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  1. Is there any arcade stick on the market that actually works with either the S or X??
  2. I have a work laptop that is locked down and a Madcatz TE that I don’t want to have to replace if I can help it. I've got enough EB Games vouchers for either a new Xbox or PS5, but here in NZ they can’t guarantee stock until at least Xmas and preorders don’t exist. If I could spend the vouchers on a pc I’d be sweet but then would miss out on new console. And even then I don’t even know if I’d be able to get any games, the scene here is very small and the distance from anywhere else means lag free online is a gamble too. Waaah. Can someone make the decision for me please?
  3. I've not been playing Street Fighter since IV Ultra. I'm keen to get back into it but I only have an Xbox. What are my options, do we think there's much life in 5? Will 6 be cross platform? If I want to get a new stick or convert my old one, what should I do? Realistically an I going to have to by a Playstation or new PC? Help please.
  4. Anyone know about TEs on new consoles for sure yet?
  5. OK, so it looks like I'm going to be getting my first PlayStation since the first one. I'm quite excited by it all.
  6. Thanks Andy, you star!
  7. Is there anyone here around level 30 and still to finish the game, I fancy some co-op this weekend?
  8. I think my problem with Wilhelm is I'm taking him too slowly. I'll give him another bash tonight and charge in like a madman.
  9. Wilhelm, solo as Zero...aaarrrgggghhh<br /><br />Any tips pretty please
  10. I cannot wait for this...
  11. rafrasilecs


    Are you talking bout the arrows now continue perfectly horizontally rather than petering out after flying a few blocks.
  12. Will people be getting and playing Persona then?
  13. Ooh yay. I've been proper jonesing for local MP for ages. I shall chat with the boss this weekend. I'll make it worth everyone's while.
  14. Prior to Heggfest it's likely that I'l have the place to myself some point in June. Anyone up for a potential Friday night booze and fighting North-East London way? The fighting can be on the screen or street, you choose.
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