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  1. Thwomp

    NieR: Automata

    25 endings done now, I've only got the hard one left - ending Y. I'm not sure if I'll get it, I've skipped around chapters so much I'm muddled up. I still don't understand the storyline, robots killing robots because of aliens and humans. Robots giving birth to androids. Robots eating humans. Adam and Eve. I mean in the end they're all fighting over two extinct species why the fuck are they trying so hard to preserve the memory of an extinct species? Who cares? Anyway, it's been the best game I've played in ages, and the soundtrack is godly:
  2. I bought the official Super Metroid walkthrough with my birthday money, and my mum threw it out I had to phone the Nintendo helpline when I got stuck.
  3. Thwomp

    Kentucky Route Zero

    I only buy games when they're finished, it saves me being disappointed if it's cancelled half way through.
  4. Thwomp

    Kentucky Route Zero

    And still not
  5. Thwomp

    The Apprentice 2018

    That erotic promo picture was something else wrong kind of nut milk!
  6. Thwomp

    NieR: Automata

    I feel like with each ending I lose knowledge rather than gain it I've just had ending C, in which 9S said something like "now you finally know everything"... eh??
  7. Thwomp

    NieR: Automata

    I've got five endings now, and it seems like that was just the prologue... after 35 hours. Crazy bastards
  8. Thwomp

    NieR: Automata

    I've got four endings so far, and none of them have made any sense yet I'm playing as 9S now and it's nowhere near as fun as playing with 2B. The hacking is quite annoying, although the 8-bit music is fun.
  9. Thwomp

    Beyond Good & Evil 2

    Yeah, it definitely wasn't deep, but it did have a lot of charm.
  10. Thwomp

    Beyond Good & Evil 2

    Hmm it doesn't look much like Beyond Good & Evil. I thought that 'innit bruv' monkey was the main character?
  11. I really miss arcade racers without gimmicks, stuff like Top Gear Rally on the N64, Screamer and Screamer Rally on PC, Daytona USA, and even Ridge Racer. I like the feeling of travelling across the globe through wildy different tracks. I even prefer fake cars these days, because it seems like every car game features licensed cars now, so it's a nice change when you've got made up vehicles.
  12. Thwomp

    The Outer Worlds | Obsidian 2019

    I think it looks great, and hopefully with Microsoft's money behind them it'll be nicely polished.
  13. Thwomp

    Fortitude – New Sky Atlantic show

    I've just finished it. I thought it was all tied up far too quickly, but I enjoyed the ride.
  14. Thwomp

    Fortitude – New Sky Atlantic show

    I love this. Season 2 took a bit longer to get into, but I'm still really sad it's ending. At least we've got new Luther next month, so hopefully we'll see some bodies getting chopped up in that

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