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  1. This looks great, love the three-wheeler rallying The Game Collection have it up for £30 pre order.
  2. They don't come much better than this
  3. @ZOK The Collector is of a similar vibe to The Wasp Factory - basically someone carrying out psychotic acts as if they were nothing. I don't fancy anything scary though, both those books have a feeling of innocence that prevents them being creepy Thanks for the recommendations.
  4. Can anyone suggest any books like The Wasp Factory and The Collector (John Fowles)? I've got the book-finishing blues
  5. I've just finished The Collector by John Fowles. The second half was tiring to read - very up its own arse. The ending was good though.
  6. I didn't enjoy this at all, the elementals and Mysterio himself didn't feel like much of a threat. When Mysterio introduced himself as Quentin, why did nobody think "oh, wasn't that the name of the man who invented this technology??". Surely EDITH would have that info? Maybe I'm thinking too much into it.
  7. I've just finished The Wasp Factory. I guessed the storyline early on, but I really enjoyed it nonetheless
  8. Both my index fingers are bent like bananas, and my cousin once said it was from holding a controller for so long.
  9. Ah, my training barracks and castle are only level 7, so I'll work on levelling them up. Thanks for the tips This is my team:
  10. @Theholyhogg Regarding Puzzles & Empires, have you got any decent characters yet? I thought they might give the odd rare one out. I've only had two star, and very rarely three star characters, nothing higher than that.
  11. I'd buy one for £150, not £200 though.
  12. It pisses me off. The first two Terminator films are possibly my most beloved films, and the premise is so interesting that I just keep wondering how the fuck it's possible to make a bad film. They keep finding ways though, even in Dark Fate
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