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  1. I'd say it'll score highly but I wouldn't be surprised to see some of the non scoring websites go hard on some of the more problematic elements the game seems to have.
  2. To be fair to Austin, Invisible Inc should be top 10 no question. He was fighting the good fight against the ignorant scrubs who hadn't played an amazing game.
  3. Had a fun CK moment last night. France waged war on England over Normandy. France call in myself (Ireland), Croatia, Denmark & Navarra, England have nobody. England is ruled by Queen Joanna and as soon as the war starts her husband is killed in literally the first battle. So a little bit into the war England calls Scotland in to help. This was really confusing because at the start of the war England had no allies and Joanna had no children to try form alliances. Turned out the 42 year old Queen married the king of Scotland's 11 year old as soon as her husband took a sword in the gut on the
  4. Too arrogant for that I'm afraid. Only legit born heirs for this prick.
  5. I think it's a fun game to roleplay bad decisions. There aren't many games that allow you to make bad decisions and just see where it goes. Right now I'm playing a petty king who is lustful and arrogant so I'm just going around having sex with everyone including my vassals partners and it's making everyone hate me. I'll probably end up in a war to depose me but that's ok.
  6. I think the tutorial does a great job setting everything up and gives you a good idea of what the different buttons are. But there's two more hurdles. Firstly there are a lot of things the tutorials can't cover like the maze that is claims & inheritance and you just need to play the game to get your head around it. The second one is I expect the bigger hurdle which is that it's a grand strategy game so you have no clear goals and in fact is one of the stranger grand strategy games where it's not really about painting the map your colour. It's a story generator and you play the
  7. Not a huge pile. Men at Arms take the place of retinues and they're slightly more customisable and now include siege weaponry. They've added Knights which are actual characters in the game and can be added into armies. Fights are a lot more deadly, you can expect usually one or more named characters (usually knights) to get badly hurt or die in fights. They've added the Advantage mechanic to battles which is a number that is taken from a ton of different things (martial skill of a commander, terrain fighting in, type of troops, are you attacking or defending, a random dice roll) and compares i
  8. There's a good bit. Really briefly - Huge improvements to the UI. It's hard to overstate how much of a difference this makes until you're playing it but everything is a lot more obvious and easier to follow. - Added mechanics to help with roleplay. Your character can now level up essentially and specialise into skill trees which give them boosts. There's a dread stat which increases the more tyrannical you are which if high enough will intimidate or even terrify other characters letting you control them more easily. There's a Stress mechanic which will add stress on to your ch
  9. This is excellent. They've put a ton of work into making this more user friendly. If you're someone who always liked the idea of Crusader Kings but found it too fiddly then I'd highly recommend giving this a look.
  10. I'm playing it on PC, in terms of technical jank it's mostly load times and audio bugs. But when I say jank I mostly mean the clumsy UI.
  11. Not being able to respec your character but being able to just create a whole new one is a baffling decision. Agree with everything said, it's janky as fuck but I'm still having fun.
  12. I am very excited. Ck2 is one of my all time faves and this somehow looks like an improvement
  13. Zael

    Disco Elysium

    If you're going in looking for a complex RPG where you have to fine tune your build and items for combat scenarios then you'll be disappointed. Like Mogster says above you can have a different experience based on your stats and how you roleplay your character. I would call the game mechanically complex based on how much effort was put into the thoughts and ideas mechanic but if your definition of mechanically complex is sitting down puzzling out whether or not you need fire resistance or an AC increase to beat a boss then yeah it's not that type of RPG.
  14. Zael

    Disco Elysium

    Based on your post I'd say it's probably not the game for you. The strengths lie in the writing not in the other RPG stuff like character builds, itemisation etc.
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