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  1. Agreed about Gina mckee. She looked slightly constipated throughout.
  2. Eric86

    A Quiet Place

    I had reasonably low expectations and quite enjoyed this. CGI was surprisingly decent. One of the main problems for me was the performances of the children. Probably harsh to criticise young actors but films like room and even the impossible have raised the bar.
  3. Eric86

    Mission: Impossible - Fallout (2018)

    The problem with the MI series now is that the making of videos are often better than the actual set pieces in the film. For the next one they should try and film everything in camera even if it means toning down some of the action scenes, that would make it worth watching, rather than spend the whole film trying to work out whats cgi and what's real.
  4. Good performances all round, but I never got into it properly either. I'm not entirely sure why, going in it seemed to have all the right ingredients. I think the violence and nudity were at odds with the fairy tale theme, making for a less inmersive experience overall. Maybe it would have been better to leave a lot more to the imagination. The main musical theme was over used, and the ending telegraphed from a long way out.
  5. This was a bit disappointing. It often changed tone from comedy to deeply serious and straight, sometimes several times in a single scene. As a result I could never get into it properly. Agree with the comments about the performances being generally excellent apart from the one exception. I loved In Bruge, but the balance wasn't there this time.
  6. Eric86

    Stephen King's It - 2017

    I agree with all the positive comments. The kids were all great, I liked the look of the clown and the way it moved was really creepy. I don't watch many horror films but the sound design stood out for me, it worked really well in the cinema where I saw it. One downside for me was to do with the structure of the film. Set piece after set piece at times, with the same crescendo to a big scare. It didn't really need that, and ultimately diluted the impact of some of the key set pieces.
  7. Eric86

    Nocturnal Animals

    I agree, one of the best films of the year. Stylishly shot, chilling in places and some excellent performances, especially from Jake Gyllenhaal, Aaron Taylor Johnson and Michael Shannon.
  8. Eric86

    Star Wars: Rogue One

    I found this very unengaging. Technically it was great apart from the two CGI characters, but it felt like a series of events with an inevitable outcome and no emotional connection at all. The force awakens was a really good 'reimagining' of the original trilogy, but that's been done now, they really need to move on with some new ideas.
  9. This didn't quite hang together for me. The individual set pieces were good, some of the performances great, but the film felt like a sketch show rather than a coherent whole. It didn't have the pathos of their best work like fargo and a serious man.
  10. The film feels every minute of its run time, and while it's visually arresting enough to not quite become boring, it's fascinating to me how this is going to play with the Saturday night popcorn crowd. It's absolutely worth seeing and a tremendous piece of craft, but it's no masterpiece in my book. It's all icing and no bun, or something. I saw this today and this sums it up perfectly. I don't know what it is about DiCaprio but he never fully convinces me. At the odeon where I saw it the picture seemed quite dark and almost out of focus. I don't know whether that was a result of the fact that it was filmed using natural light or down to a poor projection.

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