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    Yakuza 0

    I'm only on chapter 10. The game is very addictive. Good to to know you can carry on playing after completing the main story. I might try and progress that rather than getting caught up in the side story stuff. Although Mrs N has decided Majima is an idiot if he doesn't ask that Yuki lassie out!
  2. I'd agree with that. I've tried it a couple of time when in Chicago. The real Chicago deep dish stuff is just really stodgy. If you want to feel bloated with little enjoyment in eating then that's the thing to order.
  3. I was at the Priests last night. Fantastic gig. Although I was pissing myself laughing at all the numbnuts flocking to the merchandise table any time the lead singer when near it. Lads, you have no fucking chance. None.
  4. He played for Celtic. Doubt he'd be a popular choice with the Ibrox loyal.
  5. Easily. Don't think I ever look at my phone while out at gigs.
  6. I'm not even thinking of the qualifier yet. I'm more interested in what we do this transfer window. This is a huge transfer window for a number of clubs.
  7. This is terrible again. Really how many good performances have we put in since the turn of the year?
  8. On the replay his ankle was clipped, but outside the box. I must admit on viewing it in real time I thought it looked a penalty. Lucky escape.
  9. He fucked off Klopp with his attitude. No matter how good a player is if you try and pick a fight within the manager you're out. I think Klopp is right on that one.
  10. Did the scouts get lost on the way to Southampton?
  11. JohnnyNolan

    Yakuza 0

    I'm still on chapter seven. I might have gotten slightly side tracked by the club management game and a few side stories. At this rate I might finish the game sometime in 2019! Although after around 25 hours or so of playing I have now found out you can sell stuff in the pawn shops, and that some of the "pointless" gifts you get are actually worth a fortune.
  12. Middlesbrough, not Sunderland. Hard to read much from that game. West Ham looked like they were on the beach already. Score line was about right on the balance of play, but how the ref missed that penalty is anyone's guess. We certainly caught a break with that one.
  13. If we can't beat a very mediocre West Ham side and a team that's already been relegated then we're a joke. Arsenal and Utd have done everything in their power to let us have that fourth place finish.
  14. I think we've been poor since the turn of the year with the odd decent performance here and there. We're only still in the top four as other teams around us have been poor/inconsistent too. The squad needs serious work. We do have a strong first eleven, but injuries and suspensions are normal. We've not been battered with injuries, but what is clear is that one or two key players miss a few games and we really struggle. My thoughts are closer to Oh Danny Boys thinking in terms of improving the squad. I don't think we'll get the budget to do all that, but with some form of European football next season we need a far better squad or we're trusting in kids to see us through. There's no doubt a few on the way out. Sakho is a certainty, and I wouldn't be shocked if Sturridge, Lucas and Moreno are on their way out this summer.
  15. JohnnyNolan

    Yakuza 0

    It's certainly a time eater. I had some time to play tonight. Just got started on Chapter 7, looked at the stats and I've played 21 hours and only completed 14%!
  16. I wouldn't call the ending emotional at all. Bang on an Aerosmith song and it's pretty much a take on the Armageddon ending.
  17. I don't think I can actually force myself to sit through the last couple of games. The quality of football from us has been mostly horrible since the turn of the year. It'll be interesting to see what we do this transfer window, because we really need to players that bring something different to the team. The ability to have more than one way to play and some pace and width are desperately needed.
  18. JohnnyNolan

    Yakuza 0

    Well after my less than positive initial impression of the game I have to admit I'm really enjoying it now. I've only made it to chapter 6 so far, but now I understand the mechanics of the game I've really started to get into it. I've probably done far more of the side quests than I thought I would too, and now that I've got to the property management bit it turns out I now have an army of staff from the side stories to pick from. The jumping between characters can be a little bit of an jolt for someone like myself who'll take months to play through this game. I was just getting into the first storyline when you're suddenly with a new character and starting from scratch again. Then just as you're getting into his story, you're back again to the first guy again trying to remember what last happened with him. I guess at some point later their stories merge. Glad I got some tips on here and persevered with this. It's an unusual game in this day and age in some regards. You can see a good few things that probably hark back to the series origins from a good while ago. For instance I find some of the mini-games are really difficult to play using the analogue stick, but work perfectly using the d-pad. The game does become very addictive though. Easy to lose a couple of hours on this one.
  19. I really can't stand BBQ sauce on pizza. Another one of these trends from dire fast food joints for people with broken taste buds.
  20. There would be something quite funny after all the Wenger Out and bashing from pundits he's had if they still managed to finish in the top four. It would highlight how bad we've been most of this year though.
  21. If the last few games are anything to go by then any future extension plans at Anfield would be better with the seats facing away from the pitch.
  22. This team really doesn't deserve a champions league place. Absolutely no idea how to play against teams that defend deeply, without getting a wonder goal.
  23. Heavy metal football! This is elevator music football.
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