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  1. 8 player multiplayer also confirmed. Very exciting.
  2. Zael

    Disco Elysium

    Yeah Disco generally does a good job of making the failure state just as interesting as a success but there are certain times you'll get locked out of content on a fail and that's pretty shit.
  3. Yeah I think I'd go mad trying to play Pathfinder on tabletop. Even playing Kingmaker & WotR it took me a long time to fully understand all the different forms of AC bonuses and how they stack with each other and how touch attacks differ from normal attacks etc. I've been DMing 5th edition for about 6 years now and I still have to google how restrained is different to grappled. I don't know how Pathfinder DMs do it!
  4. Yeah I agree I prefer 5th edition as well. If you haven't seen it before check out Solasta: Crown of the Magister. It's a crpg made for 5th edition. Its not the most polished thing in the world but I enjoyed it a lot purely on the back of the ruleset. I know what you mean about friends calling 5th edition dumbed down. I think if you're used to the older rule sets like 3rd edition or AD&D then you like going into great detail on builds and multi-classing etc. The way 5th edition does everything for you certainly limits that side of the game for sure.
  5. I'm not a huge fan of D:OS2's combat. It has a number of problems for me, everyone getting a teleport and spells including like random scorpions just feels off and I think the physical armor/magic armor mechanic is hugely limiting to builds, to name a few. I much prefer Pathfinder, D&D and Pillars of Eternity's models. I think those games can be fun in both tabletop and video games for different reasons. That said I do think Pathfinder is overtuned and is assuming the majority of its audience is going to be made up of players who know the systems and have fun building with that knowledge, because imo, it is a lot of fun making builds when you have that knowledge especially with the tools Wrath of the Righteous gives you with the Mythic Paths.
  6. Yeah I did the exact same thing.
  7. Switch on the turn based mode for hard battles too, makes it way easier to parse what's going on. I prefer real time with pause but even I have to admit it's a mess at times with some of Pathfinder's rules.
  8. I would just caution that while the game does have fun tabletop-like moments, and that is a good example of it. They're few and far between.
  9. Yeah Witches are good. Ember is a companion witch and I'd recommend bringing her along. Role-playing wise she's a brilliant character.
  10. I really liked this game, it was my goty for 2021. Imo it's the best iso crpg since BG2. I think it's two biggest issues is 1) The crusade system which isn't as broken as it was but there's no getting around the fact that's it's just not that fun. It's pretty basic and is nowhere near as enjoyable as HoMM or King's Bounty. 2) It takes the Pathfinder system and goes crazy with numbers. By the end of the game you're fighting demons with armour values of 75+ and with saving throws of like 30+. All of which means you can't really faff about with your build. Even on the standard difficulty you need to know what you're doing build wise because you need those bonuses to hit the armour value & resistances of big bosses. That said I was so impressed with how much the game has to offer. It's massive but the writing is really consistent, the fights (once you've built your party properly) are excellent and I've never seen an RPG go so far in giving you absolutely broken abilities. The game says "hey we're gonna throw ridiculously strong enemies at you but here's a Dragon as a pet" Imo it's a must try for anyone who enjoys the black Isle/bioware games of old.
  11. I don't think there's going to be another faction on launch. You already have the 4 Chaos factions, Kislev, Cathy & Ogre Kingdoms. I think that's going to be it until the first expansion which will probably be Chaos Dwarfs.
  12. Watched a film the other day and it spent the first 5 minutes telling me what fucking actors were in it and to top it off after that it showed me the name of the film, as if I didn't know. Absolutely ridiculous I stormed out of the cinema.
  13. Zael

    Edge #363

    I'm ambivalent to Super heroes. Together we are the superhero alignment chart.
  14. Wow of all the companies I didn't expect to see Fullbright. That's hugely disappointing.
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