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  1. Zael

    Anthem - February 22nd

    I really hope I'm wrong but current Bioware and EA are the two of the last companies I'd back when it comes to turning a game around.
  2. I'm having a ton of fun with Mirage. It's like the early Team Fortress 2 days with the spy where most players will fall for your tricks.
  3. Thanks for running this! Really enjoyed watching the list progress and the write ups made it even better.
  4. Ok I see what you mean and I think that comment is fair. It probably has gotten a few votes because its one of the few games a voter has played. But then you also have people like me who play a ton of games (every game on this list so far and more) and still rate RDR2 really high. It's a marmite game for sure but when you say it's worse than it's predecessor I say it's better and my vote for it is because I genuinely think it's the best game I've played out of the 30 odd games ive played this year. But you're right, this conversation has been done to death so I'll leave it here too.
  5. Can understand people not liking a game. But comments around other people only liking a game because they've been tricked or have bad taste are so fucking tiresome.
  6. Just saw this on Reddit and I had no idea you can dual pretty much any NPC in the game. https://www.reddit.com/r/reddeadredemption/comments/amzznu/im_98_through_the_game_and_i_only_just_found_this/?utm_source=reddit-android
  7. Zael

    Epic trying to beat Steam the wrong way?

    Say what you want about the Epic game store but the games always released on time.
  8. Zael

    Epic trying to beat Steam the wrong way?

    A lot of people use the half life example but I don't think it worked the way people remembered. Everyone installed Steam to play Half Life 2 but then a lot of people went back to just buying discs again because Steam was crap. It was only after the slow build up of features and the sales where Steam actually kicked off and became the de facto platform. The difference here is back then Steam was competing with things like Xfire and IRC and it became better than those things, that's the main reason people eventually moved to Steam. It's a very different ball game now and people are way more invested in Steam than they were the various applications we all used back in 2002. I think that eventually Epic are going to have to come up with a better reason for people to switch to their platform beyond exclusivity of a few games.
  9. Zael

    Epic trying to beat Steam the wrong way?

    I think the big difference is that with Origin and EA they're getting a lot of their exclusives because they own the rights to those games whereas Epic have to pay for that privilege.
  10. Zael

    Epic trying to beat Steam the wrong way?

    I'm not sure if this is true. I think Origin and Uplay have shown that even if you constantly offer exclusives people are just not switching off Steam as their main platform on PC. I think eventually Epic are going to have to make the move that will mean people are using their store because they want to use their store rather than being forced to use it. That's a jump that so far we've seen no other store make.
  11. Zael

    Epic trying to beat Steam the wrong way?

    That's all true but I think the point of the article is that right now the only reason people are moving off Steam is because they can't get the game on Steam. Epic is able to do this because they're paying a ton of money to the devs for exclusivity. RPS is arguing that forcing people to use your store because it's the only place to get the game you want isn't really a sustainable business model because people go right back to Steam for the next game unless you also pay for the exclusivity on that.
  12. Zael

    Epic trying to beat Steam the wrong way?

    I don't think loyalty is the right word for it. I think the word is investment. I have a lot of investment in Steam. All of my friends are on it and I've had them all added for years as well as those I've met playing games over the last however long it's been since Steam started. I have a handful of friends added on Origin and Epic. I know how Steam works because I've spent so much time with it. I can find games, get refunds, leave reviews, add friends, use the overlay in game really easily because I'm so familiar with it. I know about the Steam sales, I look forward to them in the summer and winter. I have over 300 games in my library. None of these things are making me more loyal to Valve or Steam. But it definitely is making me more invested and like RPS said it's that investment that means I'll go and buy Battlefield on Origin because I have to but then I'll move right back to Steam.
  13. HZD put a lot of effort into the main character animations but I remember the facial animations of the quest giving NPCs being pretty poor. RDR2 has a pretty high quality no matter who you're talking to.
  14. Zael

    RDR2 - Massive Spoilers Thread

    I'm probably in the minority but I really loved it when RDR2 got rid of the bombast. Some of my least favourite moments in that game were the missions where you had to shoot like 50 guys but some of my favourites were the quiet missions like going hunting with Hosea or going fishing with Jack. The epilogue had that in spades and I loved it.

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