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  1. No shade on anyone here and I wouldn't call this thread toxic but a good 80% of posts over the last like 2 years are people complaining.
  2. For me it's hard carried by the Lethal Mode difficulty. It's so difficult to find a game that features melee combat that actually feels dangerous both to the player and the AI. If I'm playing right I can end 5 enemies with 5 button presses but at the same time if I'm off those same enemies will absolutely murder me in 5 seconds. Put that combat into any third person action game made in the last 10 years and it'll make my top 10.
  3. My experience playing it was similar to a Bethesda game so it wasn't too bad but I wouldn't have issue with that description based on it being taken off the PS store. That's pretty much unheard of for a game of this magnitude.
  4. Yeah there are a few set pieces in the game where you have to chase or get away from a car and they're all really badly scripted
  5. The police is a big one but for me the inability of the AI to drive outside of just the normal traffic patterns is a massive let down in an open world game. I've done so many missions now where you're either stealing a vehicle or assassinating someone etc where even if you've alerted the whole building as soon as you drive away it's over because the AI are rooted to the area.
  6. I enjoyed it a lot yeah. Although I did find towards the end of the covenant climb that the game becomes predictable in a way StS never did. That said I'd recommend this to any StS fan.
  7. I think the game is inconsistent in how it looks. There are times when it looks fantastic hence all the screenshots, but there's also a lot of times when the game doesn't look great. The models are a great example. Sometimes during conversations the character performance is amazing but other times you're looking at these lifeless dolls that move funny.
  8. Nah sorry writing that isn't equally as bad as death threats or sending that journo with epilepsy videos that would trigger it.
  9. I'm enjoying the writing I gotta say. It has a lot of that gritty but warm vibe that TW3 had. They do a good job of showing some heart in a world that is utterly fucked. I like how you can play V as someone who genuinely wants to try do some good.
  10. I think what's bringing it down a bit more for me is the backlash from the relentless hype the game has gotten for years now. They've made some huge promises and they've reaped the rewards with 8 million pre orders. But if you're going to benefit from that you should also be criticised for it. And so I see a lot of comments along the lines of "well what do you expect from CDPR. This is like the Witcher 3 and you loved that game." But my expectations for TW3 and Cyberpunk 2077 were very different.
  11. The more I play the more I think this should have been a series of hubs rather than an open world. The game does atmosphere really well and the world really thrives when it’s the backdrop for a mission. But when you interact with it as an open world it falls apart and is way short of say Rockstars recent attempts.
  12. I'm on the fence about the world. When it's not glitching it looks great so that's a big plus but as for everything else? It doesn't look like there's any proper driving AI, if you park in the middle of the road they don't know to steer around you. That also explains the police system where they just spawn in on top of you. The AI routines are nothing to write home about, most of them just seem to be following a simple script. I see the same like 4 advertisements everywhere. I'm enjoying the story and I think CDPR have done well with the atmosphere. But so far there's absolutely no
  13. The subreddit has turned on the game hard.
  14. Zael

    Disco Elysium

    Fully voice acted is amazing. Looking forward to seeing a high goty placing for Disco in Rllmuk now that it's hitting consoles.
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