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  1. I went to see this last night without reading reviews, and I thought it was dreadful - Sophie Turner absolutely cannot carry a film, she's such a bad actress. Apocalypse is the only X-Men film I haven't seen, so I can't compare this to that. What I found especially annoying was the fact that Jean didnt actually undergo any change or character development to have her realisation at the end, she could've come to the same conclusion at the very start. It's so incredibly dumb and assumes the viewer is devoid of a brain. Scott is supposed to be her true love, but he's not family, so fuck him oh wait, unfuck him, she's just realised she likes him after all
  2. Can anyone recommend some good but obscure RPGs on Xbox Live? I've played pretty much all the mainstream ones - Final Fantasy, Tales of, Diablo, The Witcher, Skyrim, Divinity etc. I'm just looking for a new experience. Elex is on special offer on Live, and I did enjoy Risen, but I'm not sure I'm in the mood for such jank at the moment.
  3. Cyberpunk looks okay, but do you have to play as generic white male? I'm not normally one to moan about diversity in games, but given the subject of body modifications it's unusual that they'd pick such a bland main character. I want some Mad Max shit.
  4. Where the fuck is Banjo Kazooie? I swear I'm tipping leaflet stands over if it's not announced soon.
  5. Fucking hell! This is a dream come true and Larian of all people. You couldn't ask for better than that
  6. I was disappointed with the first game after backing it on Kickstarter. This one looks more interesting, but at the same time I can't help thinking it's a poor man's Donkey Kong Country Returns.
  7. Oh, so this wasn't just a terrible dream then? Someone asked this interesting question on Reddit: Shite I tell ya!
  8. It's looking like it's true, more people have come out and confirmed it, and websites are starting to report the story as confirmed. This is perhaps my most beloved film franchise, I just want one more good film in my lifetime
  9. The storyline has been leaked on Reddit via three or four different sources. Take it with a grain of salt, but if it's true I'm going to be seriously pissed off, it's garbage.
  10. Has anyone else read the official synopsis. It features some interesting wording:
  11. Nobody can deny that this is one of the best fights in Terminator history: I love the bit where Arnie is thrown into the liquid. The part where he turned into a T1000 was fucking shite though.
  12. Three! I loved it, the soundtrack and final battle are immense. Shame about Jai Courtney.
  13. Despite the trailer I actually like the look of the new terminator model. Being a dark colour makes it look more imposing, and the greater similarity to a human skeleton than the T-800 was makes it more creepy. Imagine how scary this thing would be if they'd used stop motion animation like T1.
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