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  1. Hi guys. Am I likely to be needed tonight? I'm away from home and if I'm not needed would very much like to remain away for another day or two. let me know!
  2. Hi guys. Not sure if we've signed but both Jamie and I will be available for raiding tonight if needed.
  3. Going to set up the Alienware today with wow n Addons etc so will be available to raid
  4. J isn't around either. I need to pack to but will come on if its possible for raid.
  5. Oh my god guys I'm so so so so so so so so sorry but I totally forgot it was raid night! I'd had such a shit day and got stuck in horrendous traffic on the way home I just crawled into bed feeling sorry for myself when I eventually got home.. I feel like such a prat for forgetting I'm so sorry. Please don't all hate me!
  6. Really sorry guys but not up for tonight. My pet died today so not really in the mood. Think tree said he's around.. Sorry again but I wouldn't be much use
  7. I'm available tonight but can't sign on calander.
  8. Heads up from Blizz HQ - the UK price per month for WOW will be rising to £9.99 a month from the launch of WOD. However, if you are on a recurring payment scheme that is active at that point, you will remain on an £8.99 a month price for 2 further years. However, if you interrupt that payment scheme for any reason, you will be put on to the £9.99 price on return. This is what someone put on facebook. Just thought id copy and paste it over just in case it is going to mess someone up! H
  9. I have to pick Jamie up from town at eleven tonight so I'd need to finish a tad early if that's okay?
  10. Any particular reason no ones signed for tomorrow? Or is it my app going doolalley?
  11. Hi guys heard Jamie and myself are to recieve a kicking to sign for Sunday but I'm afraid we can't because my older brother is getting married. I'd rather raid than perade around in a frock but there we go ^^. See you all soon! H
  12. What's the plan for raiding tonight guys?? Are we going nazgrim?? If so ill sort my dps gear. Unless you want me to heal then ill sort that to hehe x
  13. ............................................
  14. Happy to flex. Then I can get away well before 11. X
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