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  1. Can they now mix and match them however they want? The devs of Wolfenstein on a Perfect Dark game for example?
  2. While SoR2 is an absolutely triumphant tour-de-force ur-example or 16-bit side-scrolling beat-em-up Heaven, am I the only one that thinks it drags on a bit? By stage six I start feeling a bit fatigued, I think it's the pacing. Maybe if the game was the same length but divided into nine or ten stages it would feel better. Golden Axe on the other hand...
  3. Whether you get Point Blank 2 working and in your opinion feeling like a classic light gun is what will influence my purchase.
  4. I wouldn't normally have any time for a digital only console, but decent sales, game pass, backward compatibility and notably sub-£300 would certainly tempt me. Xbox SS though lol o/
  5. I've had no problems with it, mind I started on Xbox and only switched after a little while so maybe that has an effect.
  6. Ubisoft Forward Into The Past on the 10th Ubisoft One Step Forward Two Steps Back on the 10th Ubisoft Moving Forward In Reverse on the 10th etc
  7. Does that version not have an official drum controller though? Joy cons are one thing but I wanna batter a proper drum.
  8. Just played this last week at the Arcade Club - great fun! What's the best console version/drum to go for?
  9. Ah fucking hell it gets worse! had me openly sobbing. When did I become such a fanny.
  10. ^ I started this on console and continued on PC so it seems I was lucky. Anyway, yes. I'm a blokey bloke, I like beer, rock, action movies, that sort of thing. Just had my first trip to and I'm in pieces. Nah, not pieces but I did genuinely shed tears. This is the first time a game's made me cry I think. Mind, looking back, a trope in movies that always hit me hard was which is basically this game's entire premise, so no surprise there. I think this game is making me understand why the womenfolk like watching movies that'll make 'em blub.
  11. Best part of this stream so far is seeing the PS5 box art template in that Lego trailer. White border apparently.
  12. Hey Geoff if you pull your trousers out of your crotch then not only will they cover your ankles and actually fit but in addition I won't be able to tell if you're jewish or not
  13. I've never been made angry by a game reveal event before. This is the Keighley model though, apparently. Incredibly americanised, both in presentation and its approach. So much hyperbole that means nothing, so much bait-and-switching, and so many corporate "loopholes", like how technically a game featured might be a world premiere despite it having been announced months ago, because THIS is the world premiere of the gameplay footage of the multiplayer element's DLC. Not to mention that, of course, the game awards are, were and always have been an excuse for both this americanised monopolisa
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