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  1. The difficulty suddenly becomes brutal I completed the battle arena and was thinking I was nails until I got wiped out at Omi HQ.
  2. I've been playing for 80 hours and I've just seen something for the first time. I was fighting near the river by the homeless camp. Adachi clobbered someone with his hammer and they fell backwards over the railings. I thought it would treat it as a glitch and they'd warp back into battle (as they often do when they go out of bounds), but I heard a splash and they were defeated. I was disappointed I didn't get an achievement for it, mind. You get one for knocking enemies in front of cars.
  3. I do think they seem to have gone more corporate since Iwata died, that's just my outsider view rather than me looking at any facts though. I was a lifelong Nintendo fan until they killed the Wii U - it was one of my favourite consoles, and I can't believe a company with Nintendo's experience managed to fuck up the marketing so badly. They then killed it off as a slap in the face to owners, when it probably could've run 90% of games released for the Switch. It could've been the Switch with a bit more thought.
  4. I'm at chapter 11 now and it's all gone a bit MGS2 this is the first time in my whole playthrough that I'm not really enjoying it. It feels like it's tying itself up in knots trying to explain things. Anyway, on a more positive note it's without a doubt the funniest game I've ever played, it's just ridiculous I was playing in-game darts yesterday, and they'd clearly been watching real darts for reference. Ichi's behaviour and mannerisms when he wins are spot on, you can almost imagine him as an overweight bloke with a pint in his hand. It'
  5. The first Bean film was on ITV over the weekend. It's a fantastic film not a fan of the second one though. I always like watching the episodes if only for the nostalgia, seeing the old cars, decor etc. and as mentioned above the old department store. I just watched the one with the oysters, and the wallpaper in that hotel is shocking, but in a good way
  6. Does anyone know if the Xbone version has local co-op?
  7. I'm using Noburo for the shareholder meetings, you know the little lad with the baseball glove? He's an absolute animal, he one-shots red shareholders.
  8. Ah, I did the shareholder meeting I took the advice posted earlier but still wasn't winning, but then I realised I had to wait for my command bar to fill up, and that's why I couldn't attack.
  9. I failed my first shareholder meeting for the ichiban shop I'm gutted. I tried really hard organising the staff, but when it came to the meeting I had no clue what was happening.
  10. This game has so much heart and personality, every side quest is interesting. I've just bought Yakuza 0 and Kiwami to play after this, is the fighting difficult? I'm not good at reaction-based games. I was shite at the fighting in Shenmue.
  11. The rem rams in the cinema are from another game, I'm sure. Catherine maybe?
  12. I've never played a Yakuza game before, but I started this yesterday and I'm loving it, the presentation is too notch. I've got Japanese audio on and it feels like I'm watching a (sometimes silly) film.
  13. Just finished it - absolutely loved it! I think the length was perfect, any longer and it would've worn out its welcome
  14. I'm surprised they made a sequel, I watched the documentary on Netflix and Tommy's mental health seemed to take a real battering with the first game.
  15. I'm playing through this and I love it. I think special recognition should be given to the developers, who were obviously under a tight budget, but managed to make a game as solid and with as much respect for the source material as this. I just looked up some reviews and they annoyed me: 1/5 from Eurogamer etc. Games from huge developers that are broken on release get a free pass. Teyon has 39 employees, so what's CD Projekt's excuse?
  16. Well I've been really disappointed by Dark Matter. It started off really well with an intriguing mystery, but quickly hit a lull and never recovered from it. I read reviews saying that it had invented a new genre and was groundbreaking, but it just reminded me of a lot of sci-fi films, the main one being I didn't think it was anything revolutionary at all.
  17. 60fps. I'm not bothered about frame rates higher than that (although I've never experienced it for myself), but performance goes above all else for me - I can put up with one minute load times.
  18. Shaun the Sheep Movie - 5/5. Fantastic! The best Aardman animation since A Close Shave IMO.
  19. I heard the second one is a completely different (and much better) game. I've got the complete box set on Vita that I keep meaning to start.
  20. Well, I finished Doki Doki Literature Club. It was alright. I thought it was going to turn out
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