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  1. Thwomp

    Your 4K Gaming TV Experiences & Thoughts

    This is the one I bought. Six year warranty included for £500: https://www.richersounds.com/lg-55uj630v.html
  2. Thwomp

    Is "Game" finished?

    No doubt they still ask if you want to buy insurance when you take it to the till.
  3. I'm about two thirds through the first one, so I'll probably try to finish that off first. I'm still buying the second one on release day regardless.
  4. This is coming out on consoles in a couple of weeks. It's my most anticipated game this year.
  5. Thwomp

    Kentucky Route Zero

    Still not here
  6. Thwomp

    Your 4K Gaming TV Experiences & Thoughts

    It's been six or seven years since I last bought a TV - a 32" budget Samsung. I've been renovating my house for two years, and to celebrate getting carpets down this week I've bought a 55" LG 4K TV. I haven't got it set up yet - the carpets aren't going down until Friday - but I cannot fucking wait. I've never seen games on anything bigger than a 32" before.
  7. Thwomp

    Smashing Pumpkins

    It looks phenomenal! It's like what SP should've been after their resurrection, instead of that kaleidyscope shit.
  8. Thwomp

    Gotta catch em' all

    It's a fairly linear story, areas are always locked behind items or special moves that you get as you progress, and if you level up too high your Pokémon will simply not obey you. I always wanted an open world Pokémon game, but it's never going to happen.
  9. Thwomp

    Smashing Pumpkins

    @Rockboy I know it's a controversial opinion, but Machina is my favourite album. It has vision and atmosphere, and I love all the extra little musical touches in the background: the pianos, those dreamy synths. I love everything about it.
  10. Thwomp

    Smashing Pumpkins

    The setlist for current gigs isn't what I'd hoped from a reunion tour. Greatest hits aren't the same as best songs. Celebrating the first five albums but nothing from Adore? I think my list would be something like: Rhinoceros Daydream Hummer Rocket Disarm 1979 Here Is No Why Thru the Eyes of Ruby By Starlight Perfect Shame The Sacred and Profane Speed Kills Stand Inside Your Love Encore: Farewell and Goodnight (guest appearance by D'arcy )
  11. Thwomp

    Playstation Vita

    Is there any way I can play Star Ocean 2 on my Vita? I've owned the PS1 and PSP versions, but now I only have a Vita and PS4
  12. Thwomp

    Smashing Pumpkins

    I got a ticket too. I haven't got the stamina for standing tickets, so I got a club seat in area S8. It looks quite near the front on the seating plan. I hope Billy and James are going to at least act like they're into it. I'm really excited though, this is a once in a lifetime chance. I hope they play Jellybelly, Here Is No Why, and Thru the Eyes of Ruby. Bonus points for Machina songs.
  13. I recently watched all the episodes in the space of about a week, and I thought it was phenomenal. Despite him being a monster, I was still rooting for Paul Spector during series 1 and 2. I also wondered where else they could take the story after that, and I was happy that series 3 didn't go in a predictable direction. I still felt sympathy for Spector even after the final episode - he was a product of his childhood, and that stayed with me for a while afterwards. Fantastic acting by Jamie Dornan!
  14. F-Zero (FO) X. I was expecting something grander because of all the hype about what Retro has been working on. They're just going to revive all Nintendo's old cast offs then?
  15. Thwomp

    Game On - "Tea Martin"

    Yeah, not that attractive at all

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