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  1. "I'm a cunt isn't that funny!!!!!" Yes actually!
  2. On the topic of awesome logos being turned into minimalist dogshit:
  3. Surprisingly tricky to find an answer to this: Thinking of getting an SS (heil) but since I've already got a bone I'm wondering if it's worth it. Are there any games exclusively for S/X that aren't at all available on the one?
  4. Oh shit, actual not-cut-down HD release of Puzzle Fighter!? (And some other pretty cool games)
  5. Ugh, having to watch a load of cringe-inducing "bros" shouting over "pro" videogame players. Just give us the fucking announcement.
  6. Dave the 372nd background extra from the latest Fire Emblem FARTS INTO BATTLE!!!
  7. Been having a play about with one of these. Good stuff! Is there no way to adjust dip switch values though?
  8. Isn't Hydrophobia the one where the creators had a Phil FIsh-esque nark-on on twitter not long after release?
  9. I'll be honest, I could mention the Xbone always online fiasco, or everything Sega ever did, but really I just want to know where the cark virtual console and other retro releases have gone. Not even true own-the-disc backwards compatibility, just steadily released titles like the PSone games available in the PS3 store. There must be some logical reason as to why they can't put together some proprietary emulator and release a load of classic games at £5-10 a pop or under some kind of subscription model, right?
  10. Assuming Sega own football manager as a name. I've always been intrigued by this kind of game but I'm not that into football and the newer releases look far too complicated for my liking, so this may well be worth a look.
  11. Not released in 2021 but I just bought crash team racing nitro fuelled and fuck me what awful rubber banding. Totally ruins the game. I mean completely and utterly. I'd "request a refund" from Sony but because their offices aren't open they aren't accepting emails. The fuck
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTwmpPIi4-E
  13. He also is weak to the Crash Bombs.
  14. Free starter pack for Antstream now on Epic, as well as insecure micro-penis simulator The Hunter: Call of the Wild.
  15. Ah yes, not sure if that's more or less mental when it's on something like Game Pass where you might just be having a cursory glance at a game. Downloaded two Tom Clancy games on XGP and deleted them after the account page popped up. If that page wasn't there, there's a chance I may well have enjoyed the games and bought more.
  16. God I wish I could get over my VR motion sickness. What little I could stomach of RE4 in full motion, I adored.
  17. Got about forty hours into Ys VIII before accidentally discovering that holding the dash button allows you to run. I'd been cramping my hands up jump-dashing everywhere.
  18. Super Mario 35, of all things. I am very much not a fan of online multiplayer (a bit of overwatch on rate occasions, and that's it) but having liked the concept of Tetris 99 I was really on board for this, especially considering I'm over 30 and so have a feel and understanding for the physics and mechanics of SMB that border on mastery of the Force, something the Fortnite generation would never understand. It totally lived up to it. It played perfectly, and I dunno what the matchmaking was programmed like but it was always excitingly close. Then of course Nintendo got rid of it because they're fucking demented.
  19. Good point. I guess it's more like that old acquaintance who you cross the road to avoid before they see you.
  20. I've not played many rogue likes, but they are very hit and miss for me and I'm not sure why. Somehow I didn't rate Dead Cells but roared through Rogue Legacy. Oh, another that just hit me: level up "tutorials" that force you to buy something/spend points on particular thing. I don't care if the floaty hand is hovering over "upgrade basic damage 2%" and a text box is saying "let's go ahead and upgrade this now", I want to buy the life bar upgrade.
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