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  1. This is really random but I love how the dwarves potter about their station while you have idle conversation but when you enter the shop mode they drop whatever they're doing and walk over to Kratos to do business.
  2. Hearthstone

    Having a lot of fun with control mage atm. It runs 8 board clears for aggro and goes deep into the late game with Frost Lich Jaina and Alanna.
  3. Could be because reviewers have played the whole 30+ hour game and the impressions we're getting here all seem to within the first 2 hours.
  4. Slay the Spire - Roguelike Card-em-up

    The game will give you cards you won't want to take a good chunk of the time. Like on floor 3 I'll almost never pick up a new card unless it's absolutely essential.
  5. Slay the Spire - Roguelike Card-em-up

    I think you might be going for too many cards. 25 is a lot. Most of those cards are good picks on the first floor but bad picks after that.
  6. Slay the Spire - Roguelike Card-em-up

    I find that unless I'm going for a heavy block deck on both classes then the win is less reliable.
  7. Slay the Spire - Roguelike Card-em-up

    Can you screen a deck you lost a run on?
  8. Far Cry 5

    This isn't the case unfortunately, although I'd agree with you that would be a better ending.
  9. Slay the Spire - Roguelike Card-em-up

    Chosen are horiffic for the Silent. They've ended my runs more than a few times.
  10. Slay the Spire - Roguelike Card-em-up

    Yeah my usual target is to have about 15 cards by the third floor. In pretty much every shop I go to I'll remove a block or strike.
  11. Yeah, I've gotten used to reviews coming out the day before or the day of release that I thought the same too.
  12. Conversely, I haven't been a fan of any of the old God of Wars and I'm probably going to pick this up. I'm really interested in the direction it's going.
  13. Slay the Spire - Roguelike Card-em-up

    I can fairly reliably complete Ironclad runs but I've only done it 3 times with The Silent. In order of priority I tend to go Camp-Shop-?-Elite-monster on the first map then on the other two I avoid Elites like the plague.
  14. Slay the Spire - Roguelike Card-em-up

    They drop relics.
  15. Radical Heights - First update now live

    I don't think this is true. UT didn't have vehicles until 2004 and Operation Flashpoint, Battlefield 1942 and Tribes all had vehicles before that.

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