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  1. RJ Badman

    Pokemon Go

    7099 1800 1200 if anyone wants to help me get the Celebi thing and wants gifts.
  2. I keep hearing conflicting reports that you can now hack 3.69. Can anyone confirm?
  3. RJ Badman

    Games you loved that are rubbish in hindsight.

    See, people say Altered Beast is bad, but I really don't agree. Would you want to pay full price for it? Nope, but on an arcade and as a console pack-in it was great, especially as an early show of what the Mega Drive could do with its digitised speech, colourful graphics, cutscenes etc. But I still find it really fun to play. You might only have a jump, punch and a kick but they're so intuitive for what they are that it's more than enough. Punch left to knock a zombie's head in, jump onto a ledge with a quick jump kick on the way to sort another lad out, then a quick upward kick to sort out the flying bloke.
  4. RJ Badman

    Shenmue 1&2

    I certainly hope so!
  5. RJ Badman

    Gaming things you regret buying...

    For my birthday one year I was allowed to pick any game for my Saturn from the shop. I narrowed it to two games: one which I'd played at a friend's house and one which I'd never heard of but looked really good. I picked the former: Duke Nukem 3D. The latter was Panzer Dragoon Saga. I still got some fun from DN3D despite the remorse that came from researching Saga though, and those few years (and disc one being packaged with Sega Saturn Magazine) allowed PDS to build up hype until I got it further down the road, so I ended up appreciating it more.
  6. RJ Badman

    Shenmue 1&2

    According to the Steam page, it's not unlocking at midnight tonight, but at around 2pm tomorrow.
  7. RJ Badman

    Overwatch - New Hero: Ashe

    I've worked myself up to level 59 over the last few months on my sib's PS4. I'm not into online games at all ever since the community of Halo 2 crushed my expectations. But I gave this a go at my sister's recommendation, and it's really fun. Depending on the random teams I can either do really well (17-player kill streak yesterday!) or really badly, and the teamwork aspect really appeals to me. I don't mean headsets-on, okay-guys-you-take-point, but just using the in-game actions, emotes and speech phrases to communicate. Not just for tactics either, but just daft little things; without saying a word, a player started swinging in circles as Wrecking Ball and we started jumping over like a skipping rope. And a D.va and Junkrat having an impromptu dance contest that ended with D.Va going, "...Nice try." Incredibly endearing. Of course, I have made no attempt to get into the whole fandom as a whole. I haven't even been to the official site, and I'm informed that that's a good thing. Here's a question though: I fancy playing it on my PC, but I'm not keen on using keyboard and mouse. If I use my Xbone controller, am I going to get destroyed in every game? I'm mainly on quick play and team deathmatch, I'm almost never on competitive.
  8. RJ Badman

    We ♥ Phantasy Star Online

    I have a younger sibling for whom I bought the original on DC as a present a few months ago. They're a little too young to remember DC online games first hand, so I was hoping I might get it running and play alongside from my house with an emulator.
  9. RJ Badman

    We ♥ Phantasy Star Online

    Apologies if this has been asked before, but is it possible for two people to play this online together, either from two dreamcasts, two emulators or a combination thereof? Thanks.
  10. RJ Badman

    Is "Game" finished?

    Just been told that the Game in Grimsby is closing down, despite it being one of the branches that make them a profit. Apparently the higher-ups don't like paying the inflated rent prices and taking out such a long lease in the shopping centre it's based in. Inflated prices? Forcing them to buy a "bundle" of sorts to get what they want? Hm...
  11. RJ Badman

    Help me make a 'mushy' gaming montage?

    Some nice stuff in these:
  12. RJ Badman

    Best Game Names Ever

  13. RJ Badman

    Which video games have the best soundtracks?

    Undertale jumps out at me as a great overall soundtrack that really conveys the world and story while having consistently ace tunes. Final Fantasy VII too, not for the usual reasons, but because it just manages to still sound unique among the hundreds of PSone games and other FFs. Then Megaman 2 of course. 'Cause it's Megaman 2.
  14. RJ Badman

    Nintendo Labo - What's in the box?

    "This could be good! A tenner or so per kit, nice little pocket money sort of thing at a stretch". Sixty quid.

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