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  1. Pierrepoint - 3.5/5 It seemed a bit low budget and more like a TV drama (it very much reminded me of A Is For Acid), but Timothy Spall managed to carry it with his usual beastly acting skills. Wakefield - 4/5 I made a thread about this film years ago and got no replies it's a good film though. It does go in a bit of an unexpected direction, which isn't entirely successful, but there are a lot of proper great moments.
  2. The one I remember properly laughing at was Sideshow Bob standing on the rake, simply because I couldn't believe how long it went on for, and then the zoomed out shot just finishes it perfectly.
  3. Shot Caller - 5/5. A really good film with some excellent acting from Jamie Lannister. Pretty tragic too
  4. A Cure For Wellness - 4/5. I really enjoyed this, it's like a better Shutter Island. The story was something a bit fresh and unpredictable.
  5. I watched Predestination again last night. The first time I watched it was because I'd read the thread on here, so I spoiled it for myself because I knew what happened. It's been a few years since then, so I'd forgotten, and I enjoyed it much more. It's a fantastic film silly, but fantastic. 5/5 And to retread my joke from the Predestination thread: Leonardo DiCaprio is great in it.
  6. Every great actor does some shite films - Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington have done some shite. The good ones usually outweigh the bad, so nobody really remembers them. The opposite extreme is Daniel Day Lewis, where I sometimes wonder if he did so few films because he was shit scared of tarnishing his legacy.
  7. I feel bad for Gunther and the Haas team. I don't understand why Gene Haas bothers with F1 - he's clearly got no interest in it, and he's reluctant to spend money. You can't be in F1 and not want to spend money.
  8. I fucking love Saw! Well 1-5 at least, still really looking forward to this one though. There's sure to be a great twist at the end when the killer is revealed.
  9. I'm going to go for an outsider and pick Maquiladora: I like the Astoria version best, but I can't find it on YouTube.
  10. I'm on series 3 of this now. I honestly think it's the best thing on Netflix, and I don't even like F1. I liked Horner in the first series, but when he 'forgot' Ricciardo's name in series 2 it put me off him. It was blatantly an intentional "fuck you" to Daniel.
  11. Jesus, this really nosedives during series 7 I can't tell if it's gone all politically correct or what, but something is definitely amiss.
  12. I enjoyed setting the gambits up, and even order of priority can greatly affect a battle. I think I remember having things like auto-haste, cure when health drops below 50%, use magic on flying enemies etc. So yeah, it does kind of play itself, but the fun is in preparing your gambits.
  13. I love the film too, it's fantastic. Whenever I have a problem with my computer I think "tech supooooort!". Those feels when R.E.M's Sweetness Follows plays :
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