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  1. That's what I was hoping for. I've learned to keep my expectations at the bare minimum with Pokémon games though.
  2. Upgrade - 4/5. Nonsensical at times but very fun. Basically Deus Ex: Human Revolution the film.
  3. It's a fantastic game, one of my favourites. That Logbox 720 level was pure garbage, mind, but Banjoland was absolutely amazing.
  4. I played The Cat Lady years ago and it had a big impact on me. I've just started the prequel, Downfall Redux. The games might be a bit low-budget, but in terms of psychological impact they're right up the list. I'm excited to find out the story, knowing what happens to Ivy at the end of The Cat Lady
  5. Did anyone else watch Dark Encounter the other night? Considering it cost about fifty pence to make there was some decent acting and a nice soundtrack. The storyline was a bit bizarre: 3/5
  6. There's people on Neogaf who claim to not be able to tell the difference between 30 and 60. It's handy to have the option in a game so you can see how they compare. For me personally going back to 30fps is like slowly browsing a photo album of screenshots, it's that bad.
  7. I think they've missed a trick not having golf carts.
  8. I've been playing this for the past few days after giving up on ReCore. I was already enjoying this, but then I started the Teeth of Naros DLC, and wow it just elevated it to a whole different level. For anyone who hasn't started the Teeth of Naros storyline, give it a go. In short it's ancient Greece, and all the NPCs are giants made of stone, like Atlas. It's such a contrast to the main story, going from Tolkien-style fantasy to ancient mythology, and it looks fantastic too.
  9. This is really interesting. How does it work? Do they record the soundtrack on a synth and convert the sounds to the closest ones the console can produce?
  10. I can't understand why they'd forcibly remove him from the board when he's the only one making money for the company.
  11. I'm playing this and I just cannot believe there's no rain or mud splashes on the windscreens. There's not even any spray from the wheels. I'm disappointed.
  12. This must be the largest IP they own now? I often wonder how they manage to survive, they only ever buy small, niche series which I assume have quite low sales. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy they exist, I generally like their games.
  13. I finally got back to this after three years I've put a fair few hours into the game and it's equal parts fun and frustration. The platforming is fantastic, I love exploring and working out how to get to the super high places. The combat is a pain in the arse. I pretty much get killed during every single fight because the enemies can one-shot kill you. I've gone through every side dungeon I've come across, and I always max my bots out, so it's not like I'm under-levelled. It's just infuriating fighting four enemies at once, thinking you've got the upper hand, and then
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