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  1. Yeh it's been a great tour so far. Any of the top 6 could and up winning it. If it's not Geraint, I hope Pinot wins. Seems like a decent guy. We could have 6 riders battling it out for the win on the final summit finish in Saturday.
  2. Maybe. He's never been a GC contender in a grand tour before as far as I recall. Itv highlights saying that this performance would have been unimaginable before the tour. I hope I'm wrong, but it's hard not to be a bit sceptical given the sport's history.
  3. It's not so much the fact that he's leading the race, it's the way he's been riding. It all looks too easy and reminds me a bit too much of past dopers, Rasmussen in particular. Maybe he is clean, but pretty much every time a rider has delivered such a stellar performance out of left field in the past, it's turned out later to have been too good to be true.
  4. Very suspicious performance from Alaphillipe. Smashing everyone in the time trial then cruising up the tourmalet after a week in yellow when he was even riding on the front for his team occasionally.
  5. Thought this was really good, on a par with and of a similar style to Sunshine on Leith. Egerton was excellent, as were Stephen Graham, Jamie Bell and Bryce Dallas-Howard. The Troubadour performance stood out in particular.
  6. Never mind big budget, it's one of the worst films I've ever seen full stop. This new one will inevitably be absolute shite.
  7. It's similar to what happened with the West Wing. It was a shadow of its former self once its creator left, but still worth watching if you were invested in the characters. I've enjoyed parts of series 8 but it hasnt reached the heights of previous years.
  8. Wow, that's a bit harsh! Sorry for "wading in" and offering an opinion. Isn't this a discussion forum?
  9. The smug team leader of AC3 was unbearable. Hope she's not a new regular.
  10. I thought this had some great moments in it, some of the best throughout the marvel films, but the pacing was off compared to infinity war. I rewatched infinity war last week, and from the moment it starts it is relentless but perfectly paced. Endgame felt a lot slower to begin with, and would have been a better film if the first section had been edited down. infinity war is empire strikes back to engame's return of the jedi. I also tutted at hawkeye's wife's use of her mobile 5 years later.
  11. I thought it was an OK episode but the standard of some of the acting is really dragging down a lot of the important scenes (daenarys and bran being two of the main culprits). Having said that brienne's moment was great despite Gwendoline Christie's previously wooden delivery.
  12. Maybe antman or antman and the wasp too if (endgame speculation):
  13. I am a big fan of the first two series, but have never been able to get past the first few episodes of the third season, mainly because of the awful 'for british eyes only' plotline/Charlize Theron's character. Does it get any better or should I just stick with rewatching series 1 and 2?
  14. I thought this was probably antman tier. Amusing in places but overall quite forgettable. I did enjoy the blatant trolling of the misogynistic backlash types
  15. Eric86


    I'm not a huge di Caprio fan either, but I'm surprised to hear criticism of Bale's performance. He was playing Dick Cheney (or at least the public perception of Dick Cheney), and effectively adopted Cheney's mannerisms and speech pattern. Maybe he exaggerated those a bit, but his performance fit the tone of the film.
  16. Eric86


    Saw this today. Really disappointing. Overbearing Michael Moore style voiceover with bizarre unsubtle fishing metaphors. A shame, there's probably a good film in there somewhere. Bale's performance is really good.
  17. I like Nolan, enjoyed all of his films that I've seen, and love Memento. I thought Inception was very good the first time I saw it in the cinema, but rewatching it now on Netflix, it really isn't great. It's quite stylish and the action is OK, but it's so heavy on exposition. Absolutely every single scene is explained. And the soundtrack is overbearing.
  18. The leads nailed it, I believed I was watching Laurel and Hardy throughout. It was a bit slow going to start with but the time spent developing their relationship paid off in the last act. And not much longer than 90 minutes! Two thumbs up.
  19. Anyone seen this? Watched it at the cinema tonight. Really good. His almost Asperger type personality and his single minded determination to achieve his goal reminded me of Neil Armstrong in First Man. Footage of the climb is incredibly tense.
  20. First Man has to be up there Shirley
  21. Standards were quite low this time round compared to previous years. Not really sure what any of those show stoppers were, they were all a bit of a mess. Thought they were going to be asked to use a pizza or tandoor oven, the open fire was a bit unfair.
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