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  1. Gods and Monsters: Nice title bereft of hyphens and colons which isn't just a single verb/noun. Immortals: Fenyx Rising: No.
  2. Never understood why people prefer the Xbone pad over the DS4. Yes the left stick is in a better place but the d pad is clicky, the light is very distracting when you're playing in a room that isn't floodlit, and the A button on every bone pad I've used needs to be pressed really quite hard to be sure that it responds. The DS4 sits better in the hands, personally, is rechargeable, has better textured sticks and has a nice weight to it. Ever since the DS4 was released, the DS3 has felt very cheap, nasty and unergonomic by comparison.
  3. In keeping with the new names, here's a new summon monster:
  4. I think that's why I went off FF after FFX. I still play earlier ones to this day and it's the characters in ix that make it my favourite. Noctis, Prompto and Gladiolus meanwhile are just Sonic, Tails and Knuckles respectively.
  5. At first I was like: Then I saw that the original series 1-4 showrunner is coming back too and now I'm very tentatively:
  6. This is the only one of the original 4 I never played, though I did read a lot of its TV Tropes page. I'll give it a go. Also
  7. Because it was the wrong lore. They while, bafflingly, spending the whole game going, "remember that daft Doom comic? That was shite, wasn't it?" while at the same time making it a key part of Eternal's lore. I think I said this previously, but in the first half of the game I was scared that they were going to do a thing where he avenges his rabbit again (what with the references to the rabbit everywhere in the Fortress), but in the second half of the game I was scared that there weren't going to do that.
  8. Can they now mix and match them however they want? The devs of Wolfenstein on a Perfect Dark game for example?
  9. While SoR2 is an absolutely triumphant tour-de-force ur-example or 16-bit side-scrolling beat-em-up Heaven, am I the only one that thinks it drags on a bit? By stage six I start feeling a bit fatigued, I think it's the pacing. Maybe if the game was the same length but divided into nine or ten stages it would feel better. Golden Axe on the other hand...
  10. Whether you get Point Blank 2 working and in your opinion feeling like a classic light gun is what will influence my purchase.
  11. I wouldn't normally have any time for a digital only console, but decent sales, game pass, backward compatibility and notably sub-£300 would certainly tempt me. Xbox SS though lol o/
  12. I've had no problems with it, mind I started on Xbox and only switched after a little while so maybe that has an effect.
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