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  1. I started playing Gnosia yesterday, it's so creepy It reminds me of a Red Dwarf episode, either Psirens or Polymorph, I can't remember which is the one where they need to identify the imposter. I'm not very good at the game so far though. When someone is nice to me I always defend them, and as a result I've failed to identify the Gnosia five out of six tries
  2. Just finished AI: The Somnium Files. Hands down one of the best games I've ever played, and definitely the funniest and that ending scene.
  3. I saw an article (probably clickbait) saying Ryan Maloney /Toadie could move to Home and Away. It'd be great if he still played Toadie, like a crossover. If anyone is old enough to remember, there was a character called Matt Musgrove in Brookside, and he moved to Hollyoaks and still played the same character.
  4. Hopefully you enjoy it as much as I am! The game feels very similar to Deadly Premonition to me, just totally at ease with its own weirdness.
  5. I know I made the last post in this thread, but I'm really blown away by AI: The Somnium Files. I've got quite a few of the endings now, and the game just keeps pushing the boundaries. Sometimes I hear a joke and I think "shit, did they really say that?!", and then other times I'll be shocked by how graphic and macabre it is. It's amazing how smoothly it switches between comedy and tragedy.
  6. It's not like they didn't have inspiration for tracks either, there's hundreds of potential themes/ settings they could've picked from.
  7. The only way that scene could've been better is if he dropped his clipboard before he walked out.
  8. This was shit again. Karren saying the reps had £3000 to spend, but when the team were negotiating they point blank wouldn't go higher, just like that bloke last week who said he was insulted by their opening bid.
  9. Prey and Far Cry 5 have the two best intros that I can remember playing recently. Prey especially.
  10. I've been playing AI: The Somnium Files, and I think it's fantastic. Probably the best visual novel I've played after the 999 series.
  11. I watched Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom last night, and really enjoyed it. I wasn't much of a fan of the first one, and yeah the sequel has some ridiculous bits in it (e.g. the smiling raptor), but the effects and action were great. 4/5
  12. For trolls they were surprisingly defensive. Every time he questioned them they immediately resorted to "you're gay/ a retard/ piece of shit", literally no attempt to have an intelligent debate. Nicholas was a great speaker, it's just a shame that he spoke about the things he did. I googled him and apparently he's Hispanic/ Italian
  13. I think Nick should've gone too, he's totally devoid of personality.
  14. I've got a better idea for the pods: call them ecobug, paint them like ladybirds and stick a couple of antennas on them. People will love it.
  15. My GF and I were talking about how he can't have had much of a life. He was constantly moving, he didn't have a fixed address. So even with all that money coming in, it's not like he could buy a house or car, he could only own what he could fit in suitcases.
  16. I watched The Tinder Swindler a couple of days ago, and honestly the bloke impressed me with the amount of effort he put into it. Funnily enough none of the girls mentioned anything about his personality during the dates, all they talked about was that he was rich
  17. It was never the same after Bouncer left.
  18. He always sounds copy and pasted. At least three times he says "and it's for that reason... I'm struggling". "Artic" though. FFS.
  19. Well, this is... some news, I suppose.
  20. I've played every main Pokémon game since Red & Blue and I've never seen a shiny before.
  21. I think I prefer 3D World, but only because it feels like a 2D Mario game in 3D, rather than a whole new thing. I'd be happy for the cap throwing to be included in all future games though, it's a good addition.
  22. Just started playing this a couple of days ago, it's quite good isn't it? The desert taxi is unfortunately named though...
  23. Just bought a Switch Lite for this I had no interest in owning a Switch before that last trailer.
  24. I really enjoyed this up until episode 7, then it just went into absurdity. So many unexplained things.
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