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  1. I think what I've learned from just reading up on this is that there are two types of ARPG players. The first type plays through the main story and just enjoys the combat & the dungeons. When they get to the end they stop playing and move on to another game. The second type of player carries on and starts getting invested in things like builds/gear sets/legendary gems/leaderboards/high level rift runs etc etc. The second type of player is the type that adds to the longevity of a game, they're the people keeping Diablo 3 alive and they're the life and blood of a game like Path of Exile. If you're the first type of player, you're not going to have a massive issue with Immortal. You'll probably enjoy it and not really see the real money transaction stuff as an issue. If you're the second type of player you'll realise you're playing what is probably the greediest arpg out there and probably top 10 greediest games that have been made.
  2. It's a really bad p2w model. There's a bunch of information about it online but from what I've seen it's worse than even Lost Ark.
  3. Ah ok, I was under the impression that the combat system was too lightweight for a crpg.
  4. Not sure how to feel about it. Owlcat, for my money, have made the two best crpgs since Baldur's Gate 2 and I'm disappointed that they're moving on to something different. But you can't begrudge them that. They're going to have to come up with their own combat system which will be daunting and I've never felt crpgs with guns have had quite the same level of combat as the fantasy stuff. But they're Owlcat, I'll support anything they release.
  5. A lot of the games I play are centered around violence but they're so abstracted that it doesn't really feel violent, if that makes sense. I just finished up the Solasta dlc Lost Valley which is a 5th edition crpg and I'm currently playing Old World which is a civ like 4x game. You kill a lot of people in both games but it's so abstract I see it now as a numbers game (what spell should I cast to control this fight, what troop should I train to win this war) which somehow detaches all thoughts of violence from my brain.
  6. They're not at all alike imo. I think the comparisons stem simply from the fact that they're both well written games.
  7. If you like well written games it's the pinnacle imo.
  8. Yeah finished it this week. Absolutely loved it, and agree with all of what you've said. The timers are brilliant but the writing is the stand out. There wasn't a single dud character. Haven't played such a well written game since Disco Elysium.
  9. Would highly recommend Citizen Sleeper. It's on Gamepass, fairly short and absolutely brilliant.
  10. It's also broken/a downgrade from 2 in an absolute ton of ways.
  11. Of course its an assumption. This didn't actually happen so all we can make are assumptions. You're also assuming with your theory that summoning would be as used and create stories if a difficulty mode was introduced. And that's fine we can both make assumptions on what would happen. I disagree with your assumption, I think a huge amount of people would opt to change their own personal difficulty and not engage in summoning other players. I believe that things would change if a mode was introduced and a lot of fans of the series believe that too.
  12. Yes it absolutely wouldn't happen. If players can make the boss easier through a press of a button the vast majority of them aren't going to summon someone else in, they're going to press the button. Let me Solo Her became famous because so many people needed to summon against that boss and thus the legend grew.
  13. Summoning someone to help you kill a boss doesn't bypass the idea of the shared community experience, it's the opposite, it's actively engaging in that experience. Dark Souls does allow you to drop the difficulty of their game but instead of going into a difficulty menu and changing "Normal" to "Easy" you're engaging with the games community and summoning a player to help you. And that idea works. Just look how the legend of the "Let me Solo Her" guy grew, all based on this player who helped players kill the hardest Elden Ring boss while wearing nothing but a giant pot on his head and wielding two katanas. That doesn't happen with a difficulty menu, hell that bosses reputation doesn't happen with a difficulty option. If there was a vote I'd probably vote on the side of accessibility options. But the idea that changing how difficulty in these games work doesn't change anything for the individual because who cares what difficulty someone sets their game to isn't right imo.
  14. I think TW3's world is a bit of a playground too. Finish that game and look at your map and count the amount of little icons that are spread out there. And a lot of it is the same stuff, bandit camps, monster lairs, etc. And yeah the game is set in a more active world and so they need more NPCs but I've always thought that was to the games detriment. The NPCs in TW3 are so static. Big hubs like Beauclair and Novigrad are full of NPCs following the same routes, shouting the same dialogue, quest givers rooted in place until you talk to them. I love TW3 but the open world is only ok imo. There's a lot of good things in it but they fill it with ?'s that have you repeat the same activities. Elden Ring doesn't do anything new but I've never had a moment in TW3 like I had in ER where I saw the Caelid Wilds or Siofra or Leyendell for the first time.
  15. Oh right ok. I think I just might have had the perfect build or something for Melania because she took 4 goes and I'm not good at these games. Radahn took me like an hour. Whereas those DS3 bosses all took me 30+ tries I'd say.
  16. Did you play without the Ashes?
  17. I found DS3 a good bit harder than Elden Ring. I don't think any ER boss came close to the difficulty of Friede, Midir, Gael or Nameless King.
  18. Oh another tip that popped into my head. The game has an amazing difficulty menu, go into it and have a look. The game defaults to RAW which is probably fine for pen and paper Pathfinder but imo doesn't work for a video game. Things like healing fully and getting rid of all status effects on a rest, dead companions rise after combat etc.
  19. Sounds good. Generally the rule of thumb with pure casters is you don't want to multiclass with them since getting to the next level of spells is so crucial. It tends to go the other way where classes will dip into Sorc or Wizard. As long as you know about metamagic and spell focus you'll be absolutely fine with just going pure Sorc.
  20. In terms of the stats themselves I wouldn't compare the two. First off go with the kit you prefer and base the stat off that. If you really want to plan things out then it does kind of matter if you want to multiclass. There are so many builds in Pathfinder I couldn't give you an example for the Sorc or Sage Sorc off the top of my head but if you do want to multiclass into a class that uses INT as a primary stat then you want to pick Sage for example. In terms of the raw stats themselves from what I can remember neither govern saving throws, Charisma will help you with persuasion checks, INT with Arcane and you get more skill points with higher INT.
  21. Casters are a lot of fun. Just make sure you understand the whole metamagic and spell focus stuff. Basically the way Pathfinder works even though you get access to a bunch of spells, by the time you hit mid/late game only the schools of magic you've focused on/empowered spells through metamagic will be able to hit anything. Think of it like how a melee character specialises in a single weapon, casters are the same in Pathfinder.
  22. Yeah you should be fine then. It has a few finnicky things like different Armour Class values or just feats in general. But if you're used to games played in the older editions of D&D you'll be grand.
  23. It's one of my favourite crpgs. I too preferred Wrath of the Righteous but there's not a lot between the two imo. It can be quite dense though if you're not used to crpgs or the Pathfinder ruleset.
  24. The same looking enemies being more difficult because they're in a later area jars even more when you consider that From tells its story through the environment.
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