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  1. Oasis Knebworth 1996 - 3/5. If it had been just the concert on its own I would've given it 5/5, but they've added actors into a documentary, which serves no purpose. Either make a documentary or a film, don't mix the two. Plus Liam isn't in it, I assume because of the falling out.
  2. I was vaguely aware of Christopher Cross because of Arthur's Song. I heard this on the radio the other day and didn't realise it was by the same artist, but now I've looked him up there are a few familiar songs that I didn't realise he wrote. Ride Like The Wind is a great song.
  3. Yeah, I find the map to be a pain in the arse. I don't know why they can't just display the yellow star on the mini map.
  4. I must be doing something stupid, but I've been playing for 20 hours and I still can't get the blazing sword to work. I've googled it and read the help menu in the game, and all it says is "perform a ground attack and continue to hold the button down". I've been doing that, nothing happens!
  5. You failed the test. The DVDs were simply a diversion, the real treasure was hidden amongst the shredded paper.
  6. Marabou Stork Nightmares has turned me right off. The premise is the main character is in a coma, and his dream in the coma is of being on a safari hunt. It switches between his real life of growing up on a council estate in Scotland, and his coma fantasy safari. It was quite funny to start with, but now It's put me right off.
  7. He's a 60 year old man he looks fine. He was in great shape in Hannibal.
  8. I'm enjoying this, but the frame rate on Xbone X is pretty bad considering the game is nothing special to look at. I almost feel like it's been done on purpose to force me to buy a Series X Also did anyone else receive a pre order bonus code? I've redeemed it and can't find it in the game
  9. Currently reading Marabou Stork Nightmares and loving it so far.
  10. Also just another thing to add about Dead Men's Trousers. I thought the storyline was going to be
  11. Yeah, I've just finished reading all the Renton books. Personally I thought Trainspotting was the weakest - too many characters that I didn't care about, but maybe I felt that way because I love the film. I can see why they left Second Prize out of it, he didn't have much personality. I did like that the novel is a lot less optimistic than the film T2/ Porno is far superior to the film version. It's ridiculous that they've rebranded the Porno novel to T2, when it's got nothing in common with the film. I think Skagboys was probably my favourite, it was gritty and genuinely funny in parts. I just loved Begbie's chapters, which generally consisted of "that cunt's gettin' a burst mooth" I really liked Dead Men's Trousers too, though it lacked the humour of the other books, the storyline was great.
  12. I've been watching ER and that is seriously off-putting. He never makes eye contact when he talks to people, he just stares at the ground
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