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  1. Just bought a Switch Lite for this I had no interest in owning a Switch before that last trailer.
  2. I really enjoyed this up until episode 7, then it just went into absurdity. So many unexplained things.
  3. I think this is looking fantastic, it's the Pokémon game 11 year old me always wanted.
  4. RIP. His name was Robert Paulson .
  5. I've just finished this (well, one ending) and loved it. Yeah, it's repetitive, but it's so fun that I don't mind making my 200th sprint across the Northern plains. Little Emil I loved him. Automata is a much better game IMO, but this one is still great.
  6. I'd like to put myself forward as team leader, because I was a child once, and I have also owned several teeth.
  7. Yeah, Acclaim Teeside I read. I've always wanted to try this game. I think I remember seeing footage of the PS1 version and it was hard to make out anything, just brown on brown. I'll definitely buy the remaster though.
  8. Anyone remember that scene from 21 Jump Street along the lines of: "what is a covalent bond?" "why don't you tell me what it is first, and I'll tell you if it's right?" Replace "covalent bond" with "bouji".
  9. Definitely not like Blade Runner 2049 with Deckard and Rachel then. Not at all.
  10. Oh yes. I love to hate The Apprentice, it's the TV highlight of the year for me. I can't wait.
  11. I've just watched this and really enjoyed it. One thing I didn't understand was What on earth was the meaning of that?
  12. I bought Monster Hunter twice, and both times switched it off and never played it again right at the start, because it tried to make me kill a herbivore with her babies
  13. Probably Tales of Arise for me. It hasn't got much depth, but it's worth playing for the characters. I completed it and know I'll never play it again.
  14. I finished it yesterday too, I thought it was fantastic. Brilliant acting throughout by Michael Keaton.
  15. I'm playing Nier remastered. I didn't give it a proper chance when playing the original, but then I adored Automata, so I'm replaying the first one with much more appreciation for it. I didn't realise they'd changed the main character from the 360 version, but it probably fits in better with the second game. I'm enjoying it though.
  16. I've just come back from seeing this, and I thought it was awful. It was worth seeing for the obvious reason(s), but apart from the fan service it was dire. The only bit that stirred any kind of emotion in me was
  17. I was watching this over the weekend and one thing I noticed was that literally everything produces sparks. They shoot a wooden desk and sparks fly off it. I half expected sparks when he and Carl are punching each other.
  18. Well I'm glad they finally put decent animations in. They've still got the Gameboy sound effect though.
  19. Just been to see it a second time, and still loved it. I think my favourite part is the Muncher car chase, it really has some weight to it compared with other CGI chase sequences (I'm not sure if the car itself was CGI. It didn't seem like it).
  20. I don't think they could a good enough job of it these days. All the characters in it were pretty much perfect.
  21. I finished this the other day, and overall I felt it was a very shallow experience. It looked nice, but then you could go in barely any buildings or talk to hardly anyone. The side quests had no substance to them either, and when I got to the end of the game the story had flip-flopped so much that I didn't care. A lot of things were never mentioned again. The characters surprisingly won me over. I hated Law at the start, but I liked him by the end - he had some funny lines. I've said this before though: Dohalim should've been the main character - a high class lord struggling with the new found knowledge that
  22. Just got this yesterday and I'm super impressed The soundtrack and atmosphere are lovely, it reminds me of Phantasy Star Online.
  23. I only watched the Dexter Fletcher ones still loved it though.
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