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  1. I always loved: And this :
  2. I always go for sneak and bow/ sniper, I hope this has some good long range weapons.
  3. I haven't gotten around to playing it yet, but it's a shame to read about the control issues when Divinity: Original Sin absolutely nailed console controls.
  4. I've bought the physical release of BG, but I was hoping there'd be a digital version of Planescape Torment, because I don't want Icewind Dale.
  5. I finished the End Times collection last night. I've been reading it for weeks, and I really enjoyed it, although it did require some serious suspension of disbelief at points. I've got the post-book blues again now, probably made worse by the length of the book, having spent so much time reading about the characters.
  6. It wasn't just that though, there was all the unrest over the budget cuts to public services. It was a lot of things brought to a head by Wayne's insensitive remarks.
  7. The film really reminded me of Birdman while I was watching it. I loved that one too.
  8. Fuck me. Pack it up, Hollywood, you're never going to top this.
  9. Just discovered this album That chanting during the chorus is demonic. I love it.
  10. I don't like this at all, touch screens are just no good for steering
  11. Fantastic video replicating the sounds that made up T2's soundtrack!
  12. Fucking hell... there was a proper gut wrenching bit in End Times. I was reading it last night in bed, and when I reached that part I couldn't continue. I just put my phone down and lay there thinking "FUUUUUUCK!"
  13. Amazon were giving away the complete series of End Times last week. It's a predictable zombie story so far, told in the format of a teenager's diary. I love a good apocalyptic zombie story, so I'm enjoying it a lot
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