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  1. Stevedave

    Gaming addiction classified as disorder by WHO

    I read more about this. Very interesting. - Bill Gates not giving his kids a phone until they were 15. - Schools having no pc interaction other than for ICT. I agree with shielding your kids from social media as it's toxic shit, but gaming does have positives that social media doesn't; I'd never have become interested in building or repairing tech if it wasn't for gaming. Gaming is sort of in the art category for me (initial panic over I play like half an hour a day) where you could easily spend that time drawing which is as equally positive / pointless as you make it.
  2. Stevedave

    Gaming addiction classified as disorder by WHO

    Shit... You just described me. I'd say twice I've stopped giving a shit and just drowned myself in games. What hours of play are deemed too much?
  3. Borderlands 2 was brill. The DLC felt more like proper expansion packs than just DLC. So much variety. Best one was the dragon keep. Good team or not it was great fun to go through. Scared to view how much I've spent on Steam library. I have about 150 games and a good chunk are expensive ones.
  4. Stevedave

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi - December 2017

    Enjoyed it but the order feels wrong. i.e. Star Wars seems to go; empire wins a battle, middle about the force, end with an epic space battle / light saber fight. This at times felt like 'lets just overload on CG' when most of the screentime should have been taken up by Luke - that's all he did after the first 3? grow a beard and train some jedi? surely he did more.
  5. Stevedave

    Batman: Arkham Asylum

    I've been wanting to give Origins ago as I love the rest. The cutscenes look absolutely amazing I just don't want it to sour the rest of the series if it's that shit - Rcoksteady basically created one of the best gaming trilogies of all time.
  6. Stevedave

    Resident Evil 2 Remake!

    I think this will be brilliant but I get the criticism being levelled at it. A straight one for one remake would use the exact same formula we saw in Resident evil rebirth / Resident Evil Zero; massive near photo realistic backdrops with a slight expansion of ideas that never made the cut plus the defence mechanic. It would have looked almost exactly like this.
  7. Stevedave

    Resident Evil 2 Remake!

    They both look like potatoes. This isn't the first time Capcom have done it either. They potatoed up Jill in Resi 5 pretty bad and then did it again with Claire in RE: revelations.
  8. Stevedave

    Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    Anderson of old would have beat the piss out of Weidman and Bisping. Steroids or not. I actually think Anderson was fairly clean but started using steroids /HGH as he was getting on - leg break / or around that 2012/13 time when he was fighting a lot of heavy duty roiders. Really wish he'd have called it a day after the Weidman loss. He carried the division for so long.
  9. Stevedave

    Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    I hated Fitch for a long time but it's almost impressive now how he shuts people down without them or him taking damage. He might be the best lay n' pray guy in the history of mma. As time passes Weidmans title run / defenses look more and more lucky. Everyone he beat was 35 to 40 and/or dropped to welterweight.
  10. Stevedave

    Resident Evil 2 Remake!

    Good to read. It'd be sad and telling of the times if both were 'DLC' considering their mini campaigns were exactly the same; get from the sewer with the g-virus sample to the helipad. I'm wondering how accurate those leaks were now. Most of what was said was spot on. No croc? more ada? it's the game of 2019 already fuck it.
  11. Stevedave

    Resident Evil 2 Remake!

    That would be sweet. 1.5 is only 600mb. It's about 70% done so I wonder if they consider doing the last 30 too much effort? I like the idea of having an unlockable Resi 4 Leon costume and Code Veronica Claire - that was another cool feature in Resi remake.
  12. Stevedave

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    Christ. I was a kid then. So this would have been the team that didn't even make it to the 94 world cup? Biggest missed opportunity of the last few decades was the gerrard, rooney, Lampard era. Had all the talent but the tactics of a car park kickabout.
  13. Stevedave

    Resident Evil 2 Remake!

    Been reading complaints about leon and claires face a fair bit. When I think Resi 2 Leon this is the higher poly count version I imagined. I think they'll go back and tweak it like they did the Ryo model.
  14. Stevedave

    Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    It's all a terrible gimmick. It's worked sort of I guess, but he's beat two decent guys so he'd be inline for a titleshot - maybe this put him over the edge? We seem to be in the era of cringe atm. Fighters who are absolutely awful at talking trying to create these over the top personas. BTW has anyone seen what Rumble has been up to? 260lbs Rumble at heavyweight? Please make it happen.
  15. Stevedave

    Resident Evil 2 Remake!

    My reaction to this was like when I played the PSX demo as a kid. Amazing. This is feeling like the Resi 2 remake we were promised but never got on the Gamecube. There's no way 3 isn't already planned given all the assets that have been created. Best part was Leon walking through the street; that always felt like it wasn't explored enough at the time. Can't wait. :o

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