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  1. "This looks ace. Anyone who says otherwise is a nonce." - Ross Kemp
  2. I would have him use it more sparingly. The cut scene with the chopper is one of my favourites.
  3. I wasn't a fan of this nemesis redesign at first but after a few minutes I really got it. It's a similar approach to Birkin, how the "G" monster was building a new body that gradually emerged, but this is more surgical and horrific. His face is now too small for his head and is gradually tearing away from his skull. I like it. Also regarding if there were any signs when he entered an area, one of my favourite scares in a game was at that one Y junction, when he was just there - three screens into the area, allowing for a false sense of security - walking towards you. No big entrance, no cheap jump scare, but just frigging THERE. Excellent. All in all I have a real hope that this is going to be the closest thing to a proper original Terminator game ever. Excited.
  4. Tell of them. The intro to Half Life is apparently a groundbreaking masterpiece of videogame direction and scene setting. I found it enthusiasm-crushingly slow and tedious. I much prefer the DualShock 4 to the Xbox One controller and don't understand the hate for the former. This is despite preferring the transforming 360 pad to the DS3 and acknowledging how badly the dualshock 3 has aged. Breath of the Wild plays great in terms of travel and combat but badly needs more story than just a small handful of short cutscenes. Donkey Kong Country controls friggin weird. I don't know if it's the size of the sprites or hitboxes, or maybe the time of animations or something but for me at least it controls like I'm wearing mittens.
  5. Professional reviewers in irrelevant bellend shocker.
  6. As I remember it's got nothing to do with the previous game at all, it was more a case of, "Prey would be a fitting name for our game, Bethesda owns the name, let's use it".
  7. Jed - Fallen Order: Help Millwall midfielder Jed Wallace find out where his pizza delivery's got to. Harvest Moo: Prove to the world that cows can make good farmers in this heartwarming tale of determination and triumph. Just Ance 2020: Two thousand ants. One dyslexic man. A battle for the ages. Blair Itch: Sneak through the house of the former New Labour leader and dump a bucketful of itching powder into his underwear drawer in this stealth action game. Sponsored by Smiffy's. Dré Mario: Dr. Mario is heading home for the day but forgot about his last patient. St. Anger Things: Lars Ulrich abducts people and locks them in a twisted mockery of the real world where St. Anger is the bestselling album of all time Defective Pikachu: What I wanna know is, why when you say "use thunder shock", he has to foul himself.
  8. RJ Badman

    Unable to kill

    Depends on the game really; I can happily cut through swathes of gobby orcs in a million different ways on Shadow of Mordor/War, but there are other games where I really don't want to kill anything. Funnily enough, shaming Orc captains in Shadow of War does make me feel mean, but smashing a dagger through their temple? Fine with that.
  9. Deth Stranding: Having given up the booze and become a god-botherer at the turn of the millennium, Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine heads on a pro-life crusade with a weird foetus thing while downing umpteen cans of Monster.
  10. Saw Detective Pikachu on my own when a friend couldn't make it. It had been on a while so mainly empty but a number of couples there. Pic of me watching said movie:
  11. Pico in the Wild Goose for F-Zero, Gomar & Shioh in the Twin Noritta for F-Zero X.
  12. Just tell me that bloke's Wesker and he's back to being his hammy cool-as-fuck self from CVX to Umbrella Chronicles instead of the one-dimensional cartoon villain from 5 and I'll day one this shit. (Although granted, remote control Mr. X - like the RC Nemesis in that one other spin-off - are shite and remove all mystique and fear)
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