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  1. I find more and more these days I take pyramid if it's offered no matter what.
  2. What he saw he wasn't that impressed with and it would be a shitty journalist to just take what the PR guy says for granted. He wrote that he was told that the game would change he didn't hide that, he just wasn't convinced. That's doing a good job.
  3. You get criticized when you give games a free pass at the previews, you get criticized when you try to critique what you see at the previews. Who the fuck would want to be a games journalist.
  4. I won my first A20 with the intangible event carrying me through. I think there are a few things to consider when you get it. 1) How high is your max hp and how good are you at mitigation at that point? Maybe your defence game is already so good that the event will make you worse. 2) How quickly can you end fights? Are you going to run into many situations where you lose all 5 cards and have to rely just on block alone. 3) Have you any way of keeping the intangible cards for when you need them? Can you easily upgrade a few and do you have runic pyramid or well laid plans. Or do you have huge card draw where it's not a big deal if you shuffle them. 4) Can you utilize them to not win you the fight before they run out but instead buy you enough time to set up enough things to carry you. An example for Ironclad would be a barricade synergy that once all the intangible cards are gone has 400 block set up.
  5. I think a big mistake a lot of new players to STS make is they approach the game with the constructed card game mind set. So they go in looking for a "build". But that doesn't work in STS because like you said how are you supposed to know what complements something later on. So instead of thinking of collecting cards to put together a build, I instead think of taking cards to answer the questions the game poses to you off a check list. Do you have enough early game damage? Do you have enough group damage? Do you have scaling? Do you have mitigation? Do you have card draw? And so on. When you approach it that way and stop thinking about your STS deck as a perfect constructed deck like you'd get in Magic or Hearthstone and start thinking about STS as a jumble of cards with some isolated synergies sure, but mostly just a bunch of cards that together answer all the questions the game throws at you. That's when the game starts to click.
  6. Companies have turned marketing into entertainment and it’s been done so well they’re able to get consumers to be angry when news is broken outside the marketing bubble.
  7. If anyone is interested I did an Ironclad deck building guide and talked about some of the strategies that helped me get Asc 20. I have a few friends who play and they said it helped them climb a bit.
  8. Zael

    Epic Games Store

    I feel like you're very close to understanding why a lot of people have a problem with Epic forcing people to use their store.
  9. Zael

    Epic Games Store

    Since when do refunds count as a hard-core gamer thing? Those hard-core fashionistas returning their trousers in Penneys.
  10. Zael

    Epic Games Store

    I think it's possible to be able to see that devs getting a bigger cut is a good thing while at the same time seeing that a publisher building a store with basic features and forcing consumers to shop there if they want to play a game is a bad thing. Personally I'll buy in the Epic store more often now because I like that the devs get a bigger cut but at the same time I still think that Epic could be doing this in a better way.
  11. Zael

    Epic Games Store

    I personally find some of the features useful and I don't think I'm fanatically loyal to Steam. The Steam workshop is invaluable for modding games, I like being able to see a ton of user reviews if I'm on the fence on buying a game, the Steam forums for really small games are incredibly useful because usually these games are too small to have their own forum so asking questions is really easy. Just three examples off the top of my head that I find really helpful in the Steam store. I miss all three whenever I buy a game off Epic.
  12. Zael

    Epic Games Store

    Sorry but this is a ridiculous argument. You personally don't use the features so they don't count when weighing up what's the better store?
  13. I'm not sure if disappointed is the right word but I do know that if Nintendo hadn't reached out to other developers and put their games on their platform my Switch would have been gathering dust for a year or so now.
  14. They were all independently ruled until they were forced not to by dragons. It's not so much the other Lords being pissed off that the North is leaving it's that it doesn't make sense that a few others didn't also want to leave.
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