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  1. It's Aliens to Locke's Alien. Top stuff.
  2. Dear me this is rubbish. It's Dr who dressed up as star trek. The comedy relief woman is just unbearable. Shouldn't she be in prison, didn't she murder someone in the first series? Why is there so much unnecessary swearing? Why is seven not seven?
  3. I still haven't seen it myself. Glad to hear it holds up at home, really wanted to see it at the cinema but missed it for various reasons.
  4. How does this hold up on the small screen compared to the cinema?
  5. Agreed. Enjoyed it in the moment, but can't remember much about it only a couple of hours later. Seemed like they used the random bond generator to write it. I have no idea what Freddy Mercury's motivation was or who he was meant to be. Best bit was Ana de armes. Should have had a whole film with her playing off bond, much more fun than moody bond and his french girlfriend.
  6. BBC news at 10 spinning this, calling the fans man utd fans who "believe" that the glazers have been taking money out of the club. They've only loaded club with hundreds of millions of pounds of debt and been paying themselves millions of pounds in dividends every year!
  7. Nonsensical episode. Carmichael is a terrible character, pantomime villain. Such an OTT performance from the actor. Jesus Mary Joseph and the wee donkey.
  8. It looked like a great house at the end but Jesus H Christ, £4.5 million? What a waste of money. And little Timmy was off at boarding school most of the time anyway.
  9. Thought this was ok, it played with some interesting themes which @Moz has described much more eloquently than I can. It did feel a bit like an early draft of a much better film though. Less convoluted peril for George on his journey through the ice would have been better for the overall tone of the film. I also enjoy just watching things happening in space! Loved the start of ad astra for that reason before that went pear shaped.
  10. Strange film. Complete lack of character development left it really unengaging for such a supposedly big action thriller. At least half an hour too long. Bizarre action scenes, had no idea what was going on in the finale. Felt a bit like a mission Impossible film with set piece, exposition, set piece format, but lacked the wow factor of Tom hanging onto a moving plan. Key central plot hole:
  11. I don't know, are you? When is it out to rent anyway?
  12. Thought this was decent, though I agree with your spoilered point. Otherwise very entertaining with non-annoying leads.
  13. Got a copy of this last week after waiting for the price to drop a bit. I loved 2016 Doom. This is quite disappointing. The combat sections are fun if tough and sometimes frustrating, but what in the world possessed them to include the terrible platforming sections, especially the wall climbing bits. And the story...I have no idea at all what's going on. All we need to know if that somehow the gates of hell have opened and demons have invaded earth, and leave it there.
  14. Enjoyed this. Agree with the above, last 30 minutes didn't quite hold up. I rate Joseph Gordon Levitt, I think he's decent in most of the things I've seen him in. Good Bruce Willis mimic in Looper, and convincing in The Walk and Snowden.
  15. Except that the Misson impossible films have the Cruisemeister on top Cruise form v Daniel Craig as a petulant teenager
  16. Thanks will give it a go. Yes I finished the first one years ago, I'll have to go back and play through it again.
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