisma void like Jay Kay it really drags that part of the show down. The Bernie bit was just bizarre. The car-boat would have been interesting if they'd followed it's development, rather than what they showed. I did find myself struggling to maintain interest with that one.
  15. There's certainly some truth in that. Although the goals yesterday came from Lovren trying to nip in in-front to steal the ball and failing massively. Not long after Klopp had being screaming at Milner for doing the exact same thing. Then the most static defence at a corner I've ever seen. It wasn't even a good corner.
  16. JohnnyNolan

    Yakuza 0

    I can see where you are coming from, but I have to admit I'm enjoying chapter 2 more than the first. I think partly in thanks to those here who explained a few of the games design choices that I hadn't picked up on. I also did the Producer side quest, which as long and dull. The other two side quests I did were completely bonkers and I found them much more enjoyable. Although I'm glad I had the evening to myself and didn't have to explain why I was training a dominatrix in front of children, or spend time trying to stop school girls selling their underwear! I've only just reached the point were I seem to have certain points in the map I need to get too in order to progress the main story. There was a lot of aimless wandering trying to get information in this chapter, which I think had I just been wanting to progress the main story I would have found extremely annoying. I've used it to figure out some of the quirks of the game for someone new to the series. After the issues I had in chapter 1 I'm enjoying this more now. The games does in many ways feel old and clunky, but I've been having some fun with it now. On the fighting styles. Is it better to focus on one style for your upgrades, or try and upgrade them all evenly? I've been trying to evenly upgrade them, but almost always use one fighting style so far.
  17. Our defense is shockingly bad, individually and collectively. This isn't a top four squad. I'd be shocked if we clinched it.
  18. The Browns London game will be broadcast. That's if you're not going to the game anyway.
  19. Schedules for next season are out now. Packers have a tough opening month. Need to get that D sorted out.
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